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Technical MIDI Links
Site Title Description
A List Of MIDI Editors And Sequencers A Good List From WIKI With The Software Title, The Platform, License Requirements, The Developer Name And Additional Notes. Click On The Software Title And You Go To A Specific Page About The Program And Then There Is Usually Another Link To The Developers Official Web Site Near The Bottom Of The Page
An Introduction To MIDI A Basic Explanation Of MIDI From The Folks At XG-Central
Bob Frazier's Music Theory Page A Personal Page By A Great Sequencer About Music Theory And MIDI And More Music Formats.  The Site Is Managed And Maintained By Robert E. "Bob" Frazier
Crash Course on the Standard MIDI Specification Contains the instructions in gory detail of what bytes need to go into a Standard Midi File. By Daniel White.
Musical Instrument Digital Interface
aka MIDI
This Is MIDI Information And A Lot Of Links About Our Favorite Subject On Wikipedia
PSR Tutorial

A Great Site For Users Of The Yamaha PSR Keyboards.  Lots Of Information On MIDI And Links To Many MIDI Sites. The Site Is Managed And Maintained By Joe Waters

SysEx Info
Added 5/08/2018

How to use System Exclusive Messages to support multiple Drum Channels.
By Midkar Member Don Allen.

MIDI & Karaoke Software Downloads And Links To Download Sites
Program Description Size
Anvil Studio
(External Link)
Anvil StudioTM is a free Windows 7 / Vista / XP program designed for people who want to: record music with MIDI and Audio equipment, compose music for MIDI and Audio equipment, sequence music with MIDI equipment, or play with music using a computer and sound card. They also have a version for use with Windows 98. Several of our members use this program. Exe File
2.00 MB
(Download Here)
MIDI player for IE & Mozilla based browsers. Crescendo should be the LAST plugin installed.  This Plug-In is no longer supported or updated but is still one of the best ever invented.  It will also play MP3 files. Zip File
3.10 MB
(External Link)
A $35.00 shareware MIDI/Karaoke player that will also play MP3's. The player uses a bouncing ball that helps you keep the right beat as you sing. You also receive 4.3mb of Midi/Karaoke files with the player 172kb
GNMIDI - MIDI Tools for Windows
(External Link)
MIDI Software Programs Combined Into One Program. MIDI Windows Utilities, MIDI DOS Commandline Utilities, DOS MIDI interface utilities, KORG I-Series DOS Utilities And Much More. Available In English And German (Windows Only) (This Is Not A Free Program But You Can Try For Free For Five Days) Zip File
(External Link)
A highly recommended MIDI/Karaoke player that plays many other media formats and you can create Karaoke songs from Audio or MIDI music files. Available in English and French
(Requires Windows 7 Or Above)
Exe File
(External Link)
Another recommended MIDI/Karaoke player. Also plays several other media formats. Works with Windows 95 or above. Viewable in several languages.  Free, Shareware and PRO versions available Exe File
3.04 MB
The program midicsv translates a MIDI file into a spreadsheet for the really nitty-gritty editing jobs. Program csvmidi converts the spreadsheet back to MIDI. For Windows or Unix. By John Walker, public domain, and free to use any way you like! Zip File
46 kB
MIDI Tool Box
(Download Here)
View embedded information, keyboard, MIDI output and create playlists and can sometimes repair a damaged MIDI file.  This is an old program originally designed for Windows 95 and is no longer being supported but it will work with some limitations through Windows XP Zip File
2.43 MB
Music Studio Producer Independence
(External Link)
Freeware and Shareware Programs For Sequencing Zip File 10.09 MB
Sibelius Scorch
(External Link)
Sibelius Scorch is the amazing free web browser plug-in that lets you play, transpose, change instruments, save and print your Sibelius scores on the Internet. For Windows XP 2 Or Above and Mac.  Apparently only available in English Unknown
vanBasco MIDI Player

(Check out their site!)
An excellent MIDI & Karaoke player on or off line and can view embedded file information.  Uses very few resources when playing. 708 KB

(External Link)
Coolsoft VirtualMIDISynth is a software MIDI synthesizer that provides a Midi Out device for Windows XP through Windows 10. There are also links to many soundfonts here. Exe File
1.03 MB

Audio & Video Software Downloads And On Line Media Converters
Program Description
Bear File Converter
Added 5/08/2018
This site attempts the very difficult conversion of audio to MIDI musical data.
Convert It
(External Link)
A Site to on line convert any media file format (Documents, Images, Audio, Video & Archives) without buying or installing anything on your PC
KM Player
(External Link)
A highly rated free Media player that supports all major audio and video file formats and will also play MIDI and Karaoke files, however it does not display Karaoke lyrics
(External Link)
Real Audio And Real Video Media player for MP3, Flash, Audio & RealPlayer File Formats.  One of their programs can be used to download YouTube videos.  This link on the left is to the RealPlayer Home Page.  There are several different programs available on that page.
The Direct Link For The YouTube Downloader Is Here: Downloader

(We Suggest You View The System Requirements Before Downloading)

Music Theory
Title Description Size
Music Theory 101 Overview (New)
(Download Here)
A Great Theory overview. Just 8 pages with pix by MidKar Co-Owner Wayne (Reed) Knazek
Music Theory 101 focusing on harmonica
(Version 1)
(Download Here)
A Great Harmonica Article On Music Theory By Our Member Wayne Reed
This Version Is For Older Windows Word Users (.doc)
It Opens OK In Word Versions 95 Through 2003
Music Theory 101 focusing on harmonica
(Version 2)
(Download Here)
The Same As Above Except This Version Is For Windows Version 2007 (.docx) 132kb
Music Theory 101 focusing on harmonica
(Version 3)
(Download Here)
The Same As Above Except This Version Is In Windows Rich Text Format (.rtf)
It Opens OK In Microsoft Word 2000 And Above
Music Theory 101 focusing on harmonica
(Version 4)
(Download Here)
The Same As Above Except This Version Is In Adobe Format (.pdf)
It Opens OK In My Older Adobe Reader Version 6.0 So It Should Open OK In Newer Versions.  If You Need The Reader Download It Here:

Adobe Reader (External Link)

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