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All The MIDI Tunes On This Page Are Original Compositions And
MIDI Sequences That We Have Posted Over The Years.
These Are Not Covers Of Pre-Existing Music!

Original Arrangements, Compositions & MIDI Sequences
A - G
Song Title Size Description Sequencer
12-Bar Blues
(Posted 09'12'11)
An Original Blues Composition And MIDI Sequence In A Typical I-IV-V Blues Pattern Featuring The Oboe, Fingered Bass, And Rhodes Piano
Blues, Instrumental Blues, Easy Listening, Originals
Michael Shirk
3PO 37kb
Jazz, Originals
Benjamin Lewis & Friends
aka "zoggo"
7'th Street 18kb
Jazz, Originals
Robert Cote'
23 Hour Blues 11kb
An Original, Honky Tonk, Piano Blues Tune With A Little Full Acoustic Guitar Solo For Good Measure
Instrumental Blues, Honky Tonk, Originals, Piano
Herbert Harari
A Bluesy Thing 28kb
A Slow & Easy Going Original Blues Instrumental
Tune With Some Great Guitar & Saxophone Solos

Blues, Originals
David W. Folsom
A Cowboy Out Of My Time 21kb
A Great Original, Nostalgic, Country Tune That We Believe Would Make A Great Soundtrack For A Western Movie!
Country, Easy Listening, Nostalgic, Originals
Matthew J. "Matt" Jordan
A Million Smiles 69kb
A Slow & Easy Going Original Jazz Instrumental
Jazz, Originals
Dan West
aka "Wild West"
A Taste Of You
    Added 02/10/15
A Wild West Original
Optimized for Timbres of Heaven 2.0.3.
Please do not Remix without permission Comments & feedback welcome!

Jazz, Pop
Dan West
Midkar Member
A Weekend In Paris
    Added 02/16/15
"A Weekend In Paris" composed and arranged (C)1997 by W.J.Bowers and Axel Hufeland
Smooth Jazz, Romantic
Axel Hufeland
Adieu Chet
(A Homage To Chet)

aka "Hommage à Chet Atkins"
A Pretty Original Tribute MIDI To Chet Atkins In Chet's Full Acoustic Electric Guitar Style
Country, Instrumentals, Originals, Tribute
Composed By Henri Grégoire From France
Henri Grégoire
Africa 66kb
A Great Original Composition And MIDI Sequence Of African Sounds From Claude And His Son Chris And Contains Several MIDI Instruments That You Don't Hear Everyday Like The Pan Flute, Kalimba, Ocarina, Bird & Seashore
African, International, Originals, Japanese, World
Composed By Claude Ciari
Claude & Christian Ciari
After The Rain 30kb
A Pretty Easy Listening Song Featuring Grand Piano, Slow Strings And Acoustic Nylon String Guitar
Easy Listening, Originals
Composed By Sumitaka In 2004
Sumitaka Ogawa
Albert Ammons Blues 47kb
A Great, Easy Listening, Piano Blues, Slow Boogie-Woogie Tune In A Albert Ammons 30's-40's Style
Blues, Bluesy Jazz, Boogie-Woogie, Piano Blues, Instrumental Blues, Originals, Stride
Composed & Sequenced By Michael Walter Back In 1998 As A Tribute To Albert Ammons
Michael Walter
Always You

   Added 05/21/14
A Wild West Original. Please Do Not Edit without permission from Dan.
Composed & Sequenced by Dan West in 2001
Jazz, EZ Listening, Original
Dan West
aka "Wild West"
As Far As You Can See
    Added 02/16/15
Composed & Arranged by Sascha Henken in 1997. The Instinctiv8r
New Age, Meditational, Rock
Sascha Henken
Baby Blue Jump Suit 11kb
A Great Original Jazz Tune, With A Tinge Of Ragtime Piano From Hamish Featuring Some Fantastic Piano Solo's
00's, Jazz, Originals, Piano, Ragtime
Composed By Hamish Davidson In 2002
Hamish Davidson
Baby, Give Me Your Love 114kb
A Great Upbeat Original Dance MIDI By Kola
90's, Dance, Euro-Dance, Originals, Pop/Rock
Composed By Kola Finger In 1996
Kola Finger
Back To The Wall 35kb
A Pretty, Soft Rock, Jazz/Rock Original With Some Great Alto Sax And Electric Guitar
Jazz, Jazz/Rock, Originals, Soft Rock
Composed By Bill Dickson In 1998
Bill Dickson
Beat Street 31kb
An Up Tempo Original Jazz Sequence By Norvel With Lots Of Fingered Bass And Percussion
Jazz, Originals, Percussion
Composed By Norvel In 1997
Norvel W. Curtis Jr.
Billy's Bluegrass Blues 26kb
A Laid Back, Melodonic Original MIDI By Bill That Is Really Hard To Describe, I'll Try: A Little Blues, A Little Country With A Tinge Of Bluegrass And A Little More Blues And A Rotaly Organ For The Melody Line!
Blues, Bluegrass, Country, Easy Listening, Originals
Bill Abbott
  Added 02/16/15
A Dan West Original done in sort of a Doobie Bros. style
Dan West
Midkar Member/Moderator
Blooze 83kb
A Great Original Electric Blues MIDI Composition With Lots Of Overdrive Electric Guitar
Blues, Electric Blues, Originals
Composed By Al & His Friends In The Late 90's
Al Daniel & Friends
Blowin' Smoke 55kb
An Original Jazz Tune With Several Great Saxophone Solos
Jazz, Originals
Composed By Michael In 1995
Michael D. Walthius
Bluegrass Boogie 33kb
An Original Bluegrass, Boogie-Woogie Tune By Bill
Bluegrass, Boogie-Woogie, Originals
Bill Dickson
Blues For Chessie 13kb
An Original 12-Bar Blues For Solo Acoustic Guitar,
In The Style Of Several Delta Country Blues Artists

Blues, Country/Blues, Delta Blues, Originals
John Kwasnik
Blues For Jen 21kb
A Great Original, Slow, Funky And Sensual Tune By Roly Composed For His Friend Jenny
Blues, Jazz, Funk, Originals, Soul/Blues
Roly Wright
Blues For Trumpets And Things 20kb
An Original, Slow And Funky, Blues Tune By Roly From New Zealand
Blues, Jazz, Originals, Soul
Roly Wright
Blues In F Sharp 20kb
A Great Upbeat, Piano Blues Song Composed And Played Live By Bob
Blues, Piano Blues, Jazz And A Touch Of Honky Tonk Piano
Bob Composed His MIDI In 1993
Bob Mace
Blues Project #1
(For Guitar)
This Is An Original Blues/R&B Sequence By Bomi,
From Germany, Featuring Lots Of Great Blues Guitar

Blues, Blues/Rock, Instrumental Blues, Originals, R&B
Heinz-Josef Bomanns
aka "Bomi"
aka "The MIDI Papa"
Blues, Jazz, Piano Jam 10kb
This Is An Original Mild, Blues/Piano And Jazz/Piano Jam Session Composed By Jim As A Demo Song For His Web Site Back In 1999
Blues, Jazz/Piano, Originals, Piano/Blues
Jim Cara
Bobsled 32kb
A Lively Original Jazz Instrumental From Antone With Lots Of Trumpet, Trombone & Saxophone
Instrumental, Jazz, Originals
Antone S. Walloch
Boogie Band 27kb
An Original, Boogie-Woogie, Jazz Tune By Walter With Great Baritone Sax And Fantastic Trumpet Solos
Boogie-Woogie, Jazz, Originals
Walter Kiefer
Borzek 34kb
A Great, Original Upbeat, Pop/Rock, Techno Tune From Member, Daniel "Dan" Rowe
Pop/Rock, Techno
Daniel Rowe
Boston Rain
   Added 12/09/2016
Easy listening in E Minor. A smoooth jazzy number.
Smooth Jazz, EZ Listening, Originals
By Igor Khoroshev
Breezeway 107kb
A Fast, Contemporary Jazz, Original Instrumental With Lots Of Guitar That Would Make A Great Latin Dance Tune
Instrumentals, Jazz, Jazz/Fusion, Originals
Bob Baker
Brian's Theme
  Added 02/16/15
Gary wrote this in 2007 and used in a little animation he made.
Originally he was trying to write some cues for an "imaginary movie". This was the theme for the
main character in a romantic comedy; "Brian", a carefree young bachelor.
The scene it was written for is only 30 seconds long.

Original, Fantasy
Gary Shannon
Midkar Member
Bright And Bouncy 44kb
A Funky Jazz, Original MIDI Instrumental Which Is David's Tribute To The Late, Great Jazz Artist, Eddie Harris
Funk, Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Instrumentals, Originals
David J. Lahey
aka "MIDIMarvl"
Broken Glass 1 270kb
An Original, Hard Rock, Guitar Instrumental Tune With Lots Of Overdrive Electric Guitar And Monster Bass
Electronic, Hard Rock, Instrumentals, Originals
Mike Bourke
Buddy's Blues 26kb
A Great Original Blues Tune By John Featuring Many Instruments
Blues, Instrumental Blues, Originals, Piano Blues
John R. Bloise, Sr.
Buffalo Dance 68kb
Elan Michaels
Native American, Folk, Dance, New Age, Original, Spiritual
From Elan's Album: Wind Walker
Michael Duhaime
Bus Stop 34kb
An Original Dance, Upbeat Disco Tune
Dance, Disco, Originals, Pop/Rock, Upbeat
Jim Eshleman, II
aka "Esh"
C&C BlueGrass 55kb
A Great Original Bluegrass MIDI Instrumental From Claude & His Son Christian
Bluegrass, Country, Instrumentals, Originals
Claude & Chris Ciari
Candy 187kb
A Fantastic Original MIDI Instrumental With Funky Jazz Guitar & Soprano Sax Solos
Funk, Jazz, Originals, Soft Rock
Kouichirou Hori
Cash-And-Carry 40kb
A Great Original Funky Acid/Jazz Tune With Some Alto Sax & Slap Bass Solo's
Acid/Jazz, Funk, Jazz, Originals
Frode Berge
aka "FreeBrick"
   Added 05/21/14
A Great Original Jazz Tune With Some Guitar, Brass & Strings
Smooth Jazz, Funk, Jazz, Originals
Dan West
aka "Wild West"
Chicken Duelin' In The Web 17kb
A Great Original Guitar Instrumental In A Country-Rock, Southern Rock Style
Country-Rock, Instrumentals, Originals, Southern Rock
Juan A. Teruel
A Child Of Life
   Added 12/09/2016
An upbeat, soothing tune, with organ, clarinet, & seashore effects
Smooth Jazz, Originals
By Jillianne Jones
Arr. Barry Heard
Midkar Members
©2007 Chapel Lane Productions
Club Underground 80kb
An Original Funky Uptempo, Pop Style Tune From Kim From Denmark Which He Composed In 1995
Funk, Pop, Originals
Kim Burgaard
Consolation 30kb
An Original Latin Jazz Tune With A Latin Beat With A Lot Of Full Acoustic Electric Guitar, Rhodes Piano And Vibraphone Instrumentation That Allen Composed In 1997
Easy Listening, Jazz, Latin Jazz, Originals
Allen P. Minton
Country Beat 72kb
An Original MIDI Sequence By George That Would Make A Fantastic Country Ten Step Or Maybe A Line Dance If You Can Keep Up!
Cajun, Bluegrass, Country, Country/Pop, Originals
George Cadero
aka "Gecadero"
CyberSchwartz 41kb
An Original Tune In A Slightly Techno, Slightly Jazz & Slightly Japanese Style
Originals, Techno/Jazz
George Tassara
aka "Fabulous Gertrude"
Dance With Me
  Added 02/16/15
A Wild West Original
Smooth Jazz
Dan West
Midkar Member/Moderator
Dean's Mid Afternoon Blues 26kb
A Snappy Little Blues Tune To Get You Goin' Again After Your Afternoon Nap That Dean Composed In 1999
Blues, Electric Guitar Blues, Harmonica Blues, Originals
Dean King
Deep Depression Blues 23kb
A Laid Back, Easy Going, Blues Guitar, Original Instrumental By Herbert
Blues, Instrumental Blues, Originals
Herbert Harari
Denver 37kb
An Easy Listening, Folksy, Jazzy Original With Great Instrumentation As A Tribute To John Denver
Easy Listening, Folk, Folk/Pop, Jazz, Originals
Benjamin Lewis &
His Friend Riff
Demons 80kb
A Kind Of Catchy And Kinda Wild Original From Michael In 1995 With Lot's Of MIDI Instrumentation Including Distortion Electric Guitar, Moog Bass And Much More!
90's Style Rock, Originals, Classic Rock, Pop/Rock, Sync Pop & More
Michael D. Walthius
Doc-Doc's Blues For MIDI 68kb
A Great, Original Laid Back, Easy Going, Full Acoustic Electric Guitar, Instrumental Blues Tune In A "B. B. King" Style
Blues, Instrumental Blues, Originals
Art Doud, Jr.
aka "oZ"
Don't Trust The Government 52kb
A Kind Of A Walkin' Blues Original That Is A Little Hard To Describe But It Contains Walking Bass Lines In A Blues Style Along With A Lot Of Other MIDI Instrumentation
Blues, Jazz, Novelty, Originals
Composed By Garrett In 1982 And Revised In 1997
Garrett W. Van Cleef
Dreamers 77kb
A Great Original Hard Rock Instrumental Featuring The Piano And Some Fantastic Taiko Drums Percussion
Instrumental Rock, Originals, Progressive Rock
Mike Bourke
Dreamlanding 12kb
An Original MIDI Internet Collaboration By This Pair Of Great Sequencers Featuring Fingered Bass, Rhodes Piano And Various Strings
Instrumentals, Soft Rock, Originals
Daniel Rowe
& Rami Moscovich
E Jam Blues 78kb
A Snappy Original Blues Tune With Some Great Guitar Instruments
The Original Arrangement And The Background Music Are By "Doc Doc" And The Solo's Are By John

Blues, Instrumental Blues, Originals
John R. Bloise And E. F. Petro
aka "Doc Doc"
Echoes 111kb
A Funky Original Jazz Tune With Great Instrumentation In Every Channel
Funk, Jazz, Originals
Michael D. Walthius
Elvee Blues 38kb
A Snappy Original Blues Tune With Some Great Instrumentation
(Les First Composed This Original In 1998 And Revised It A Couple Of Times Over The Years. This Version Is His Final Revision)

Blues, Electric Guitar Blues, Instrumentals, Originals
Les Gorven
Empty My Shoulders 18kb
A Very Pretty, Easy Listening New Age Original Composed By Tom In 1996
Easy Listening, New Age, Originals
Tom Kristoffersen
Epaise Blues 08kb
An Excellent Acoustic Blues Guitar Tune Originally Composed By Steve In 1979 And Sequenced For MIDI In 1998
Acoustic Blues, Acoustic Guitar, Blues, Originals
Steve J. McWilliam
Escucha 56kb
Jazz, Fusion, Latin Jazz With Lots Of Piano & Sax
Jazz, Fusion, Latin Jazz, Originals
Benjamin Lewis
aka "zoggo"
& Wade Culbreath
aka "MalletCat"
Fat Bluz
aka "FatzBlues"
An Original Slow & Easy Going Blues Composition By Our Old Late, Great Internet Friend, Art Doud, Jr.
Blues, Easy Listening, Originals
Art Doud, Jr.
aka "oZ" (1927-2007)
Feeling The Blues 41kb
A Great Original Blues Tune By George Featuring The Clean Electric Guitar, Acoustic Bass And Rotaly Organ
Blues, Electric Blues, Originals
George Cadero
aka "gecadero"
Fiddlin' Pete 23kb
An Original Fast Movin' Fiddle Tune With Nylon String Guitar & Acoustic Bass Accompaniment
Bluegrass, Country, Originals
Composed By Peter In 1995
Peter Sellars
Fireworks 38kb
A Great Original MIDI Composition And Sequence By Sujin Featuring A Lot Of Distortion & Overdrive Guitar And Other MIDI Instrumentation You Don't See Everyday
Electronica, Hard Rock, Pop/Rock, Originals, Patriotic
Composed By Sujin Wonglakorn
Sujin Wonglakorn
Fizz (Zsofi's Boogie) 32kb
A Fantastic Original Boogie Woogie Featuring A Lot Of Marimba And Some Great Percussion
Boogie Woogie, Instrumentals, Jazz, Originals
József Szentgyörgyi, From Hungary Sequenced His MIDI In 1998
József Szentgyörgyi
aka "Midipapa Paulo"
Flashback 37kb
An Original Soft Rock, Instrumental MIDI Featuring Some Great Tenor Sax
Instrumental, Soft Rock, Originals
Composed By Bill In 1999
Bill Sandy
Fly Away 22kb
An Original Slow & Easy Listening Blues Composition By Bill & Axel From 1997
Blues, Easy Listening, Originals
Bill Bowers & Axel Hufeland
For You 70kb
Easy Listening
Easy Listening, Originals
Sumitaka Ogawa
Frank's Waltz 45kb
An Easy Listening Original German Waltz
Easy Listening, Originals, Waltz, World
Frank "Grandpa" Schober
Funeral Rock For Web Sites
No 1, Opus 99
An Original Created As A Protest Tune As Bomi's Way Of Helping To Fight The 1999  MIDI Crisis!
Bomi Contributed This Tune To The Public Domain, So Feel Free To Put This Sequence On Your MIDI Web Site Without Need Of Additional Approval!
Originals, Patriotic, Protest, Pop/Rock, Rock n' Roll
Heinz-Josef Bomanns
aka "Bomi"
aka "MIDIPapa"
Funk n 'yo Face 88kb
If You Like Funk, Jazz And Great Percussion This Is Your Tune
Funk, Jazz, Originals
Rene' Amesse
aka "Overload"
Funky White Guy 53kb
A Great, Upbeat, Funky, Alto Saxophone Original By Jim
Funk, Jazz, Originals
Jim Eshleman, II
aka "Esh"
Gimme Fees
(The Copyright Blues)
An Original Blues Instrumental By Bomi That He Composed As A Protest Song During The MIDI Crisis Of 1999
Blues, Instrumental, Originals
Heinz-Josef Bomanns
aka "Bomi"
aka "Midi Papa"
© 1999
Got It 68kb
A Hip-Hop, Jazzy Original With A Lot Of Slap Bass By Dan In 2005
Dan West
aka "Wild West"
Green Ice 30kb
An Unamed Jazz, Swing Original By Deb In 2000. Moderator Robert S. Submitted This Title To Deb.
Jazz, Swing Originals
Deb Ackley

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