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All The MIDI Tunes On This Page Are Original Compositions And
MIDI Sequences That We Have Posted Over The Years.
These Are Not Covers Of Pre-Existing Music!

Original Arrangements, Compositions & MIDI Sequences
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Song Title Size Description Sequencer
   Added 05/21/14
Composed by Garrett in 1996, this tune is reminiscent of a suspense soundtrack.
Contemporary Jazz, Fusion, Jazz, Originals
Garret Thomson
Nitalwon 78kb
Jazz, Fusion
Contemporary Jazz, Fusion, Latin Jazz, Originals
Benjamin Lewis
aka "zoggo"
& Ronzwerl
Nite 'till Dawn 11kb
An Easy Going Light Jazz Piano Tune With A Touch Of The Blues By Axel From 1996
Blues, Easy Listening, Jazz, Originals
Axel Hufeland
Nothin' To Do 156kb
An Original Blues/Rock Composition With Lots Of Electric Guitar And Tenor Sax By Ray From 2004
Blues, Blues/Rock, Easy Listening, Originals
Ray Barclay
Oblivion 42kb
Jazz, Fusion
Contemporary Jazz, Fusion, Originals
Benjamin Lewis
aka "zoggo"
Oh My 41kb
An Easy Going, Jazz Fusion Original
Easy Listening, Jazz, Fusion, Originals
Dan West
Midkar Member/Moderator
One Moe Blues 14kb
An Upbeat Blues Or Sorta Jazzy Original
Blues, Jazz, Originals
David J. Lahey
aka "MidiMarvl"
Out Of The Blue
   Added 05/21/14
Very upbeat jazz with piano and brass.
Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Originals
Dan West
Midkar Member/Moderator
Pacific Coast Highway
  Added 12/09/2016
Excellent original smooth jazz with acoustic guitar picking
Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Originals
Michael Walthius
"Keyboard Wizard"
Palmer House 68kb
Jazz, Fusion
Contemporary Jazz, Fusion, Originals
Benjamin Lewis
aka "zoggo"
Piano 18kb
Jazz, Piano
Contemporary Jazz, Originals, Piano Solo
Benjamin Lewis
aka "zoggo"
Piano Blues
(Posted 10'25'11)
A Great Original, Piano Blues Tune Utilizing Fretless Bass, Grand Piano, Bright Piano & Power Percussion MIDI Instrumentation Composed By Henrik In 1997
90's, Blues, Piano Blues, Originals
Henrik Mikkelsen
Pioneer Rag - A Real Hi-Bred 30kb
Karl Schröder
00's, Hot Jazz, Originals, Ragtime
Composed By Karl's Friend, Harry Williams In 2004 And Arranged And Sequenced By Karl
Karl Schröder
Quickie 27kb
Jazz, Fusion
Contemporary Jazz, Fusion, Originals
Benjamin Lewis
aka "zoggo",
Beat00 & MadDan
Rain Forest 47kb
A Very Pretty, Easy Listening Original Composition And MIDI Sequence By Sujin
Easy Listening, Soft Rock, World
Sujin Wonglakorn
Rainy Night Blues 45kb
Blues, Easy Listening, Melancholy
Blues, Easy Listening, Light Jazz, Originals
Jim Stark
Remember 25kb
A Pretty Easy Listening, Melancholy Original By Sumitaka From 1998
Easy Listening, Originals
Sumitaka Ogawa
Rescue Me 59kb
An Original MIDI Composition In A Chick Corea Style
Jazz, Light Jazz, Originals
Dan West
Midkar Member/Moderator
Return To Our Eastern Sunset 97kb
A Great Easy Listening Original From This Pair Of Sequencers
Easy Listening, Originals, Soft Rock
Mu-lator Is aka Franma And aka Francis C. (Real Name Francis Joseph Cabugao) M4U Is aka Mari Y. (Real Name Mari Yahigato)
MU-lator And M4U
Reunion Balefire 54kb
Jazz, Fusion
Contemporary Jazz, Fusion, Originals
Benjamin Lewis
aka "zoggo"
Ritmuri Rhythms 31kb
An Original, Orchestral Pop Composition With Some Fantastic Percussion Instrumentation By Liana In 2004
Classical Pop, Modern Classical, Orchestral Pop, Originals, Percussion
Liana Alexandra Nichifor
Romantic Dreams 32kb
A Pretty, Easy Listening, Light Latin/Jazz Original Tune With A Pleasant Beat By Peter In 1996
Easy Listening, Latin, Latin/Jazz, Originals
Peter Wolmarans

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