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Welcome to the MidKar Web site, and to Don Allen's Timbres Of Heaven page.

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Don Allen's Timbres of Heaven Soundfont

What is a SoundFont ? SoundFonts are similar in idea to regular fonts (TrueType in Windows). An ordinary font will take a piece of text and give it a different look and style. A SoundFont will take a piece of MIDI music and give it a different sound by replacing some or all of the MIDI instruments with new sounds. A SoundFont can be something as simple as a new wavetable instrument set, or as complex as the vocals for a song. As far as I know, only professional sound cards can use SoundFonts. There are a few programs which use ordinary SoundFonts as the wavetable bank for a wavetable emulator, too. Of course, that does not mean that other cards can not use things somewhat similar to SoundFonts. Many newer sound cards allow you to load new wavetable sound patches and have their own SoundFont-like files. MidiRenderer uses SoundFonts for MIDI to MP3 conversion. Note: Free trial will convert 1/2 of your file. Upgrade is about $25.

Don has worked to perfect this unique soundfont, and has authorized Midkar.com to share it as a Free SF for all MIDI enthusiasts. Timbres Of Heaven is Roland GS compatible. This means that there are many more instruments available than a standard GM set. In this version of Timbres, Don has about 259 instruments and sound effects available plus about 25 drum and SFX kits. When you download Timbres Of Heaven, the text file associated with it is included in the zip. It gives all of the bank and patch numbers for all instruments available. If anyone needs help in applying soundfont technology to their system, please notify one of the moderators and we will make sure that you get the proper instruction on how to do it. Don's soundfonts work perfectly with the following software:

First, let's look at how to Load :

Loading SoundFonts into Spider Player is easy, follow the steps below and you will be up and running in no time. If you haven't already done so, go ahead and download Timbres of Heaven SoundFont from the link provided.

Okay, after downloading that SF2, I suggest creating a dedicated folder called "SoundFonts" in an obvious place where you will never forget and placing all downloaded SF2 files in that folder.

Next we want to download and install Spider Player Pro, which is now totally free, but unsupported. It's a fantastic player and allows rendering to wav and MP3. Get it here!
Download Spider Player Pro

After installing the player, just use this license code to activate the pro features:


Be sure there is no space at the end.

Leave checkboxes unchecked!
The site is now off line. Checking the boxes will result in a Web search
for files no longer there, and you will error out!

You can choose standard or portable installation.

You can ignore the EULA. (End User License Agreement)

You can now use TOH for better sound. Follow the arrows and numbers
in the screenshorts below . . .

(MENU / Options / Sound / Replace Soundfont...)
MENU  Options  Sound  Replace Soundfont...

If you get stuttering or anything strange with the audio, try adjusting the buffering and un-checking 32-bit Sound Processing.

Now close the the configuration options windows (Screens) and play around with the interface and equalizer settings.
Note: To enable the Equalizer, you just click the "On" button on the EQ.
You can also get to the configuration options via that small blue button on the far-left of the Title Bar of the main player window (where it says Spider Pro).

I hope this has been helpful. It's a darn good player and should be intuitive to figure out the rest. You can select multiple files in the playlist, Right-Click and choose "Convert" or use the keyboard shortcut <ALT>+<C> to do the same. You can change the conversion options at any time by clicking on the "Gear" or "Cog" if you prefer as seen below:

I suggest going through all of the configuration options and setting things up to work best for your personal needs.

Good luck, and "Let the music Roll"!

Don Allen

PS: For tips, tricks and tech support, join The MidKar Group at Groups.io

Download the latest revision of "Timbres Of Heaven" for 'unlimited' free use.

Timbres of Heaven (XGM) 4.0.exe ( 292 MB )
This is a self-extracting archive, so don't be afraid of the .exe extension. It was packed with 7-Zip.

"Timbres Of Heaven" is created and developed by Don Allen, and may not be distributed on any
site without the express written permission of Don Allen, or the Midkar.com site owner.
2013, 2020; All Rights Reserved.

~ Spider Player Tutorial ~
~ Coolsoft Tutorial ~