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Welcome to my corner!

So why would you want to visit my corner? What's in it for you?

Most of our MidKar members fit into one big category. They perform using MIDIs, KARS
or BIAB files. Most either play an instrument, or sing, or boh . . . over the tracks. Some of you
play keys, horns, or guitar and sing over the tracks. Some of you might play Ukulele.

You joined MidKar because, for two of many reasons, you can learn how to make better
backing tracks than you had before joining. So your performance sounds better! Right??

Plus you have access to over 40,000 MIDIs, KARs and BIAB files, and 23 BIAB User Styles.

Well, how about playing better? That will dramatically improve your performances! . . . RIGHT!

So now you can improve ALL aspects of your performances. Maybe excluding gear improvements.
But then, you can get all the advice you need in the forum. So there you go!

My corner of the Web will help you physically perform better!

There will soon be tutorials here covering many music topics. Many will focus on guitar and
harmonica. But many others will cover topics for ALL musicians who want to improve their skills.

Why am I starting with a guitar tutorial? Simple. I'm a pro guitarist and harmonica player. I play enough
keyboard to get me into trouble. And I haven't played horns in many, many years.

Two of the "coming soon" challenges will be "The 30 Day Guitar Open Chord Challenge", and
the "30 Day Guitar Barre Chord Challenge". These are POWERFUL tutorials that will get you
changing from chord to chord like lightning! Plus you'll learn a lot about chord progressions!

If I get enough interest, I'll do a Ukulele Challenge. "Go from ZERO to playing 100 songs in 60 days!"

But for now, it's all about a 90 day guitar challenge. Once you get through the course, you'll come back
for other tutorials and training courses. But first . . . you need to do the 90 DAY GUITAR CHALLENGE.

And trust me on this . . . It will be SO WORTH IT!
Speed, articulation, creativity, as well as music understanding, all improved! GUARANTEED!

If you're a guitarist, Click Here for more info about this challenge!

Because of my commitment to MidKar, I'm going to share some of the lessons that you would
usually pay for. Just a few for now.

BUT . . . if there are any topics you'd like me to cover in a tutorial, just let me know. If you're
a MidKar member, you can simply post your request to the group. If you'd like some killer practice
tracks specifically designed for something you're having difficulty mastering, let me know, and I'll
literally make you a set of MIDI practice tracks that are guaranteed to force you to improve! You
absolutely CANNOT fail to improve if you use my practice tracks (with accompanying tutorials).

No, this isn't an ad, per se. Because I'm offering to do these for you for free!

If you are not yet a MidKar member . . .

Why not?

But if you found my "corner", you're still welcome to request a tutorial covering what ever you'd like,
even if you're not yet a member of the MidKar forum on Groups.io. Just email me your request.

You can email me personally at thenettrainer@yahoo.com

These tutorials will be a Journey To Greatness! Each tutorial will be designed, not to just "get you there",
but to PROPEL you there!

Before we get started, before you continue your journey . . . you need to know some theory. YES THEORY!

It's all part of the 90 Day Guitar Challenge And a part of EACH challenge I share here.

But I'm going to make it easy for you. Here's a tutorial in PDF format.

If you want it in a .doc or other Word format,
Click here and scroll to the bottom. Download the theory article.

Download which ever format you like. And read it. Just read it! In no time you'll know more theory than
probably anyone you know! Read it until you GET IT! And you'll become the theory go-to guy or gal in your music circle!

Just 11 pages with a LOT of PIX!

If you're a musician, what ever the instrument, this will help you tremendously. If you're a blues harp or harmonica
player, you'll find this info the answer to ALL of your questions. It's time for YOU to be IN THE KNOW!

Click here and scroll to the bottom. Download the theory article.
Read it. Then come back for the tutorials.

OK, now you have a pretty good idea what music is really about. It's time for some work.

This first tutorial will propel you forward! The topic itself is not your same ol' same ol' stuff.
It's about tritones. Often called a "blue note". If you play guitar, you need to do the Guitar 90 day Challenge.

The exercises are like magic. As you move through the following tutorial, and use the practice backing tracks,
you will be improving MANY SKILLS! Your articulation is going to take a HUGE lunge forward. Everything you do now,
you'll start doing better. In fact, if you do these drills for just 90 days, maybe 15 minutes a day, you will literally
astound everyone who hears you play!

This isn't a game. And I'm not doing this just to kill time. What I said above is 100% true.
YOU WILL ASTOUND! People will literally marvel at your improvement. Don't believe me?
Take the 90 day challenge, then YOU tell ME if it didn't work! You have nothing to lose here.

BTW: When I say "astound others", I don't necessarily mean you're going to play so incredibly well that people won't believe it.
What I mean is . . . they won't believe the IMPROVEMENT! Your lead playing will be immensely improved. BUT . . . so will
everything else you do! Your chords will sound better. Your solos and fills will sound better, and FASTER! Your timing will
improve. And you will begin to play more creatively.

Just 90 days! Are YOU up to the challenge? If so . . . . it's time for you to get to work. Take a deep breath, and then . . .

Click here and go to the 90 day Challenge!
Assuming you read the theory lesson!

THEN . . . come back here, and go to the following link for a "regular" page listing
many other tutorials. And be sure to let me know how you're doing!

Tutorial List Page

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