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Professional MIDI Companies (partial list):
1000 Corporation, Back Trax, Backbeat, BandTrax, Blue Max Distribution, Chappell, Crystal Cove,, Design Software, Division Holand, Edirol, Edizio, Geerdes, Hands on Midi, Heavenly Music, (c)1992HM (c)1993HM (c)1994HM, Intl Midi Hits Edizioni Milano Publishing, Labyrinth Midi, Midi Hits, Midi Music, Midi Service, MidiGig, MidiHits, MidiSystems, Milano, Music Corporation, Music Data Company, Music Sales, Music Technology, MTA, Open Mind Productions, Passport Designs, Roland Corporation, Roland Corp, Romeo Music, Service France, Stage & Screen, TMI-TRYCHO, TrackBusters, Tran Tracks, Trycho, Tune 1000, Turbo Music, Warner

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