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We Are All Things MIDI!

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The MidKar Group

Free MIDIs and Software: 41,384 MIDIs, KARs and BIAB Files, plus a list of User Styles ON SITE!
Timbres Of Heaven SoundFont software FREE!
The Community: Meet the members and sequencers. Tutorials, Music Trivia Games!

You'll also find tutorials about making and editing Backing Tracks, Guitar tutorials and actual lessons,
Harmonica Theory, and Music & Theory Tutorials.

Our MidKar Pro musicians and sequencers offer free help to those who want to improve the quality
of their MIDI files, BIAB MGU & SGU files and MP3 backing tracks. And also offer theory and guitar
lessons, and on line support through our Support Group, The MidKar Group Forum on Groups.io.

Site visitors are welcome to download MIDIs! ~ Why not listen while you read!

You're listening to MIDIs using Timbres Of Heaven

Welcome to the MidKar Community.
Why should you join the MidKar Group Forum?

There are three main areas on our Web site.

Think of it like 3 Web sites.

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MIDI FILES! 41,384 MIDI, KAR and BIAB Files, plus a list of User Styles ON SITE!
MidKar Group members (the forum) can download them, and share theirs with other members!
Pro musician sequencers submit Pro MIDIs to the forum group DAILY! Can't find a MIDI? Post a
MIDI request in the forum. One of our Pro sequencers will probably make one for you if no one in
the group has one! And COMING SOON! Jam with other MidKar Members on line, live!


Timbres Of Heaven! Here you'll find the best SoundFont on the planet.
Your MIDIs will sound tremendously better using TOH! There's a page here with
half a dozen "before & after TOH" comparisons you can listen to! Here's one
example. NO TWEAKING was done. Just a typical MIDI player using the built in
SoundFont, vs. TOH! Have a listen!

The SoundFonts in your MIDI player/editor are what make the sound. TOH has the best sounding
instruments! And effects like reverb, chorus, etc. COME ALIVE with TOH! You'll hear an immediate
improvement in all of your MIDIs! If you use MIDIs as backing tracks, your live performances will
sound amazingly better! Go to the TOH Comparison page and hear for yourself!


The Community! This area is all about the people. Our members and our sequencers,
and about The GAME! Meet the people. Join the Q&A group forum! Read the tutorials!
Ask real, live, professional, performing musicians about MIDI and making backing tracks.
Professionally edit MIDI files to sound GREAT! Can't find a MIDI file? Post a MIDI
request in the forum. If no one has it, we'll probably make one for you!

Who's playing at the Cafe'


The Cafe'! Who are the MidKar members? And what do we do?

Welcome to the MidKar Cafe'. This is where we all sit around and chat about our interests
outside of MidKar. Who we are, what we do outside of the music realm.

This is the place where it's OK to share your wares!

The MidKar Cafe' is a subgroup of our main MidKar Forum at groups.io.
As a Cafe' member, you can get a page on the MidKar site about you!

Would you like some of your live recorded gigs or studio recordings added to the Cafe'?

Let us know!

You could answer the question "Who's playing at the Cafe'?" with . . . ME!

MidKar is an incredible MIDI Music Community.
A huge library of MIDI and KAR files and backing tracks.
And now more than 1,300 BIAB MGU and SGU files and User Styles!

Why not join MidKar today? We'd be glad to welcome you!

MidKar Member's Site Directory
If you're a MidKar member, or if you just want a simple way to maneuver
the site sections, without reading the text about the MidKar Group, MIDIs
or Timbres Of Heaven . . . Here You Go! ~ The Member's Site Directory Page

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