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The MidKar MIDI File Search Page

Use the search tool to look across the entire MidKar site for
MIDI files, tutorials, special features, etc..

Some titles are in more than one category.

How to use the MidKar Search Tool!

Keep in mind that there could be many "names" for a file for the same song.
EX: I Feel Blue could have several MIDIs on different pages.
"ifeelblue", "i_feel_blue", "i_feel_blue-WR" (sequencer's initials). Or maybe
even just "feelblue", or "feelblu", etc. It all depends on what the sequencer
wanted to name his file. For instance, CCR recorded a song called
I Feel Blue. I could name the MIDI file "CCRFLBLU"

In the "old days" we could only name a file using 8 characters, max!
I wrote my first computer program in September of '68.
For some, old habits die hard! LOL

Also, our site host won't allow any file names to contain spaces!
So if someone submitted a MIDI we wanted to post on the site
named "I Feel Blue", we have to physically rename it "IFeelBlue" or
"I_Feel_Blue"before we upload it!

You can also search for Genre'. Like Blues, or Country. Or search
for a topic. Like Timbres Of Heaven, sequencers, members, etc..

Searches are a science. Some people can find ANYTHING! Others aren't as
successful because they don't try enough search word combinations.

Can't find what you're looking for? If you're a MidKar member, post a request
to the group. If you're not yet a member . . . Why on earth not!?!