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Spider Player and Timbres of Heaven SoundFont - Tutorial

Spider Player can be used to convert MIDI to several audio formats, including (.wav, .MP3, FLAC, WMA, etc.) It's really quite simple.

First, let's look at how to configure the options:

You need to click on the configuration icon in the upper left of the main player window as shown below:
Spider Player Main Screenshot

Then click on "Options" as below:

Next, Click on "Converter" and choose the output path, file format, bitrate, quality, etc.
What you see here are my recommended settings for MP3 output:

Close the options window and load one or more sequences into your playlist:

Now highlight one or more files (clicking the starting song, holding down , and clicking the ending song works to select multiple files) Using + will highlight all files in the playlist as expected. Now just right-click on any highlighted file (song) and click "Convert" from the pup-up menu: Select and Convert

Click the "Convert" button and all selected files will be converted to whatever format you chose and in the output directory you chose. Note: If you click on the "Gear/Cog" icon, you can change the output options again at this stage. Also note that most everything has a keyboard shortcut if you prefer. Many people are using Spider Player to do this.

Download the latest revision of "Timbres Of Heaven" for 'unlimited' free use.

Timbres of Heaven (XGM) 4.0.exe ( 292 MB )

"Timbres Of Heaven" is created and developed by Don Allen, and may not be distributed on any site
without the express written permission of Don Allen, or
� 2013, 2020; All Rights Reserved.

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