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MIDI Studio Consortium

MIDI Studio Consortium

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Your are in the LOBBY

Over 3000 Free MIDI Files. You will also find exciting multimedia events for the entire family, including MP3's, and WMA (Windows Media Audio).  Links are listed below. What is needed to play our MIDI Files?? ANSWER

You will notice a 'Back' button Back Button at the bottom of some pages.  This will return you to the logical point from which you departed. Use this for optimum browsing. On some multiple pages within a given directory, there will be Text Links as your guide. Yet most, will make use of the Navigation Bars. An easy and simple path that will guide you through this site. The UP Arrow will always return you to the Sitemap.

This MIDKAR Edition of The Midi Studio Consortium (� 2011) is a partial reconstruction of the Original, created by Les Gorven, and has been sanctioned by the Gorven Estate. All the original Studio Artists, and Guest Artists will be found here once again.
Unfortunately, some sections of the original site, were unrecoverable and cannot be restored.


Les Gorven

Les Gorven
April 8, 1932 - February 25, 2010

Les Gorven, founder and creator of the original "MIDI Studio Consortium", left us on February 25, 2010 accompanied by a Choir of Angels. Les was one of the largest contributors to the MIDI Community, not just with his personal MIDI sequences, MP3, and WMA files, but he hosted many other great sequencers and provided a lot of very helpful information to his visitors.

Les was so very talented, kind, dedicated, and generous, that it became infectious among his peers and followers. We here at Midkar knew Les at least 12 years, and he always was anxious to share his music, and technical skills.

This site is a combined effort to reinstate his wonderful site, persona, and the charachter of the man.

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"He spent so many hours composing and/or sequencing each MIDI or MP3, until it reached a point and a standard where he felt it was of a quality which he would share with others"
Betty Gorven

We all miss him dearly!

Mrs. Betty Gorven, and The Midkar Team

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If you do not have a good MIDI soundcard, instruments can sound a bit "tinny". Hear how they should sound by listening to WMA's of my MIDI files converted using SoundBlaster Audigy 2.
Play our new "streaming" WMA Jukebox.
Or, if you prefer try the MP3 Jukebox.

(Windows Media Player required)
Winamp  Real Audio Player
vanBasco MIDI Player  Crescendo MIDI & MP3 Player

Audio Corner
Click the icon for RealMedia format.

Image. Link to Real Media files.


In high quality Stereo

MP3 and WMA Files
 MIDI Arr. and recorded by Les Gorven

Jukebox Due to the popularity of our Remote Control Jukebox we have added a quick-link right here. Eleven Categories of music - 120 songs. New Coding uses Windows Media Player.
Or pick up our original Jukeboxes. Eight to choose from. 


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