The Midkar Group Presents

Mr. Jericho

A one-act musical play that served as a curtain-raiser before Arthur Sullivan's Haddon Hall.

Music by Ernest Ford
Lyrics by Harry Greenbank
1893 by Phillips & Page - London

sequence & karaoke by James Pitt-Payne, London UK, 2019
in association with Veda Meyer-Castens
Score thanks to Torquil Syme

Tune List
# Title Dur.
1 When Sunny Summer Ripens Corn 2:00
2 My Heart Goes Pit-a-Pat 2:31
3 My Smelling Salts Get 2:13
4 Jericho's Jams 3:00
5 There Came to Maiden Innocence 2:16
6 Who, Alas! Would Be A Peer? 2:03
7 Soon There Shall Ring (Finale) 1:19

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