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This Portion Of The Archive Contains Songs From The 1920's To The 00's
That Are In The Easy Listening, Newage, Pop/Rock, R&B, Popular & Traditional Pop
Categories And Their Sub-Genres Or Music Styles
You Will Find Everything From Beautiful Easy Listening To Acid Rock!
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Newage, Pop, Pop/Rock, R&B, R&R, Rock, Vocal MIDI Index
Song Title Size Performed By Sequencer
Take Good Care of My Baby
  Added 3/07/2017
Bobby Vee (1961)
W&M By Carole King and Gerry Goffin
Also recorded by Bobby Vinton
60's, Pop
Gary Rogers
Midkar Member
Take It All
  Added 3/07/2017
Adele (2011)
W&M By Adele Adkins and Francis Eg White
A heartbreaking song on the end of a relationship.
Pop, R&B, Soul
Bunty Pritchard Jones
Take The Long Way Home 41kb
Composed By Rick Davies & Roger Hodgson
70's, Album Rock, Pop/Rock, Soft Rock
Bill Welsh
Takin' Care of Business
  Added 3/07/2017
Bachman-Turner Overdrive (1973)
W&M By Randy Bachman
Abridged From Wikipedia: A driving anthem of rock with a well known riff. Bachman's original idea was to write about a recording technician who would "take the 8:15 into the city." The standard uniform inspired the title "White Collar Worker." In the early arrangement for the song, the chorus riff and vocal melody were similar to that of The Beatles' "Paperback Writer." When Bachman first played this version for Burton Cummings, Cummings declared that he was ashamed of him and that the Beatles would sue. Bachman was driving into Vancouver, British Columbia for a gig and listening to the radio when he heard DJ Daryl B's catch phrase "We're takin' care of business." Lead vocalist Fred Turner's voice gave out before the band's last set that night. Bachman sang some cover songs to get through the last set, and on a whim, he told the band to play the C, B-flat and F chords over and over, and he sang "White Collar Worker" with the new words "Takin' Care of Business."
70's, Rock, Classic Rock
Gary Rogers
Midkar Member
Tarkus 178kb
Emerson, Lake & Palmer
70's, Album Rock, Pop/Rock, Prog/Rock/Art Rock
Mike Doyle
aka "Mad Dog"
Tears in Heaven
  Added 3/07/2017
Eric Clapton
W&M By Eric Clapton and Will Jennings (1991)
From Wikipedia: From the movie Rush. The song is about the pain and loss Clapton felt following the death of his four-year-old son, Conor. Conor fell from a window of a 53rd-floor New York apartment building owned by his mother's friend on March 20, 1991. Clapton arrived at the apartment shortly after the accident.
90's, Soft Rock
Harkuswo Hartono
Midkar Member
  Added 03/25/15
The Tornados
W&M by Joe Meek
The track reached No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in December 1962 (the second British recording to reach No. 1 on that chart in the year, after "Stranger on the Shore" in May), and was also a number one hit in the UK Singles Chart. It was the second instrumental single to hit No. 1 on both the US and UK weekly charts.
Pop, Instrumental Rock, Surf Rock, Space Rock, Beat
Gary Rogers
Midkar Member/Moderator
Telstar 40kb
The Ventures, The Tornados, Many More
60's+++, Pop/Rock, Instrumental Rock, British Invasion, Early British Pop-Rock, Pop/Rock, R&R, Surf Music & More
Originally Composed By Joe Meek
John Walker
Tequila Sunrise
  Version 1
  Added 3/08/2017
The Eagles (1973)
W&M By Don Henley and Glenn Frey
70's, Soft Rock, Country Rock
Gary Rogers
Midkar Member
Tequila Sunrise
  Version 2
  Added 3/08/2017
The Eagles (1973)
W&M By Don Henley and Glenn Frey
70's, Soft Rock, Country Rock
Ken Hodges
Thank You
  Added 3/08/2017
Led Zeppelin
W&M By Jimmy Page and Robert Plant (1969)
60's, Rock
Pete Griffith
Thank You For Being A Friend 49kb
Andrew Gold, Cynthia Fee
80's+, Ballads, Easy Listening, Pop/Rock, Soft Rock, Soundtrack, TV Theme Songs, Vocal Pop
Composed By Andrew Gold
Chris Rada
That Was Yesterday
  Added 3/08/2017
Foreigner (1984)
W&M By Lou Gramm and Mick Jones
80's, Rock
Michel de Repentigny
That's All I Want From You 21kb
Jaye P. Morgan
50's, Love Songs, Pop, Traditional Pop, Vocal Pop
W&M By M. Rotha
Ron Tilden
Midkar Member
That's All Right, Mama
  Added 3/08/2017
Elvis Presley
W&M By Arthur Crudup (1946)
Best known as the first single released by Elvis Presley.
Rockabilly, Blues, Rhythm & Blues
Steve Day
That's Old Fashioned (That's The Way Love Should Be)
  Added 03/25/15
The Everly Brothers (1962)
W&M by Bill Giant, Bernie Baum and Florence Kaye
This was the Everly's last United States Top Ten hit. The song was previously recorded (but unreleased) by the Chordettes. It was given to the Brothers by Archie Bleyer, the owner of their former label Cadence and husband of Janet, who was a member of the female vocal group. Phil Everly was married between 1963 and 1970 to Jackie Bleyer, the daughter of Archie and Jackie Bleyer.
Country, Rockabilly, Rock and Roll
Ron Tilden
Midkar Member
The Boys Of Summer

  Added 06/03/14
Don Henley (1984)
Lyrics by Henley, Music by Henley & Mike Campbell.
It is the lead track and first single from Henley's 1984 album Building the Perfect Beast and reached the top five in the United States as well as the top position on the Top Rock Tracks chart and number 12 in the UK Singles Chart. It re-charted at number 93 in August 2013.
The song's music video won many awards. "The Boys of Summer" was also performed live by Henley with the reunited Eagles; such a version is included on the group's 2005 Farewell 1 Tour-Live from Melbourne DVD.

Soft Rock, Electronic Rock
Jim Hardin
The Diary

  Added 06/03/14
Neil Sedaka
W&M by Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield
"The Diary" was issued on Sedaka's 1959 first solo album Rock with Sedaka on RCA. It was reissued on his 1961 record Neil Sedaka Sings Little Devil and His Other Hits, and again in 1963 on the album Neil Sedaka Sings His Greatest Hits.
Pop-Rock  *Karaoke entered incorrectly.
Gilles Paul
The Hustle
  Added 03/25/15
Van McCoy and the Soul City Symphony
W&M by Van McCoy
"The Hustle" is a famous disco song by songwriter/arranger Van McCoy and the Soul City Symphony. It went to number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and Hot Soul Singles charts during the summer of 1975. It also peaked at number 9 on the Australian Singles Chart (Kent Music Report) and number 3 in the UK. It would eventually sell over one million copies and is one of the most popular songs of the disco era. The song won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance in 1976.
Gary Rogers
Midkar Member/Moderator
The Impression That I Get 46kb
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
90's, Modern Rock, Pop/Rock, Punk/New Wave, Ska-Punk, Ska Revival
Composed By Dicky Barrett & Joe Gittleman
Lawrence Chu
Midkar Member
The Lady Is A Tramp 46kb
Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Tommy Dorsey, Midge Williams, Lena Horne, Shirley Bassey, Numerous Others
30's+++, Pop, Soft Rock, Soundtrack, Theme Songs, Vocal Pop
Original W&M By Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart In 1937
Josef Huber
The Last Time I Felt Like This 42kb
Johnny Mathis W'Jane Olivor
70's, Easy Listening, Love Songs, Soft Rock, Soundtrack, Theme Songs, Vocal
W&M By Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman & Marvin Hamlisch
Ron Tilden
Midkar Member
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
aka "Wimoweh"
The Tokens
60's, Doo-Wop, Early Pop Rock, R&B, Rock n' Roll, Soundtrack
The Tokens Version W&M By Luigi Creatore, Hugo Peretti, Albert Stanton & George David Weiss
Rick Williams
The Longest Time 19kb
Billy Joel
80's, Album Rock, Doo-Wop, Pop/Rock, Soundtrack
W&M By Billy Joel
Shuichi Miyakawa
The Monkey Time

  Added 06/03/14
Curtis Mayfield  Also by Major Lance
Written by Curtis Mayfield (1963)
"The Monkey Time," written by Curtis Mayfield, also was a R&B Top Ten entry at number two (number eight pop) the summer of 1963.
R&B, Soul, Funk, Chicago Soul, Psychedelic Soul, Stage & Screen
Gary Rogers
Midkar Member
The Night Before 28kb
The Beatles
60's, AM Pop, British Invasion, Pop/Rock, Soft Rock
W&M By Paul McCartney & John Lennon
D. W. "David" Barnes
Midkar Member
The One You Love 34kb
Glenn Frey
80's, Adult Contemporary, Pop/Rock, Soft Rock
W&M By Glenn Frey & Jack Tempchin
Dale Aston
aka "OnNTwo"
The Power Of Love 31kb
Celine Dion, Many Others
80's-00's, Adult Contemporary, Easy Listening, Love Songs, Romantic, Vocals, Wedding Song
W&M By Jennifer Rush, Mary Applegate, Candy DeRouge, & Gunther Mende
Raphael Pungin
The Price of Love
  Added 03/25/15
The Everly Brothers (1965)
W&M by Don & Phil Everly
"The Price of Love" is a song by the Everly Brothers, released in 1965. It charted at number 2 in the UK. On the NME chart in spent one week at Number 1 in the UK. Chart Positions: UK No.2 US No.104. From The Album "In Our Image"
Geoffrey Carter
Midkar Member
The Stroll 39kb
The Diamonds
50's, Doo Wop, Pop, R&B, R&R, Soundtrack
W&M By Clyde Otis & Nancy Lee
Ron Tilden
Midkar Member
The Twist 39kb
Chubby Checker, Hank Ballard And More
60's, Classic Rock, Dance, Early Pop/Rock, Party Tunes, Rock n' Roll
Composed By Hank Ballard
Jesse Luis Jocson
aka "D'Bassman"
Midkar Member
The Twist

  Added 06/03/14
Chubby Checker (1960), The Fat Boys with Chubby Checker (1988)
W&M by Hank Ballard (1959)
The song, and the dance the Twist, was popularized in 1960 when the song was covered by Chubby Checker. His single became a hit, reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 on September 19, 1960 (one week) and then setting a record by being the only single to reach No. 1 in two different chart runs when it resurfaced and topped the chart again on January 13, 1962 (two weeks).
In 1988, "The Twist" became popular once again, due to a new recording of the song by The Fat Boys featuring Chubby Checker. This version reached No. 2 in the United Kingdom and No. 1 in Germany.

R&R, Pop-Rock
John R. Bloise, Sr.
Kar by Vincenzo Palleschi
The Wanderer
Version 1
Dion & The Belmonts
60's, Country/Pop, Doo-Wop, Early Pop/Rock, Rock n' Roll
Written By Ernest "Ernie" Maresca
Phil Smith
aka "Satman100"
The Wanderer
Version 2
Dion & The Belmonts, Eddie Rabbitt, Dick Clark, Richie Valens, The Beach Boys, Many Others
60's, Country/Pop, Doo-Wop, Early Pop/Rock, Rock n' Roll
Written By Ernest "Ernie" Maresca
Uwe Thielker
Karaoke By Raphael Pungin
There's A Gold Mine In The Sky 26kb
Pat Boone, Gene Autry, The Sons Of The Pioneers, Nat "King" Cole, Many More
50's++, Country, Country/Pop, Early Pop/Rock, Folk, Jazz, Vocal
Composed By Nick A. Kenny & Charles Kenny
Ron Tilden
Midkar Member
These Eyes
  Added 3/10/2017
The Guess Who (1968)
W&M By Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings
Baroque Pop, Soul
Gary Rogers
Midkar Member
Thick as a Brick
  Added 3/10/2017
Jethro Tull (1971)
The album Thick as a Brick contains only one song, the 43 minute title track. The lyrics were claimed to be an epic poem written by an 8-year-old boy.
70's, Progressive Rock
Adam Bodkin
revised by Niklas Bertani
Thirteen Women
(And Only One Man In Town)
  Added 3/10/2017
Bill Haley & His Comets
W&M By Dickie Thompson (1954)
The first hydrogen bomb was exploded at Bikini Atoll on 1 March 1954.
50's, Novelty Songs, Swing
Ed Bettega
Midkar Member
This Diamond Ring
  Added 3/10/2017
Gerry Lewis & The Playboys
W&M By Al Kooper, Bob Brass, and Irwin Levine (1965)
60's, Pop Rock
Gary Rogers
Midkar Member
This Hammer 57kb
The Shadows
60's, British Rock, Early British Pop/Rock, Instrumental Rock
Composed By Brian Bennett, Hank Marvin & Bruce Welch
John Forster
This Masquerade
  Added 03/25/15
The Carpenters (1973)
W&M by Leon Russell
"This Masquerade" is a song written by Leon Russell. The song appeared on the B-side of the single for Russell's 1972 hit "Tight Rope" and on his Carney album. The song has also been recorded by many other artists. Helen Reddy included it on her 1972 I am Woman album, and also included a live version on her 1978 Live in London album. The Carpenters recorded a version of the song and released it on their 1973 Now & Then album, as well as on the B-side of "Please Mr. Postman" in 1974. The Carpenters version was released on their album Now & Then (1973), and performed on TV with Ella Fitzgerald, the medley in which it was sung was subsequently released on the compilation album As Time Goes By.
R&B, Jazz
Mike Le Voi
This Old Heart of Mine
(Is Weak for You)
  Added 3/11/2017
Isley Brothers (1966)
W&M By Sylvia Moy, Edward Holland, Brian Holland and Lamont Herbert Dozier
Other performers include The Supremes, The Zombies, Rod Stewart, Bettye Swan, Flame, Randy Crawford, The Contours, Luv', A Loss For Words, Stefanie Heinzmann, and Boyzone.
Pop, Soul
Tony Gap
Those Shoes
  Added 3/11/2017
The Eagles
W&M By Don Felder, Don Henley, and Glenn Frey (1979)
70's, Soft Rock
Kris Kelley
Thought I'd Died and Gone to Heaven
  Added 3/11/2017
Bryan Adams (1991)
W&M By Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams
Some sources attribute the song to Robert Lange / Bryan Adams or Adams alone.
90's, Soft Rock, Love Songs
K. Pitkanen
Three A.M. (3 AM)
  Added 03/25/15
W&M by Rob Thomas, Jay Stanley, John Leslie Goff & Brian Yale
"3 A.M." (written "3 am" on the album and "3 AM" on the single) is the third single and the third track from Matchbox Twenty's debut album, Yourself or Someone Like You. It topped the Canadian RPM record charts in early 1998. This song was written by Rob Thomas, Jay Stanley, John Leslie Goff and Brian Yale while performing together in the early 1990s band Tabitha's Secret. The lyrics are inspired by Thomas as an adolescent having to live with a mother fighting to survive cancer.
Alternative Rock
Gregory Greenway
Thriller 71kb
Michael Jackson
80's, Club/Dance, Disco, Motown, Pop/Rock, R&B, Rock
Composed By Rod Temperton
Denis Rionnet
Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree
  Added 3/11/2017
Dawn featuring Tony Orlando (1973)
W&M By L. Russell Brown and Irwin Levine
From Wikipedia: A yellow ribbon as a symbol of remembrance became widely known in civilian life in the 1970s as a reminder that an absent loved one, either in the military or in jail, would be welcomed home on their return.
L. Russell Brown says:
This is "NOT" the story of a convict who had told his love to tie a ribbon book to a tree outside of town. I know because I wrote the song one morning in 15 minutes with the late lyrical genius Irwin Levine. The genesis of this idea came from the age old folk tale about a Union prisoner of war--who sent a letter to his girl that he was coming home from a confederate POW camp in Georgia.... Anything about a criminal is pure fantasy....
Levine and Brown first offered the song to Ringo Starr, but Al Steckler of Apple Records told them that they should be ashamed of the song and described it as "ridiculous." Nonetheless, the public bought millions of copies. The song has been performed by groups around the world, translated into Spanish and Italian, and been repurposed to refer to political prisoners in protests in the Phillipines and Hong Kong.

70's, Pop, Ballads, Middle Of The Road
Gary Rogers
Midkar Member
Time Is Tight
  Added 3/11/2017
Booker T. & the M.G.'s
Composed By Booker T. Jones, Al Jackson, Jr., Donald "Duck" Dunn, and Steve Cropper
Recorded for the soundtrack of the 1968 movie UpTight.
60's, Soul
Steve Day
Tin Man
  Added 3/11/2017
America (1974)
W&M By Dewey Bunnell
70's, Soft Rock, EZ Listening
Chris Rada
Tired Of Waiting For You
  Added 03/25/15
The Kinks (1965)
W&M by Ray Davies
"Tired of Waiting for You" was a hit 1965 rock song by the English band The Kinks. The song was released as a single on 15 January 1965 in the UK and on 17 February 1965 in the USA. It then appeared on their second studio album Kinda Kinks. According to Ray Davies, the music for "Tired of Waiting for You" was written on the train to the recording studio and the words were written at a coffee shop during a break in the session.
Gary Rogers
Midkar Member/Moderator
Together in Electric Dreams
  Added 1/29/2017
Phillip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder
From the soundtrack of Electric Dreams (1984).
Synthpop, New Wave
Carl Edwards
Tonight's the Night
(Gonna Be Alright)
  Added 3/11/2017
Rod Stewart (1975)
70's, Soft Rock
Gary Rogers
Wayne Knazek
Midkar Members
Too Many Irons In The Fire 14kb
Various & Many Including The Mills Brothers
30's, Easy Listening, Swing, Vocal Pop
Composed By Johnny S. Black In 1933
Dr. James Pitt-Payne
Midkar Member
Top Of The World 42kb
The Carpenters
70's, Love Songs, Pop/Rock, Soft Rock
W&M By John Bettis & Richard Carpenter
Rogene Talento
aka "Labrat"
Tornado Of Souls 68kb
90's, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Progressive Metal, Rock, Thrash
Composed By David Ellefson & Dave Mustaine
Joddy Ari Krisnadi
Total Eclipse of the Heart
  Added 3/11/2017
Bonnie Tyler
W&M By Jim Steinman
From the 1983 album Faster than the Speed of Night.
80's, Power Pop, Pop Rock
Gary Rogers
Midkar Member
Touch Me
  Added 3/11/2017
The Doors (1968)
W&M By Robby Krieger
Notable for its brass and string instruments, and a saxophone solo by Curtis Amy. The last four notes are the "Stronger Than Dirt" jingle of the Ajax cleanser company.
According to Milquetoast: "Stronger than dirt" was added because the boys, unbeknownst to Jim [Morrison], had already gone ahead with a Buick campaign using "Light My Fire" as the song for their ad - "Come on, Buick, light my fire". The ad was filmed and may have been shown in Florida a few times but when Jim found out about it he hit the roof, and called up Buick himself, stating over the phone that if they went ahead with the campaign he would get a Buick and beat the crap out it with a sledgehammer on national television!

60's, Progressive Pop, Symphonic Rock, Music Hall, Power Pop, Middle Of The Road
Gary Rogers
Midkar Member
Tower Of Strength
  Added 03/25/15
Gene McDaniels (1961)
W&M by Burt Bacharach & Bob Hilliard
"Tower of Strength" is a song written by Burt Bacharach and Bob Hilliard and performed by Gene McDaniels. The song reached No. 5 on both the US Billboard chart and the R&B chart in 1961. The song appeared on his 1961 album, Tower of Strength. The song was produced by Snuff Garrett and featured the Johnny Mann Singers and Earl Palmer on drums.
Soul, R&R
Gary Rogers
Midkar Member/Moderator
Travelin' Man
  Added 03/25/15
Ricky Nelson (1961)
W&M by Jerry Fuller
"Travelin' Man" is a single by Ricky Nelson, an American singer. It was written by songwriter Jerry Fuller. The song reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100; its b-side, "Hello Mary Lou", reached number nine on the same chart.
Pop, R&R
Gary Rogers
Midkar Member/Moderator
Trouble 34kb
Lindsey Buckingham
80's, Pop/Rock, Mainstream Rock
W&M By Lindsey Buckingham
Blake Wallace
True Colors
  Added 3/11/2017
Cyndi Lauper (1986)
W&M By Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly
Dan West comments: Good music is well, "Good Music" no matter what style it is done in. I love the way the younger generation has taken this song and focusing on "bulling" with the message that "we’re all equal and the answer is love" and "There's always room for change".
80's, Pop
Richard Swan
Tuesday Afternoon
  Added 03/25/15
Moody Blues (1968)
W&M by Justin Hayward
"Tuesday Afternoon" (sometimes referred to as "Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?)", or simply "Forever Afternoon") is a 1968 single by English symphonic rock band The Moody Blues, which was presented in its original album form on their 1967 album Days of Future Passed in two parts.
Baroque Pop, Psychedelic Pop
Mike Doyle
For Power Windows BBS
Twist And Shout 31kb
The Beatles
60's++, Early Pop/Rock, R&R
Composed By Phil Medley & Bert Russell
Dr. ChartChai MeeSangNin
Two Hearts 45kb
Phil Collins
80's, Love Songs, Pop/Rock, R&B, Soft Rock, Soundtrack
W&M By Phil Collins & Lamont Dozier
Phil Smith
aka "Satman100"
Two Steps Behind
  Added 03/25/15
Def-Leppard (1993)
W&M by Joe Elliott
"Two Steps Behind" is a 1993 song by British hard rock band Def Leppard from their album Retro Active and Last Action Hero Soundtrack. It reached #5 on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, and #12 on the Billboard Hot 100. In the 1993 Metal Edge Readers' Choice Awards, the song was voted "Song of the Year" and "Best Song From a Movie Soundtrack."
Rock, Acoustic Rock
Mike Karina

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