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Backing Trax!

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We Are All Things MIDI!
Do you use BTs for your live performances?
Welcome to the club! So do many professional recording artists!

Listen to the audio samples while you read.

Or do you use MIDI files and backing tracks as a tool for practicing if you're learning to play
an instrument, or learning to sing? BTs are a POWERFUL way to practice, and a lot of fun! Or
maybe you use BTs to learn songs on your own and cut your band's rehearsal time down.

Maybe you're a solo performer and use backing tracks to add to your performance.
Or maybe you're a solo performer and are curious about how to go about using them.

Could be you're in a band and want to add some instrumentation you don't have now.
Add additional percussion, or a horn section. Bands like Santana and Miami Sound Machine
used backing tracks for that exact reason. To beef up small horn and percussion sections
to sound a lot BIGGER! So did the big hair Glam bands and the HUGE sounding ambient rock
bands of the 70s and 80s. So many bands used backing tracks, or sequenced a ton of synth
parts and played them through the PA while they played other parts of the songs.

Maybe you're looking for a place, a source to get MIDI files to use as backing tracks.

Maybe you'd like to be able to edit MIDIs so you don't need to rely on someone else's
arrangement. You want to be able to change, or add to, or remove some parts of a MIDI. Or
delete some instruments. Delete vocal or melody tracks. Or change the key, or the tempo.

Or maybe . . . you're looking for ways to improve
the sound of your backing tracks!

Well, trust me on this. You are, right now, at the right place, at the right time!

And you are not alone! There are many performers out there using backing tracks today. And
no doubt you've heard some that were pretty bad. The tracks sound like video games. The
instruments sounded poor. The mix was worse! Some instruments too loud, or too soft. With
melodies! Computer generated solos. While others sounded GREAT! Just the right instrument
back up for what the performer needed. The instruments sounded great. And the mix, perfect!

In many cases, that's because the performer has spent a small fortune on his backing tracks.
Purchasing them from companies that produce pretty darned good BTs!

But even then, the performer needs to be able to edit those expensive tracks. Mute some tracks,
like melodies, or solos. Unless he or she spent a TON on custom tracks!

If you don't know where to start your journey . . . if you're a novice who desperately wants
to improve the sound of MIDIs you find on line, our MIDI Community, MidKar is the place to be!

If you're a pro player and want to produce KILLER backing tracks, get tips about making them,
want to be able to make them from scratch! Or be able to edit a MIDI into something that's a
musical piece of art! This is the place to be!

You probably know that all of us don't necessarily use MIDI files as our finished BTs.
I don't personally use MIDI backing tracks. However, they did START OUT as MIDI!

So if you want to produce a high quality BT that will sound amazing through a high quality
PA system, at loud volume when needed, we can help you learn the skills you need!

How I do it is different from others. We all develop our own method. Starting with MIDI
tracks. Rendering each track to an audio wave. Editing each wave with an audio editor that
can go beyond what MIDI editing can do. Do your final mix of now all audio tracks. Save it as
a .wav file. Then convert the .wav into MP3. So you can go beyond MIDI editing if you want.

Using audio editing you can add compression to each track. Bring out the sound of each track
and have killer drums and bass guitars! Bring out the sweetness of those strings!
Using Timbres Of Heaven is one of the biggest things you can do to immediately hear a
difference in your MIDIs. If you prefer using MIDI for backing tracks, TOH does TWO
things that turns your MIDIs into killer BTs!

1). The obvious, is this SoundFont sounds so much better, has much more output than
what ever SoundFont is used in your editor or player. And two . . .

2). You will now have TWO sound fonts to work with! You can combine them!!! Like
for drums. You can have some tracks with some drums using TOH, and double the tracks
and use your other SoundFont. This can really thicken up your drums! You could, for
instance, have 2 tracks of the same snare pattern.

Pan one a little differently than the other. Or add heavy reverb to one, and none on the
other, and have a snare drum with reverb that still cuts through the mix! Have one bass drum
EQ'd different so the kick really cuts through the mix!

Mix different synth sounds to get those insane ambient sounds like the recording bands get
in live performances using several synths, and believe it or not, also using backing tracks to
fatten up their sound!

You also add a lot more channels to your software! If you have a MIDI editor that
constricts you to 16 channels, you now have 32! 16 with one Soundfont, 16 with the other!

And we have the tools you need to be able to do that! And we can help you go from "0 to 60"
pretty much for FREE! Like anything else, sometimes you get more when you spend more. I'm
not going to underplay the importance of using good gear, good software, quality editors,
etc.. Just like your amp, guitar, or keyboard, quality is important! However, that being said,
the tools you need to make KILLER BACKING TRACKS can cost little to nothing! Especially
compared to the price of gear!

If you're just starting out, and on a tight budget, we'll help you get the tools you need at
no cost, or sometimes next to nothing. Like the Timbres Of Heaven SoundFont! You can take
a basic, free MIDI editor or player, and using Timbres Of Heaven, turn it into a great
sounding tool! Plus we can help you find the tools you need. What ones are free, but OK
to use. Which ones are better but cost a little. And we're not gonna profit from what you
buy if you decide on a "pay for" tool. We're going to suggest where to get it, and you
can do so if you want. Or you can go with what some of our members use that was free!

Plus we have a bunch of professional musicians who have been using MIDI for decades! Who
produce killer backing tracks for their own performance! And many of them share the MIDIs
they produce with our group . . . for free!

Come join us right now! Become a part of our MIDI music community. It's free! There are
many members here to help you learn how to produce your own tracks, or help you learn
how to edit MIDI files you have now. And if you need MIDIs, we currently have over 38,000!
Plus over 1300 Band in a Box SGU and MGU files, and 23 BIAB User Styles!

So join the fun, join the community!

Hope to meet you soon at the MidKar Group Forum.

Wayne (Reed) Knazek, MidKar Group Owner/Moderator Team member,
MidKar.com site owner