The Midkar Group Presents

A Persian Princess

Music by Sidney Jones, Lyrics by Percy Greenbank, 1909
Sequenced by James Pitt-Payne, London UK, 2016
in association with Veda Meyer-Castens
Score thanks to Torquil Syme
Tune List
# Title
1 Opening Scene
2 Zingarie
3 The Hour of Election Is Over
3a When I Am King
4 Idle Promises
5 The King and the Camel
6 The Doggies and the Bone
7 In the Dark
8 Insomnia
9 In the Swim
10 Entrance of Slave Dhow
10a Song
11 Moon Blossom
1a Finale Act I
13 Entrance of Bul-Buls
14 A Little Coral Island
15 The Mirror of Happiness
16 The Doctor, The Patient, and the Nurse
17 The Juniper Tree
18 Dance - Ujujube
19 Poor Alfred
20 A Cup of Coffee
21 Cupid's Caravan
22 Come to Persia
23 The Land of Heart's Content
24 Wedding Chorus
25 Finale

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