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Who are the MidKar members? And what do we do?

Welcome to the MidKar Cafe'. This is where we all sit around and chat about our interests
outside of MidKar. Some of us work for others or for a company. Others are retired. And
others work for themselves, either selling their skills, or their wares.

This part of the site is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the rest of the MidKar site!
Here, and only here, members can share with other members
(those who care to drop into the Cafe') what things they are into.

You share by joining, and posting on the MidKar Cafe' subgroup at groups.io,
and by having a page on the MidKar site about you! So you need to be a MidKar
Group member. Then go to the MidKar SUBGROUPS link, and subscribe to the
MidKar Cafe' subgroup.

Only Cafe' subgroup members will receive email posts from the Cafe'!
Click either graphic above to go to the groups.io page and subscribe to MidKar.
Click the subgroup link if you're a member to join the Cafe'.

Are you into making crafts? Do you have a wood craft shop? Do you read books? Maybe you're a
member of a book club you'd like to talk about, or maybe you wrote a book! Maybe you're like me,
and love cheezie, old Sci-Fi movies!

This is the place where it's OK to share your wares!
This is NOT a place to advertise MLMs,
network marketing or affiliate programs. They're cool and all. But this isn't the place.

Here's the thing . . . If you don't want to hear about someone's glass projects, or wood projects, or what
someone's favorite book or Sci-Fi movie is . . . please get your coffee at a different Cafe'! LOL
IE: Don't join the subgroup! But please do join our MIDI/music MidKar Group!

NOTE: This site was made to go with the MidKar group.io discussion group's SUBGROUP, The MidKar Cafe'.

This part of the site will build and grow over time. If you'd like a page about what you do, just send us
some info! The Mods and site owner will go over what you send us. And if it's appropriate, we'll get
a page up for you!

CLICK HERE to ENTER the Cafe'.


MidKar is an incredible MIDI Music Community.
Why not join MidKar today? We'd be glad to welcome you!

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