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Gary Rogers, MidKar's Game Guru ~ and ~ 2nd Chair Host, Wayne (Reed) Knazek

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Can you guess this song and original artist?!?"
As Bob Hope used to say . . . "Thanks...for the memories!"

This week's game . . . The Holiday Guess This Song Game

Hello and Happy Holidays from your 2nd Chair Host, Wayne!
Gary's off this week, and while the cat's away, the, um, 2nd
chair host gets to play! LOL

Every performing artist, especially popular vocalists and instrumental artists know it's a great idea to
record a Christmas Season song. It'll almost certainly become an instant hit, and will possibly chart
again and again, year after year when the holiday season comes around again. Even if it doesn't chart
again, the airplay can be very profitable!

Often times they just record a standard holiday song they happen to like. But sometimes . . .

Sometimes an artist records a new holiday song! Not a well known carol. But something new!

That's what this week's Holiday Guess This Song is about! 5 songs recorded by
very famous artists or bands that are NEW! (New when released years ago! LOL)

So listen to the songs. Guess the artist if you can. Name the song. And enjoy!

You can email your guesses by clicking on the link at the bottom!


The Answer Page is linked below!

MK1 The Hint: Since the time this song was written the phenomenon of Christmas Creep
has resulted in the normal holiday season beginning much earlier than it once did. The
secret as to why is in the lyrics. Thank you Angela! First sung in a HUGE Broadway hit play
in 1966, it's been covered by several artists. One artist in particular, one of my favorite male
vocalists. He recorded MANY Christmas and holiday songs.

MK2 The Hint: This is a song by a British pop duo, originally released in December 1984.

MK3 The Hint: This is a song recorded by an American singer-songwriter, record producer
on her fourth studio album and first holiday album.

MK4 The Hint: This is a song by an Irish rock band, released as the album's lead single in
January 1983. This is the only "Non-Christmas" song in the game. Guess the holiday, you got the song!

MK5 DaBONUS: This is a Christmas song written in 1971 by a former FABulous band
member, singer/songwriter as a single, released November 1972.

Hope these stirred happy memories.


Submit your answers by clicking the link > > > > > > > CLICK HERE To Guess This Song!

Or email me at thenettrainer@yahoo.com with "My Guesses" in the subject.

This is a sample of a past game, so the answers are here for you. Not usually here until the game time is over.
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