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All The MIDI Tunes On This Page Are Original Compositions And
MIDI Sequences That We Have Posted Over The Years.
These Are Not Covers Of Pre-Existing Music!

Original Arrangements, Compositions & MIDI Sequences
H - M
Song Title Size Description Sequencer
Hammon' Blues 40kb
A Upbeat Swingin' Jazz Original Instrumental With A Touch Of The Blues First Composed By Les In March Of 2002 And Slightly Revised In October 2002
00's, Blues, Jazz, Originals, Swing
Composed By Les Gorven
Les Gorven
Happy Blues
A Great Original, Electric Guitar, Blues Tune Composed And Sequenced By Mike In The 90's For Our Old Friend E. F. "Gene" Petro, aka "DocDoc"
90's, Blues, Blues Rock, Electric Guitar Blues, Modern Electric Blues, Original
Composed By Mike Doyle
Mike Doyle
aka "Mad Dog"
Hard To Come By 144kb
An Original Blues Tune Composed And Sequenced By David In Honor Of Vanessa With Great Alto Saxophone, Grand Piano, Nylon String Guitar And Trumpet Solo's
Blues, Love Songs, Originals
David Zobel
Heartbreak Blues 58kb
An Original, Laid Back, Blues/Jazz Tune, Composed By Dan In Remembrance Of The September 11, 2001 Tragedy
Blues, Jazz, Originals, Patriotic
Dan West
Midkar Member/Moderator
Heaven Of Beauty 13kb
A Beautiful, Easy Listening, Piano And Strings Original Composed And Sequenced By Jalal From Syria In 2002
Easy Listening, Originals, Religious
aka "JMCmidi"
Herb's Jazz Fantasy 32kb
A Jazz Original Featuring Trumpet & Trombone Solos By Herb & Peter In 1998
Jazz, Originals
Herbert Harari & Peter Sellars
Hiding Out In Houston Town
    Added 02/20/15
Original; Optimized for Timbers of Heaven Soundfont
Jazz, Pop
Clif Davis
High, High Over The Mountains 22kb
A Very Pretty And Rather Melancholy Original MIDI Love Song By John Torp From Sweden In 2001
Easy Listening, Love Songs, Originals, Soft Rock
John Torp
Hold Me #1
(Version 1)
50's-60's Style Love Song, Easy Listening
An Original Instrumental With Original Backing Track Music By Dan West And A Trumpet Melody Added By Ian In 2010
Dan West
Midkar Member/Moderator
& Ian Carter
Hold Me #1
(Version 2)
50's-60's Style Love Song, Doo Wop, Easy Listening
An Original Instrumental With Original Backing Track Music By Dan West And A Alto Sax & Muted Trumpet Melody Added By Ron In 2010
Dan West
Midkar Member/Moderator
& Ron Tilden
Midkar Member
Hot And Cold 42kb
A Original Rock Instrumental With Dual Slap Bass And Lots Of  Flute, Clarinet & Great Percussion From Steve In 2000
Pop/Rock, Originals
Steve Wellens
Hot Keys
   Added 12/09/2016
Jazz Trio Piano Jam
Picture yourself early in the morning at some out of the way Jazz night club and the trio just starts jamming.
Jazz, Originals
Dan West
Midkar Member/Moderator
Hot Stuff 43kb
A Swinging, Big Band, Jazz Original From Tony In The Late 90's With Some Great Trumpet, Trombone & Saxophone
Big Band, Jazz, Originals
Antone S. Walloch
Houseproud Mrs. Petty
    Added 02/20/15
(C)1996 by Axel Hufeland
   Added 12/09/2016
Upbeat smooth jazz with funky bass
Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Fusion, Originals
Michael Walthius
"Keyboard Wizard"
I Can't Remember
(When I Felt This Good Before)
A Lively Original Country Tune That Makes You Feel Good In The Morning!
Country, Country/Pop, Easy Listening, Originals
Chuck Duklis
If You Care 26kb
A Pretty But Rather Sad, Melancholy Blues Original By Peter With Some Great Harmonica Solo's
Blues, Easy Listening, Originals
Peter Composed His MIDI In 1996
Peter Wolmarans
If You Know 49kb
A Pretty Mutual Collaboration By Two Members Of The MIDKAR Group
Easy Listening, Original, Rock Rock
Composed In August 2010
Dan West
Midkar Member/Moderator
& Ron Tilden
Midkar Member
I'm Not Falling In Love
(again) ((with you))
   Added 12/09/2016
A kind of sad Blues-pop tune with clarinet and choir parts
Sequenced in 2015.
Blues, Jazz, Originals
Clif Davis
Midkar Member
Improv 09kb
A Very Short, Jazz Piano Improvisation
Jazz, Piano, Originals
Benjamin Lewis
aka "zoggo"
In Remembrance Of The Fallen 85kb
A Fantastic Original By Mike, From Australia, As His Tribute To Those Fallen On The Tragic Day Of September 11, 2001
Originals, Patriotic, Tribute
Mike Bourke
In The Space Of The Shoppe 65kb
A Great Original Example Of The "Ambient" Style Of Music That Was Very Popular In The 90's And Falls Under The General Category Of New Age
90's, Ambient, New Age, Originals, Pop/Rock
David W. Schmid
Infidel 57kb
Jazz, Fusion With Some Great Taiko Percussion
Jazz, Fusion, Latin Jazz, Originals
Benjamin Lewis
aka "zoggo"
   Added 12/09/2016
Smooth jazz that's partly spooky, and partly funky
Musicians from Israel, the USA, and Germany worked together online on this sequence in 1999.
Fusion, Smooth Jazz
Rami Moscowich
Bill Bowers
Axel Hufeland
    Added 02/20/15
Original, Fantasy, Folk
© 2001 by Gary Shannon
Jamin' For "Doc Doc" 24kb
A Blues/Jazzy Tune By "Bomi" In Tribute To "Doc Doc" For All Of Doc Doc's Past Hard Work In Originating
A Great "Blues" MIDI Web Site!

Blues, Jazz, Originals
Heinz-Josef Bomanns
aka "Bomi"
aka "MIDIPapa"
Jammin' The Copyright Blues 42kb
An Original Blues/Rock Instrumental Tune Composed During The Beginning Of The MIDI Crisis As A Protest Song When We Were All Concerned With The Copyright Problems Regarding MIDI Music In 1999 And 2000
Blues, Blues/Rock, Originals, Pop/Rock
Ivantu Freilaud
January 95 77kb
A Great Easy Listening, Soft Rock Tune With A Latin Beat And Lots Of Instrumentation Including Some Tuba And Alto Sax
Easy Listening, Latin Jazz, Originals, Soft Rock
Andy Klapwyk
Jazz Heads
   Added 05/21/14
A great original jazz tune with jazz instrumentation and some hot vibes.
Jazz, Originals
Dan West
Midkar Member/Moderator
Jincuba 72kb
Jazz Composition With Great Instrumentation
Jazz, Fusion, Originals
Benjamin Lewis
aka "zoggo", aka "MJN"
Jitter Bug Is Gone 61kb
This Is A Great Original Blues Composition & MIDI Sequence By "Doc Doc" Featuring Some Great Alto Saxophone & Shakuhachi Solos
Blues, Originals
E. F. "Gene" Petro
aka "Doc Doc"
Joe's Blues Bar 28kb
A Straight Ahead Chicago Blues Style Song With A Nice Beat And Feel, Featuring Distortion Guitar, Rock Organ, And Sax Trading Solos
Blues, Chicago Blues, Originals
John R. Bloise
Just Blues 16kb
An Original Country/Blues Composition & MIDI Sequence
90's, Country, Country/Blues, Originals, Steel String Guitar
Composed And Sequenced By Dick In 1997
Dick Anderson
Just Blues 14kb
An Original Blues Composition & MIDI Sequence
90's, Blues, Originals, Piano/Blues
Composed And Sequenced By Michael In 1995
Michael D. Walthius
aka "Keyboard Wizard"
Just Jamming Country 28kb
An Original Bluegrass Composition & MIDI Sequence
00's, Bluegrass, Country, Originals
Composed And Sequenced By Kenn In 2001
Kenn Gordon
Kinetic Percussion 94kb
An Original, Heavy Percussion Dominated Dance Piece By Rusty With Fantastic Instrumentation From 2000
Dance, Instrumentals, Originals, Percussion, Pop/Rock, Techno
Rusty Redden
Klaus Schulze Meets Jean Michel Jarre 30kb
An Original Combining The Sounds Of The Great German Electronic Artist, Klaus Schulze With The Great Sounds Of The French Electronic Artist Jean-Michel Jarre
Electronic, Ambient, New Age, Avant-Garde, Kraut Rock, Space Rock And Alternative Indie-Rock
Hans van Riezen
aka "Grote Smurf"
Let Me Dream 110kb
An Original MIDI Composition By Renee' Originally Written For His Son
Bossa, Funk, Originals, Salsa, Soft Rock
Rene' Amesse
aka "Overload"
Little Lips 52kb
A Fantastic Original Blues Rock Original Composition By Sujin Featuring Various MIDI Guitar Instruments
Blues, Blues Rock, Originals
Sujin Wonglakorn
Louie Can Dance 19kb
An Original Soft/Rock Composition With Lots Of Organ & Percussion
90's, Dance, Pop/Rock, Soft/Rock, Originals
Composed By Donald In 1994
Donald F. Kornegay
The Love Within
  Added 12/09/2016
Kind of sad tune with pan flute and piano
Full title: "The Love Within...True Friendship"
Original, Pop
Sascha Henken & Franma
Love Waves
    Added 02/20/15
Smooth Jazz, Pop, Jazz Funk(?)
(C)1996 Axel Hufeland
Lovin' Is Love 32kb
A Great Original Country Love Song By Dick
90's, Country, Country/Pop, Easy Listening, Love Songs, Western Swing, Western Swing Revival
Composed By Dick Anderson In 2005
Dick Anderson
Lovin' Time
  Added 12/09/2016
Excellent work by David who gives you that laid back feel of R & B!!
Smooth Jazz, R&B
David J. Lahey
Made In The USA
  Added 02/20/15
© Wild West Productions 2001
Original remixed using Timbres of Heaven Soundfont
Jazz, Pop
Dan West
Midkar Member/Moderator
Mambo House 142kb
A Fantastic Blues/Rock Original Tune Featuring Many MIDI Instruments Composed By David In 1997
Blues, Blues/Rock, Jazz, Originals, Pop/Rock
David Zobel
Martians In Love
  Added 12/09/2016
John Campell
John Campbell is an award-winning Los Angeles, California based composer, keyboardist and producer.
As a keyboard player, his long list of credits include working with artists such as Philip Bailey, Larry Carlton,
Mel Torme, and the group "Chicago." As a composer, John has written music for a wide variety of television,
film and radio projects. John has become a regular spokesperson for Roland Corporation while utilizing his
experience as a dynamic performing musician, composer, and educator.

Original, Jazz
John Campbell
Melancholy Blues 18kb
As The Title Implies, A Slow And Easy, Laid Back, Blues Original By Herb In 2000 Featuring Rotaly Organ, Acoustic Bass & Grand Piano
Blues, Easy Listening, Originals
Herbert Harari
Memory In My Mind 41kb
A Mellow Light Jazz Original Tune Featuring The Piano, Vibraphone, And Harmonica
Country, Easy Listening, Light Jazz, Originals
Composed By Dave Oliver In 2003
Dave Oliver
aka "DaveO"
Midnight Blues
  Added 02/20/15
Dan West Original
A bouncy smooth jazz piece.
Jazz, Original
Dan West
Midkar Member/Moderator
Mizzourah Fuss 21kb
An Original Ragtime Two-Step
Composed By Karl In 2004
Karl L. Schröder
Morgan's Walk 47kb
A Great Original Cool Sax And Organ Jam
Bop, Cool, Easy Listening, Jazz, Originals
Composed By Jim In 1995
Jim Eshleman, II
aka "Esh"
  Added 02/20/15
Original by Dan West
Interesting jazz composition with some effects added.
Jazz, Original
Dan West
Midkar Member/Moderator
My Sweet Ocean 48kb
This Is A Very Pretty Easy Listening, Soft Rock Original MIDI Composition By Kouichirou From Japan
Easy Listening, Originals, Soft/Rock
Kouichirou Hori

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