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Welcome to my corner!

This page is an Index Page listing the various
tutorials and workshops I've posted to our MidKar
group, including the new PC & Mac "Sequencing 101:
How to EDIT or make a MIDI from scratch!"

Table of Contents

Seq 101: MIDI Editing and building a MIDI from scratch
Tutorial Series: Step By Step, Hands-On Tutorials for Mac & PC . . .

The Introduction: What's this Tutorial Series all about?
Brief overview of what MIDI editing is like.
Edit tempo and key with PC & Mac tools
Editing the track names and assigning channels to tracks
Working with Events. Shaping your sound.
Stereo vs. Mono Backing Tracks: Which is best for me?
How to solo and/or mute tracks (remove melody tracks from backing tracks)
How to change instruments
How to add additional tracks (And how to remove tracks)
How to change length (add verses, add solos, delete solos, etc.)
About Markers: Powerful editing tools!
Editing BLOCKS (created with markers)
Importing files into your existing files (Using tracks from other
MIDI files in your MIDIs)

Chord Substitutions Part 1: The 2 5 Trick.
Spruce up your old song backing tracks with "2 chord" short phrases.
Make your MIDIs more interesting!

Chord Substitutions Part 2: Using the 2 5 1 turn around throughout your song track.
More tools to improve your backing tracks

The 90 Day Guitar Challenge: Have some fun learning about "the Blue Note"!
Boost your picking speed, improve articulation. Develope creativity. Play chords better
than you ever have before! And EVERYONE WILL NOTICE!
More about the challenge, before you start the challenge!

Click here to go directly to the challenge

"Go from ZERO to playing 100 songs IN MOST KEYS in 90 days or LESS!"

This is a KILLER "start to finish" hands-on "course" that will literally
force you to play chords FAST! As in, in very little time, go from being
a very "so so" rhythm player, or an absolute novice, and within a short
time, see massive improvements! You'll be playing WAY MORE than you
thought possible. Or...

Way BETTER than you thought possible. And WAY FASTER!
Change chords at lightning speed!!!

One of the HUGE keys to learning how to play an instrument well is
to understand permutations! Then apply them to everything you
practice. Every scale, chord progression etc..

Even an intermediate will benefit from going over this course at
least once! (You might find out why you're still an intermediate!)

Here's the chord tutorial in PDF format.

Download the Windows.docx here . . .
Here's the chord tutorial in doc format.

Coming Soon . . .

The 30 Day Guitar Open Chord Challenge
The 30 Day Guitar Barre Chord Challenge
"Go from ZERO to playing 100 songs in 90 days!"

If I get enough interest, I'll do a Ukulele Challenge.
"Go from ZERO to playing 100 songs in 60 days!"

Also Coming Soon: The Theory 101 Harp Theory article
is being revised into a generic theory tutorial without the
harmonica references.

This wold be a GREAT time to read my Theory 101 article!
Knowing some basic theory will help you tremendously if
you plan to edit MIDIs into something better than they were
before you started editing them! HA!

Here's the theory tutorial in PDF format.

If you want it in a .doc or other Word format,
Click here and scroll to the bottom. Download the theory article.

Download which ever format you like. And read it. Just read it!
In no time you'll know more theory than probably anyone you
know! Read it until you GET IT! And you'll become the theory
go-to guy or gal in your music circle!

Just 8 pages with a LOT of PIX!

If you're a musician, what ever the instrument, this will help you tremendously.
If you're a blues harp or harmonica player, you'll find this info the answer to ALL
of your questions. It's time for YOU to be IN THE KNOW!

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