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Les Gorven
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Born in Montreal, Canada.  My Father was South African-born Norwegian, and my Mother is from Scotland. Moved to Toronto, Ontario at the age of 4, and have resided in and around Toronto since that time. I have two wonderful Sons, two lovely Daughters and nine cute grand-daughters.

After 20 years of being a widower, I remarried in the summer of 2001.  Coincidentally, I met my new wife by way of this website. A very nice lady wrote to request use of one of my MIDI files on her own website.  After checking out her pages I was duly impressed and of course granted permission.  After a couple of E-mails we discovered we lived within half an hour of each other, and indeed had known each other during our mid-teens when we had danced together many times at our favorite summer vacation spots over 50 years ago. The rest was inevitable.  You can visit her at Slim's Place.

Hobbies:   Music, Programming, and the Web.
My first MIDI files for the web were created in mid-1997, after a long period of inactivity in music.  Computer programming has been a hobby since I purchased my first system, an XT 88 IBM clone in 1987.  I have produced an integrated POS (Point of Sale) and Accounting package for use by Computer and software retailers.  This program has been migrated through various versions of the C language, C++ and Microsoft's Visual Basic, versions 1.0 through 4.0
First encounter with the Internet was in December of 1996, and since that time it has been a continuous learning experience in order to produce the hundreds of html documents required to produce the MIDI Studio site. Currently working with Java Workshop and MIVA Script, in order to further enhance the Consortium.
Occupation:  Accountant.
I have 40 years experience in Corporate Taxation, Accounting and Management. Officially retired May 31, 1997 but continued working under contract until July 31, 1998.
Musical background:  Since an early child.
At the age of five I was taken under the wing of a grand old lady who was a teacher for the Royal Conservatory of Music and studied classical piano with her for 10 years. In my early teens I  became interested in the Big-Band sounds and Swing. All of the musical greats in this field appeared in Toronto during their summer tours around the Great Lakes, which included the Palais Royal Ballroom, the Palace Pier and the Brant Inn in Burlington, Ontario. With the lack of air-conditioning in those days, all the doors and windows were wide open, so it was no problem to watch and listen to Duke Ellington, Tommy Dorsey, Frank Sinatra, Count Basie and a host of others while still too young to actually gain admission to these great spots.

One of my earliest musical thrills was on a week-end in my late teens when, together with a couple of chums, we drove to New York City (600 miles) just for something to do.  We arrived at Broadway and 42nd. Street on a Saturday evening, and ended up in "Birdland" a famous jazz club located in a basement off Broadway.  The featured entertainer was one Tony Scott on clarinet, with a small group of jazz musicians backing him up.  Much to everyone's surprise at about 11.00 p.m. a lady from the audience was invited up on stage to join in and sing a few vocals.  For the next two hours we tapped our feet non-stop while listening to the First Lady of Song, Ella Fitzgerald, belt out the tunes as no other lady could! 

Discovered the Hammond B3 in my late 'teens and quickly adapted to this mighty instrument that could, weep, rock, thunder, swing or mesmerize you. My greatest influences on the Hammond were Lenny Dee and a Toronto musician, Lloyd Burry who was a master showman performing in Toronto Clubs and also for the Hammond Organ Company.

About fifteen years ago I became interested in Synthesizers and MIDI after a long absence from playing, and hopefully with more time available since retiring, my fingers will limber up again.

Les Gorven

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