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Music by Marcel Lattés, Lyrics by Adrian Ross, 1919
Sequenced by James Pitt-Payne, London UK, 2016
in association with Veda Meyer-Castens
Score thanks to Torquil Syme
Tune List
# Title
1 Overture
2 Act I - Opening Chorus
3 A La Francaise
4 Very Good Indeed
5 Maggie the Movie Queen
6 My Brother
7 When the Stars Are in the Blue
8 Pussyfoot
9 Have I Come Too Late
10 Entracte
11 Act II - Morning
12 Chorus of Bathers
13 Fly Away My Heart
14 Shall We Linger and Dream
15 Every Kiss Is the Same
16 Go Up
17 Finale Act II
18 Entracte
19 Act III - Opening Chorus
20 Colours
21 Some Day in the Chance of a Dance
22 The Moth and the Flame
23 I Cared for You

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