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MIDKAR Member MIDI Sites, Links, And Information
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Bob Eldridge
Bob Eldridge On Facebook

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Owner/Moderator/Member Bob Eldridge From New Jersey, USA Is A Retired Math And Science Teacher And Has Been A Part Time Professional Musician & Singer For Many Years Specializing In Big Band, Lounge & Wedding Music.
Bob Does Not Currently Have A Web Site However He Is On Facebook: Bob Eldridge on Facebook
Bob Silvestri

The Grand Poobah ! Bob (Robert) Silvestri, aka "Da Mav" is from Illinois, USA. After many years of commitment and dedication to the MidKar Group, Bob has retired, and has been bestowed with the titles "MidKar Grand Poobah" & "Lifetime MidKar Owner" by the remaining Owners and Moderators. Still active in the background, he continues to be an active member. Robert was primarily responsible for developing and maintaining the MidKar Web Site and promoting The MIDI Community through his relentless and tireless efforts. (BTW, Robert did not write this! LOL We love Bob for his commitment to MidKar!) Robert on Facebook   Robert on YouTube   Robert's Holiday YouTube   Bob on This Is My Jam
Dan West
Wild West's Music Studio (closed)

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Owner/Moderator/Member Dan West, aka "Wild West" Is From California, USA.   Dan Sequences Original MIDI's In Various Styles.  Dan Is The Founder Of The MIDKAR Yahoo Group Started In April Of 2004.
Dan on YouTube   Dan West, founder and leader of the Midkar Group, passed away 9/15/2017. He is greatly missed.
Don Allen
Don Allen's Soundfonts
  Added 05/09/14

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Member Don Allen From Utah, USA, has contributed an entire new method of listening to MIDI with the use of his "Timbres of Heaven" Soundfont. On the Soundfont page, Don explains the use of the method, how to install it, and suggests programs for working with it.
Don on Facebook    Don on YouTube   
Dr. James Pitt-Payne

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Member Dr. James Pitt-Payne From The United Kingdom Is A Retired Medical Doctor And Has Sequenced Well Over 9000 MIDI's Over The Last Ten Years In Ragtime, Novelty Piano, Polka Music, Cole Porter Style Music And Much More.     James on Facebook  
Gary Rogers
Gary's MIDI Paradise

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Owner/Moderator/Member Gary Rogers, From Missouri, USA Sequences A Large Variety Of 50's -70's, Pop, Pop/Rock, Rock & Roll, Country, Marches, Ragtime, Themes And More. Gary also conducts "Guess This Song" every Sunday on the MidKar Group forum..
Gary Rogers on YouTube
Geoffrey Carter
  Added 05/06/14

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Member Geoffrey Carter does not have a website at this time. And, he is not a professional musician, although back in the '60s he was about to form a group with his cousin, (not Geoff's cousin) but his parents relocated, so that put an end to that. Geoff then became a DJ in his spare time to subsidise his purchase of records, mainly Soul, R&B and Reggae. He used to play guitar, but now prefers Keyboards. Geoff has a Yamaha PSR-S710. He makes the most of his sequences on his PC using Anvil Studio and adds lyrics using Karakan 6.2. Geoff is originally from the UK, but moved to Bangkok Thailand 20 years ago as the music scene is much better here.
Jack Snead

Owner/Moderator/Member Jack Snead, aka "ajsblue, aka ajsmidi" Is From Missouri, USA. Jack Is Not A Sequencer And Never Intends To Be.  He Can't Sing Good, Can't Play An Instrument Good And Can't Sequence A Note But He Loves To Promote The MIDI Community And Help People Find Hard To Find MIDI's Jack Has Worked With Bob Silvestri In Maintaining This Web Site & Restoring Les Gorven's MIDI Studio Consortium! Regretfully, Jack passed away 8/13/2017
John Garside
MIDI Tutorials
aka JohnG, SysExJohn
  Added 05/08/14
Email John
Member John Garside is the webmaster of MIDI Tutorials. It's a bit techie, but it might be of interest to some. Have a look, see what you think. Some of the tutorials require membership though, free of course. If you want to join email John and he will make sure you're approved ASAP. John looks at all requested memberships to try to deter spammers.
Kosmas Mamadopolous
Vocal Stylings Of Kosmas Mamadopoulos

Email Kosmas
Member Kosmas Mamadopolous From Athens, Greece, Is A Musical Entertainer, & Professional Musician, Performing In Athens, Greece In Summer and Puerto Villarta, Mexico In The Winter. He Offers His MP3's Free Of Charge.
Kosmas on YouTube
Lawrence Chu
Products Of My Imagination

Email Lawrence
Owner/Moderator/Member Lawrence Chu From Geneva, Switzerland Is A Sequencer Specializing In 90's Pop/Rock, Some Originals And Has Produced Some Anime Music Videos And Has Also Done Some Web Comics And He Speaks Several Languages. He Hasn't Actively Sequenced For A Few Years But We're Trying To Talk Him Into Doing Some More.
Lawrence on Facebook   Lawrence on YouTube
Ron Tilden

Email Ron
Member Ron Tilden From Georgia, USA Sequences About Any Style You Can Dream Of And Loves To Sequence Hard To Find MIDI's And Filling Peoples Requests. Ron's Sequences Normally Contain Artist, Composer And Year Information And Many Include The Karaoke Lyrics.
Wayne (Reed) Knazek
The Wayne Reed Connection

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Owner/Moderator/Member Web Site Owner, Member, Musician/Sequencer, Wayne Reed, aka "The Net Trainer" from Ohio, USA is your connection to the Professional Musician's Guitar & Blues Harp world! 3 powerful learning series: "I Just Wanna Play The Darned Thing", "Learn To Shred", and "Theory Made Easy" Plus MIDI and MP3 jam trax/backing trax! And On Line News Letter! Long time MidKar member, Wayne facilitated the change over from the old YahooGroups to our new home with While Wayne will never replace our Grand Poobah, Robert Silvestri, he has stepped up to the plate and now owns and is responsible for the MidKar Web Site. Wayne contributes sequences (MIDI files) to the group and is always ready to jump in on any theory questions or technical issues. He also produces professional backing track. Wayne is not a subscriber to any social media.  Free on-line Audio & Text Training Newsletter!

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