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Welcome to the MidKar Cafe'.

There will soon be links to many MidKar member's pages here.
With a directory so you know what each member is into.

You need to be a MidKar Group member, and subscribed to the subgroup MidKar Cafe'
to post to the group. You can post to the entire MidKar group if you're a MidKar member.
But you cannot post about topics other than music, MIDI, etc. as covered in the MidKar
description at the groups.io site. If you'd like to share with the Cafe group, you'll need to
subscribe to the Cafe' group. But you're welcome to join MidKar and NOT be a part
of the MidKar Cafe'!

If you subscribe to the Cafe', you'll be notified when there are additions to this page.

MidKar is an incredible MIDI Music Community.
Why not join MidKar today? We'd be glad to welcome you!

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