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All The MIDI Tunes On This Page Are Original Compositions And
MIDI Sequences That We Have Posted Over The Years.
These Are Not Covers Of Pre-Existing Music!

Original Arrangements, Compositions & MIDI Sequences
S - Z
Song Title Size Description Sequencer
Saint Lois 30kb
An Easy Listening, Light Jazz Original By Bill From 1997 With A Bossa Nova Beat
Easy Listening, Light Jazz, Originals
Bill Dickson
Sand Song 25kb
An Easy Listening, Relaxing Original Composition By Don From 1995
Easy Listening, Jazz, Originals, Smooth Jazz
Don Carroll
   Added 05/21/14
Mellow jazz Original by Dan composed in 2004
Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Originals
Dan West
Midkar Member/Moderator
Sax Song 66kb
A Great Original MIDI Instrumental By Andy From 1999
Emphasizing Saxophone And The Honky Tonk Piano

Easy Listening, Jazz, Originals, Soft Rock
Andy Klapwyk
Say What You Want
  Added 02/20/15
Music by Dan West in a collaboration with Melody and Lyrics by Ed Bettega.
Pop Rock
Dan West
Midkar Member/Moderator
Seaside Dreaming 17kb
A Easy Going, Lay Back And Listen By The Seashore,
Original MIDI Instrumental By Patrick From Finland

Easy Listening, Instrumental, Originals, Soft/Rock
Patrick Aalto
Shades Of Blue 17kb
A Pretty, Original, Blues, MIDI Instrumental From Bill With Some Great Alto Sax Solo's
Blues, Originals, Soft/Rock
Bill Dickson
Sinatra Coming Home
  Added 02/20/15
A Wild West Original
Please do not remix without permission. Comments & feedback welcome!
Original, Jazz, Swing
Dan West
Midkar Member
  Added 12/09/2016
A Wild West Original
If you have been wondering why Don sometimes calls himself "~Slick" this the song Dan made for him featuring not one but two slap bass tracks. Music is what we all have in common no matter how different we are. Music is what binds us together, and fills the holes in our souls.
Original, Jazz, Smooth, Funk, Other
Dan West
Midkar Member/Moderator
Small Planet
    Added 02/20/15
Original composed by Timo Raita
Original, Jazz, Funk
Timo Raita
Smokey Sax 80kb
A Great, Funky, Light Jazz, Original MIDI Instrumental With
Some Great Tenor Saxophone & Fingered Bass

Funk, Jazz, Instrumentals, Originals, Soft/Rock
Mark Newby-Robson
Stairs 26
  Added 12/09/2016
Interesting tune with seagull sound effects
Original, Jazz, Funk, EZ Listening, Sound Effects
Marcel Heeren
Revised by Don Allen
Midkar Member
Smooth Steely Blues 80kb
A Blues/Rock Original Dan Put Together In 2007
Blues, Blues/Rock, Originals
Dan West
Midkar Member/Moderator
Snare Angel 57kb
Jazz, Fusion
Contemporary Jazz, Fusion, Originals
Benjamin Lewis
aka "zoggo"
Someday 72kb
A Easy Listening, Soft Rock Original Created By Dan In 2006
Easy Listening, Originals, Soft Rock
Dan West
Midkar Member/Moderator
Song For My Children 82kb
A Beautiful, Easy Listening, Newage Original
Easy Listening, Newage, Originals
Michael D. Walthius
aka "Keyboard Wizard"
Soul City 51kb
A Great Original In A 70's, "Philly Soul" Style With Lots Of Strings And Horns
70's, Philly Soul, Originals, Pop/Rock
Axel Hufeland
Sputnik 237kb
A Great Original In A Atmospheric, Spacey, Electronic, Newage, Soft Rock Style
Electronic, Newage, Originals, Soft Pop/Rock
Jeff Lawson
Square Dance 46kb
A Lively Original Composition And MIDI Sequence By Jim
That You Can Square Dance Or Ten Step To!

Bluegrass, Country, Instrumentals, Originals
Composed By James A. Harrison
James A. Harrison
St. Thomas Wind 69kb
A Pretty, Light Jazz, Original Tune With A Latin Beat Composed By Jim In 1999
Easy Listening, Light Jazz, Originals, Soft Pop/Rock
Jim Webb
Strands Of Future 30kb
Jazz, Fusion, World
Contemporary Jazz, Fusion, Originals
Benjamin Lewis
aka "zoggo"
Sweet Trumpets At Heavens Gate 53kb
A Great Original Jazz Tune That Jumps Around From Light Jazz To Hot Latin Jazz!
Hot Latin Jazz, Light Jazz, Originals
Composed By Gary Frye In 2000
Gary Frye
Texas Blues Shuffle 40kb
A Snappy, Country/Blues, Swing Original From Eddy
Blues, Country/Blues, Instrumental Country, Originals, Texas Blues, Western Swing
Composed By Eddy Skipwith
Eddy Skipwith
aka "Texoma Telebender"
The Bottle And The Cans 43kb
A Great Original Country, Folk, Ballad Style Original With Lyrics Composed By
Bill Watson And Music And Karaoke By George Longmore

Ballads, Country, Country/Blues, Folk, Honky Tonk, Originals
Bill Watson
& George Longmore
Midkar Member
The Day When 31kb
An Original, Easy Listening, Slow Pop/Rock, Composition Dedicated To The Memories Of The Victims
Of The September 11'th Tragedies And Their Friends And Families Back In 2001

Easy Listening, Originals, Patriotic, Soft Pop/Rock
Robert "JF" Henson
The Girl In The Dream 17kb
A Great Lay Back And Relax Original From Wade That He Composed In 1995
Easy Listening, Light Jazz, Originals
Wade Culbreath
The Girl That I Forgot 37kb
A Beautiful, Original Country Ballad & Waltz With Some Great Orchestration
Ballads, Country, Easy Listening, Love Songs, Originals, Waltz
Arleigh Baker
The Prussian One 13kb
A Contemporary Jazz Improvisation From 1995
Contemporary Jazz, Originals
Wade Culbreath
aka "MalletCat"
The Signs Of Summer 26kb
An Original, Very Pretty Easy Listening, Latin Jazz Style Original By Sumitaka In 1998
Easy Listening, Jazz, Latin Jazz, Originals
Sumitaka Ogawa
The Speed Of Light 61kb
An Original Rock/Symphonic/Techno Blend
Rock, Symphonic, Techno, Originals
Anthony Lombardi
The Sunshine In Your Eyes
    Added 02/20/15
Composed and arranged & (C)1997 by Axel Hufeland; Hamburg, Germany
Jazz, Pop
Axel Hufeland
Time Is A Magazine 68kb
A Upbeat Original Rock Improvisation Sequenced By Bill Basham With His Friends
Brent Bailey Who Composed It And Played The Keyboard Portion And Michael Scott On Percussion.  There Is Some Great French Horn And Trombone In This MIDI From 1996

Instrumentals, Originals, Pop/Rock
Bill Basham
aka "Diversified Software Research"
Time On Our Hands In A
   Added 05/21/14
Progressive jazz Original composed by Barry Heard & Jillianne Jones in 2012
and sequenced for Saints Road Music. Copyrite 2012 Chapel Lane Entertainment

Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Originals
Barry Heard &
Jillianne Jones
The Tomahawk Chant Song
  Added 12/09/2016
Variations on a familiar melody
Jazz, Latin, Originals, Other
Daniel Padron
Tired Little Soldiers 23kb
A Fun, Original Children's Tune Chris Composed For His Children And Mums And Dads Everywhere!
Children's, Orchestral Pop, Originals, Soft/Rock
Chris Blake
Tootsie 43kb
An Original Jazz Ensemble By Three Great Sequencers In 1997

Jazz, Collaboration, Originals
Robert G. Rutkas,
G. C. Dorman,
And Joseph J. Toto
Tribal 78kb
This Great Original Is The "Melting Pot Of World Music" Utilizing Ethnic/World
MIDI Instruments That You Don't Hear Everyday Including The Badoneon, Banjo,
Fiddle, Koto, Shakuhachi, Shamisen, Shanai, Sitar & Taiko Drums

Dance Mix, Ethnic, Originals, Synth-Pop, Techno, World
Shannon Strzalkowski
aka "Strazman"
Tropic Twilight 50kb
A Pretty Easy Listening, Latin Jazz Style Original Composition Tune By Les
Easy Listening, Jazz, Latin Jazz, Originals, Soft Rock
Les Gorven
UIST Tramping Song 33kb
A Great Original Dixieland Jazz Tune By Roly
Dixieland Jazz, Jazz, March, Originals
Roly Wright
Midkar Member
Unknown 42kb
A Great Cool Jazz, Instrumental Guitar Original From 1999 With Lots Of Different MIDI
Guitar Instrumentation Including Muted Electric Guitar, Nylon String Guitar, Steel String Guitar,
Full Acoustic Electric Guitar, Distortion Electric Guitar, Guitar Fret Noise & Electric Guitar Harmonics With Some Fretless Bass For Good Measure!

Jazz, Cool Jazz, Originals
Nguyen LamSon VanLam
aka "Van-Lam"
Urban'ometry 51kb
A Great Original Consisting Of Mostly Percussion Instrumentation
Jazz, Originals, Percussion, Sounds
Rene' Amesse
URI Boogie Blues 13kb
Blues, Boogie-Blues, Boogie Woogie, Piano Blues
Blues, Originals
Erik Vastenburg
Vienna Nites 31kb
Jazz, Soft Rock
Jazz, Soft Rock, Originals
Don Carroll
Vortex 41kb
A Great, Rockin' 60's, Original, "Surf Music" Style, Guitar Instrumental
Soft Rock, Surf Music, Originals
Joseph J. Toto
aka "Toto"
Walkin' Out The Door 30kb
A Sad, Laid Back, Very Pretty, Easy Listening County Original By Bill From 1998
Country, Easy Listening, Originals
Bill Sandy
Warm Pad 26kb
A Slow And Easy, Melancholic, Original
Jazz, Instrumental, Originals, Soft/Rock
Patrick Aalto
We Never Had A Chance To Dance 10kb
A Beautiful, Original, Easy Listening, Love Song
Easy Listening, Love Songs, Soft Rock, Originals
Trish Wyatt
Weather Channel 66kb
A Great Original Contemporary Jazz, Fusion Instrumental From 2005 With Some
Great Full Acoustic Electric Guitar Inspired By The Incidental Music Chase Heard
While Listening To His Local Weather Channel

Contemporary Jazz, Fusion, Jazz, Originals
Chase Ellis
Yesterdays Footsteps 25kb
An Original Country, Honky Tonk Original Composed By Bill Watson
With Music And Karaoke By George Longmore

Country, Honky Tonk, Originals
Bill Watson &
George Longmore
Midkar Member
You Bring Me Back To Yesterday 38kb
An Adult Alternative, Newage Style Original By Ti
Adult Alternative, Love Songs, Newage, Pop/Rock, Originals
Composed By Ti Kai Moy In 1999
Ti Kai Moy
You're From Ipanema
   Added 05/21/14
Smooth Brazillian flavored Original composed by Dan in 2001. Watch the video version.
Dan writes: "One of the most internationally famous Bossa Nova songs of all time,
"The Girl from Ipanema" is a classic that I have always loved to hear. I wrote "You're From Ipanema?"
back in 2001 as a different spin as the guy searches and finds that girl".

Jazz, Bossa, Latin Jazz, Originals
Dan West
Midkar Member/Moderator
Zap 62kb
80's Style Pop Dance
80's, Dance, Pop/Rock, Originals
Composed By Fredrick Sand In 1988
Fredrick Sand
Ze Bloes 37kb
A Very Pretty, Slow & Easy Going Original Blues Tune By Gerard Alternating Between
The Trumpet And The Vibraphone For The Melody Line

Blues, Easy Listening, Originals
Composed By Gerard In In 1997
Gerard Karis

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