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   We post many MIDI's to our site by great sequencers who are not currently members of MIDKAR
These sequencers are or were at one time internet friends of the MIDKAR posters
and have given them permission to post their MIDI files to the internet.
Unfortunately some of these sequencers have passed away.

   Some of these sequencers do not maintain a web site but many still do.
Some of them had a web site at one time and have taken it down for some reason or the other.
Quite A few of them lost their web sites in Oct. of 2008 when AOL discontinued hosting web sites.
In Oct. of 2009 when GeoCities closed down their hosting service for free web sites
most have not reopened a new site on another server.

   In the case of a deceased sequencer sometimes someone else maintains a site for them in their memory.
We will try to post site url's or at least their E-mail address if known for these sequencers.
If a deceased sequencer still has a active E-mail address we will post it.
Sometimes a family member will respond.

MIDI Sequencers Featured On Our Site
Sequencers By First & Last Name
Or By Their Nick Name
Description E-Mail / Image
Bob Fowler
Bob Fowler on MidiStudio Consortium

  Added 05/13/2014
Bob's site has been closed for years, but is on the rebuilt MIDI Studio Consortium
Most of Bob's arrangements are for small big band, 3 Sax's (Alto, Tenor, and Bari w/clar & Flute doubles), 3 Trumpets and 2 trombones + rhythm section.
Bob Fowler
Blake Wallace
Blake Wallace From Texas, USA, Is A Versatile Sequencer Specializing In 70's And 80's Style Pop & Classic Rock Email Blake
Chuck Duklis
Chuck Sequenced Mostly Country And Country/Pop But Has Been Inactive For Several Years Email Chuck
Deb Ackley
Deb Ackley on MidiStudio Consortium

  Added 05/13/2014
Deb's site has been closed for years, but is on the rebuilt MIDI Studio Consortium
Deb sequenced a variety of genre including several unamed midi,
but along with her Mom, Elanor Adams, has been inactive for several years
Deb Ackley
Don Carroll
Don Carroll on MidiStudio Consortium

  Added 05/13/2014
Don's site (MIDI Riff Bulge) has also been closed for years, but is on the rebuilt MIDI Studio Consortium
All Don's files are available from this site so please feel free to take all you wish.
Don's files are clearly identified in the directory so you will have no difficulty in locating them.
Don's more recent for has been all in MP3!

Don on Facebook     Don on Reverbnation
Don Carroll
Doug McKenzie
Doug McKenzie Jazz Piano Site
Doug McKenzie from Australia is an accomplished Jazz pianist and former collegiate Jazz instructor. He features several video piano lessons on his site. Doug can also be found on YouTube Email Doug
Frank "Grandpa" Schober
Grandpa Schobers MIDI Music
Polkas, Waltz's, Standards, German Traditionals, Christian, Gospel And Some Great Country Email Frank
George Pollen
The George Pollen MIDI Collection
George Sequences Classical, Themes, Patriotic, And Contemporary/Pop.
George can also be found on YouTube
Email George
Gloria Canfield, aka "GloCanPick"
Variety Including Lots Of Great Country Traditionals With Most Featuring Gloria's Live Guitar Email Gloria
James A. Harrison
James's MIDI Music
James A. Harrison From Alabama, USA Has Been A Musician And Sequencer For Many Years Specializing In Country, Blues, Bluegrass, Jazz, Rock, Gospel, Dance, Originals, Oldies, Polka And Miscellaneous Music. Email James
Les Gorven

  MIDI Studio Consortium

  Added 05/16/2014

Founder of the original MIDI Studio Consortium: Excerpt from Les' biography:
"One of my earliest musical thrills was on a week-end in my late teens when, together with a couple of chums, we drove to New York City (600 miles) just for something to do. We arrived at Broadway and 42nd. Street on a Saturday evening, and ended up in "Birdland" a famous jazz club located in a basement off Broadway. The featured entertainer was one Tony Scott on clarinet, with a small group of jazz musicians backing him up. Much to everyone's surprise at about 11.00 p.m. a lady from the audience was invited up on stage to join in and sing a few vocals. For the next two hours we tapped our feet non-stop while listening to the First Lady of Song, Ella Fitzgerald, belt out the tunes as no other lady could!"

Les Gorven was loved by many. He will live on here through his music.
Les Gorven
Michael D. Walthius
"The Keyboard Wizard"
Easy Listening, Jazz, Newage, Pop/Rock And All Are Original Compositions In MIDI & MP3 Formats! Email Michael
Peter Wolmarans
Peter Sequenced Various Styles With Lots Of Great Easy Listening & Many Originals But Has Been Inactive For Several Years
Email Peter
Ted Keener
Ted Keener on MidiStudio Consortium

  Added 05/13/2014
Ted's site is another that was closed, but is on the rebuilt MIDI Studio Consortium
Ted's primary purpose is to present the more melodic music of our earlier times in a somewhat attractive, highly listenable web format. From the 20s through the 70s, and beyond, there is sure to be something for everyone.
Email Ted
Will Campbell
Will Sequenced Mostly Country And A Few Old Standards But Hasn't Sequenced Anything New For Several Years Email Will

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