I just wanna play the darned thing!

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Welcome to my corner!

So what's the 90 day Guitar Challenge all about?

It's about . . . Speed, articulation, creativity, as well as music understanding, all improved!


OK, I'm going to try to keep it fun, and interesting. But here's the thing . . .

Either you want to get better, want to be a killer lead guitar player . . . Or an insanely good harp player . . .

. . . or you don't!

Only you can make that decision. And you will not improve, cannot get better, will not
astound your friends . . . if you keep doing the things you're doing right now!

Before we get started, before you continue your journey . . . you need to know some theory. YES THEORY!

It's all part of the 90 Day Challenge

But I'm going to make it easy for you. Go to the link below. Download which ever version you like. The theory 101
lesson is in 4 different formats. Pick one. Download it. And read it. Just read it! In no time you'll know more theory than
probably anyone you know! Read it until you GET IT! And you'll become the theory go-to guy or gal in your music circle!

If you're a musician, what ever the instrument, this will help you tremendously. If you're a blues harp or harmonica
player, you'll find this info the answer to ALL of your questions. It's time for YOU to be IN THE KNOW!

Click here and scroll to the bottom. Download the theory article.
Read it. Then come back for the tutorials.

OK, now you have a pretty good idea what music is really about. It's time for some work.

Just 90 days! Are YOU up to the challenge?

If so . . . . it's time for you to get to work. Take a deep breath, and then . . .

Click here and go to the 90 day Challenge!

THEN . . . Go back to Wayne's Corner for more tutorials!

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