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Midkar Screensavers

Midkar Music Screen Saver's

If you love music, then you have come to the right place!

What is the big deal about our music screen savers over others? Check out the following features:

  • Built-in MIDI file play list.
  • Once installed, you can add your own play list (off your hard drive).
  • Add MP3, WAV, WMA and MIDI files.
  • Create your own play list and shuffle song order or switch back to built-in.
  • Excellent images of artists.
  • Each saver comes with a built-in clock and calendar!
  • Works on all versions of Windows that are being used today and even on the upcoming Windows 8!
  • Finally, it will be the best fun you ever have with a screen saver!

Installation Options

Please note that these screen savers are Windows based. As far as we know, the Mac platform is not supported. However, if you are running Virtual Windows, they should work.

Once you download the screen saver, right click on the file. You will see a drop down menu, Test, Configure, and install. If you want to see how it plays on your system, click test. If you want to mess around with the settings, click configure. Finally, the last option is to install. However, we have found that this installs into the Windows directory which may work fine with older Windows versions 2000 and below. If you install and find later the screen saver to be missing from your Display Properties, do this: Copy the screen saver directly into your Windows system32 folder. The path usually: C:\WINDOWS\system32

Legal stuff does NOT own any of the images or MIDI files, there for, the original copyright holder retains all rights to their work. Our screen saver supports the artist's work and is totally offered for free! If you like an artists song go out and buy the recording! By using, installing Midkar Music Screen Savers, you agree to to be bound by the terms of this license agreement:

This software is completely safe and in perfect working order.

If you some how screw up your computer while installing or running the screen saver, it is NOT our fault.

You expressly acknowledge and agree that use of the software is at your sole risk.

The entire risk as to satisfactory quality, performance, accuracy and effort is with you.

About MIDI files and requesting new screen saver versions

If you want to request or suggest a artist or group for upcoming savers, this will only be done by joining The MIDKAR GROUP (listed below). We believe at and the Midkar Group, that MIDI files are the best to use because of their small file size and quality. We hope that once you install one of our screen savers and hear them, you might what to build your own play list. If you do not have a collection of MIDI files, please visit the following links:

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Midkar Screen Saver's
Screen Saver Title Size Description Version
Beatles Screen Saver
Beatles Screen Saver-Zipped
10.0 megs
9.6 megs
63 MIDI Files & 169 Images Version 1.0 2009
Billy Joel Screen Saver 0:00kb Coming Soon Coming Soon
Country Screen Saver
Country Screen Saver-Zipped
11.2 megs
10.9 megs
63 MIDI Files & 164 Images Version 1.3 2009
Deep Purple Screen Saver
Deep Purple Screen Saver-Zipped
12.6 megs
12.2 megs
28 MIDI Files & 189 Images Version 1.0 2009
Eagles Screen Saver
Eagles Screen Saver-Zipped
14.6 megs
14.2 megs
28 MIDI Files & 111 Images Version 1.0 2009
Jazz Screen Saver
Jazz Screen Saver-Zipped
8.8 megs
8.4 megs
22 MIDI Files & 93 Images Version 1.3 2009
Steely Dan Screen Saver
Steely Dan Screen Saver-Zipped
15.3 megs
14.9 megs
36 MIDI Files & 97 Images Version 1.0 2009
WWII Screen Saver
WWII Screen Saver-Zipped
12.2 megs
11.8 megs
7 MIDI Files & 174 Images Version 1.0 2009

Award Winning MIDI Screensavers

Images Of War:  World War II Screensaver is clean!   The Eagles Music Screen Saver is clean!   Steely Dan Music Screen Saver is clean!   The Beatles Music Screen Saver is clean!

New 2011 Award Winning MIDI Screensavers

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