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MIDKAR Member MIDI Sites, Links, And Information
Site Title Description
Anders H. "Andy" Bakke
Accordionman (Andy Bakke) International

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Member Andy Bakke From Florida, U.S.A. Has Been An Accordion Player And Performer For Many Years And
Has Always Contributed His MIDI's Freely To The MIDI World. He Specializes In Traditional German, Scandinavian,
Italian, Polish, Dutch, Russian, French, Cajun, And More. He Also Has Some MP3's On His Pages.
Andy Has Recently Created Several MIDI Music Web Rings To Help Keep MIDI Alive On The Net.
Andy on YouTube  Andy on Facebook
Arthur Agapoff

Email Arthur
Member Agapoff Arthur Is From France.  He Currently Does Not Have A Personal Web Site For His MIDI Sequences.  Arthur Is A Sequencer And A Programmer And Knows All Kinds Of Technical Information Related To MIDI Music!
You Can Download His MIDI And Karaoke Player Program And Some Soundfonts Here:
Arthur on Facebook  On Google+
Barry Heard
Music My Way (closed)

Email Barry
Member Barry Heard From South Australia Is A Keyboard Player And Has Played In Bands For Many Years In Styles Including Country, Jazz & Rock And Has Been Sequencing MIDI's For About Eight Years In A Variety Of Music Styles Including Ragtime And Has Co-Owned Bazza1 Studios With His Wife Jillianne Jones For Over 30 Years.
With regret, it is believed that Baz (Barry Heard) had passed away in July, 2013.
Bob Barnes
Bob Barnes MIDI Music (closed)

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Member Bob Barnes From Virginia, USA Is A Keyboard, Organ & Piano Player And A Versatile Sequencer In Styles From Christian Music To Soft Rock

Bob Barnes on Facebook
Bob Eldridge
Bob Eldridge On Facebook

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Owner/Moderator/Member Bob Eldridge From New Jersey, USA Is A Retired Math And Science Teacher And Has Been A Part Time Professional Musician & Singer For Many Years Specializing In Big Band, Lounge & Wedding Music.
Bob Does Not Currently Have A Web Site However He Is On Facebook: Bob Eldridge on Facebook
Bob Mace
Bob Mace MIDI Files

Email Bob
Member Bob Mace From Ohio, USA Is A Professional Piano Player And Sequences Various Genre's In Live Solo Piano Style
Bob Schur
Swing Shift (closed)

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Member Bob Schur from Florida, USA is a professional guitar musician and considers himself
a "limited dabbler in sequencing" midi. Bob has been performing for many years in styles including Jazz And Jazz Standards, Rock & Roll, Pop/Rock, Country and more.
Bob is a retired psychologist and part-time semi-professional guitarist, originally from New York, now in Florida. Bob recently went solo for the first time ever with a new retro rock '50s-'70s act and a new aka: Sock Hop Bob.
Regretfully, Bob passed away 12/09/2016
Bob Silvestri
Jukebox Saturday Night

Email Bob
Owner/Moderator/Member Bob (Robert) Silvestri, aka "Da Mav" Is From Illinois, USA.
Bob Does Not Sequence, But Is Presently Promoting The MIDI Community And Is Responsible For Originating And Maintaining This MIDKAR Web Site!
Robert on Facebook   Robert on YouTube   Robert's Holiday YouTube   Bob on This Is My Jam
Claude Seguin
Cl@ude's Site (closed)

Email Claude
Member Claude Seguin From France Is A Keyboard & Guitar Player And Claims He's Not A Professional. But We Think He Has Potential! Some Great Pictures On His Web Site And He Likes Chet Atkins And The Ventures So He Can't Be All Bad!
Claude on Facebook
Dan West
Wild West's Music Studio (closed)

Email Dan
Owner/Moderator/Member Dan West, aka "Wild West" Is From California, USA.   Dan Sequences Original MIDI's In Various Styles.  Dan Is The Founder Of The MIDKAR Yahoo Group Started In April Of 2004 And Has Made All The Screensavers On Our Screensavers Page.
Screensavers Page   Dan on YouTube   Also See: Dan's Midkar MIDI Covers on Facebook
Dan West, founder and leader of the Midkar Group, passed away 9/15/2017. He is greatly missed.
Dave Snouffer
John Denver MIDI Music

Email Dave
Member Dave Snouffer Has Been An Avid Collector Of John Denver MIDI Music For Years And Is Believed To Have The Largest Collection Of John Denver MIDI's Available On The Net.
If You Like John Denver Consider Joining Dave's Yahoo Group And Enjoy His Collection.
   Dave on YouTube
David W. Barnes
David W. Barnes Original MIDI Sequences

Email Dave
Member David Barnes, aka D. W. Barnes From Iowa, USA Is A Versatile Sequencer From Country To Rock And Over The Years Has Probably Sequenced More "Beatles" Tunes Than Anyone Else On the Net But He Is Also Pretty Darn Good At Bluegrass & Country!
Don Allen
Don Allen's Soundfonts
  Added 05/09/14

Email Don
Member Don Allen From Utah, USA, has contributed an entire new method of listening to MIDI with the use of his "Timbres of Heaven" Soundfont. On the Soundfont page, Don explains the use of the method, how to install it, and suggests programs for working with it.
Don on Facebook    Don on YouTube   Don on Google+
Doug Thompson
Duck, Dive & Bones (closed)

Email Doug
Member Doug Thompson From South Africa Is A Professional Musician And Has Contributed Many Chords & Lyrics To Our MIDKAR Yahoo Group Files Section: Chords & Lyrics
Dr. James Pitt-Payne
James Pitt-Payne's MIDI Website (closed)

Email James
Member Dr. James Pitt-Payne From The United Kingdom Is A Retired Medical Doctor And Has Sequenced Well Over 9000 MIDI's Over The Last Ten Years In Ragtime, Novelty Piano, Polka Music, Cole Porter Style Music And Much More. He Also Maintains Two Yahoo Group Sites.
Ragtime Treasures And
Musical Reflections     James on Facebook  and featured on my site: Jukebox Saturday Night.
Eddie Nash
One Place Project

  Added 05/11/14

Email Eddie
Member Eddie Nash, was born in mid 60's East London. First song Eddie remembers was "I Am The Walrus". Eddie got a guitar when he was 7 and hasn't stopped playing since. From 16 he played noisy rock and new wave at venues accross the SouthEast. He's been lucky enough to meet and work with some great musicians, the last being Ed Sheeran a few years back before he hit the big time. Eddie always had an affection for Acoustic music, Country, Folk etc. Both writing and recording are a joy he never tires of, whether alone or co-writing with his good friend in L.A., Dan West, which became Nash-West Productions.     Eddie on YouTube
Frank Warby
Frank The Music Man (closed)

Email Frank
Member Frank Warby Is A Professional Entertainer & Musician From England And Also Teaches Keyboard And Organ.
He Includes In His Performances Everything From Country To Latin American And A Lot Of Big Band, Jazz & Pop Standards
Gary Piacentini
Custom MIDI Arrangements By Gary Piacentini

Email Gary
Member Gary Piacentini aka "The Keyboard Wizard" From New York, USA Sequences A Great Variety Of Music For All Occasions And Will Create A Custom MIDI For You At Reasonable Rates.
He Is Also A Professional Entertainer & Musician
Gary Piacentini on Facebook
Gary Rogers
Gary's MIDI Paradise

Email Gary
Owner/Moderator/Member Gary Rogers, From Missouri, USA Sequences A Large Variety Of 50's -70's, Pop, Pop/Rock, Rock & Roll, Country, Marches, Ragtime, Themes And More. Gary also conducts "Guess This Song" every Sunday on the Midkar Group.
Gary Rogers on YouTube
Gary Wachtel
Gary W0001's MIDI Page

Email Gary
Member Gary Wachtel aka "Gary W0001" From Florida, USA Sequences A Great Variety Of Big Band, Broadway, Easy Listening, Jazz And Much More And Has Probably Sequenced More "Big Band" MIDI's Than Anyone Else On the Net!
Geoffrey Carter
  Added 05/06/14

Email Geoff
Member Geoffrey Carter does not have a website at this time. And, he is not a professional musician, although back in the '60s he was about to form a group with his cousin, (not Geoff's cousin) but his parents relocated, so that put an end to that. Geoff then became a DJ in his spare time to subsidise his purchase of records, mainly Soul, R&B and Reggae. He used to play guitar, but now prefers Keyboards. Geoff has a Yamaha PSR-S710. He makes the most of his sequences on his PC using Anvil Studio and adds lyrics using Karakan 6.2. Geoff is originally from the UK, but moved to Bangkok Thailand 20 years ago as the music scene is much better here.
George Longmore
Music Of George Longmore

Email George
Member George Longmore From Scotland Currently Now Has A Personal Web Site That Includes MP3's That He Has Recorded And MIDI's That He Has Sequenced Over The Years. His Site Is Hosted By Our Owner/Moderator, Bob Silvestri On His Personal Domain. George Sequences A Lot Of Traditional Country And Scottish Songs And Normally Inserts Karaoke Lyrics Into His MIDI's
George on Facebook
Hal Eaton
Hal Eaton MIDI Music Home Page

Email Hal
Member Hal Eaton From New Zealand Is A Musician And MIDI Sequencer And Plays And Records His MIDI's On A Variety Of Yamaha Keyboards In Country, Early Pop Rock, Easy Listening, Jazz, Pop, Standards And More
Hal Eaton on Google+   On YouTube
Hank Oshi
  Added 05/08/14

Email Hank
Member Hank Oshi is from Hawaii and does not have a website at this time.
He Specializes in Sound and Music Arrangement/Mixing/Covers of Midi sequences, Instrument, and Sound creation within Ableton Live 8/9+Max for Live (M4L), and using the Yamaha Motif XS Rack. Hank says that Midi can sound good. One just needs to work on it some with the appropriate tools and a little bit of time.
Hank Oshi on YouTube    Hank Oshi on Google+
Harkuswo Hartono

Email Harkuswo
Member Harkuswo Hartono, aka "Har" From Indonesia Is A Composer And Professional MIDI Sequencer In Many Styles From Indonesian Pop To World And Also Great Pop, Pop/Rock And Religious Songs
Harkuswo on YouTube   Harkuswo on Facebook
Harry Saina

Email Harry
Member Harry Saina, is from Pennsylvania, USA. Since 1984, has run a non-profit service with the help of family and friends that is incorporated to help the elderly, low income and handicapped. Besides Harry's free repairs for those, he can create CDs of their favorite songs using MIDI so they can sing along to.
Regretfully, Harry passed away 10/18/2014
Ian Carter
Barn Dance Caller

Email Ian
Member Ian Carter From England Is A Professional Musician And Specializes In Barn Dance And Ceilidh Music For Parties, Weddings And Many Other Functions.

Ian on YouTube
Jack L. Hall
Jack L. Hall's Corner Lounge (closed)

Email Jack
Member Jack L. Hall from North Carolina, USA has been a sequencer since 1998 with over 1100 songs completed.  Mostly easy listening, romantic stuff, but many old standards and show tunes.
Regretfully, Jack passed away 1/24/2013
Jack Snead
Jack's MIDI Music (closed)

Email Jack
Owner/Moderator/Member Jack Snead, aka "ajsblue, aka ajsmidi" Is From Missouri, USA.
Jack Is Not A Sequencer And Never Intends To Be.  He Can't Sing Good, Can't Play An Instrument Good And Can't Sequence A Note But He Loves To Promote The MIDI Community And Help People Find Hard To Find MIDI's Jack Has Worked With Bob Silvestri In Maintaining This Web Site & Restoring Les Gorven's MIDI Studio Consortium!
Jack On Facebook   Jack On YouTube   Jack on Google+
Regretfully, Jack passed away 8/13/2017
Jesse Jocson
Jesse "dbassman" Jocson MIDI & MP3 Music

Email Jess
Jesse's MIDI are also hosted by Bob at Jesse "dbassman" Jocson
Jess performs abroad as well as at luxury 5 Star Hotels in Manila, Philippines. Jess is a versatile singer, musician, and music programmer. He loves singing and playing Jazz Standards, beautiful Love Songs, and yet, he will surprise you with Rock & Roll to Disco. He has been on the music scene for many years.
Jess on Youtube
Jillianne Jones
Jillianne's MIDI And MP3's (closed)

Email Jillianne
Member Jillianne Jones From South Australia Is A Professional Singer And Guitar Player And Has Played And Sang In Bands For Over 35 Years In Styles Including Blues, Country, & Gospel. She Started Sequencing MIDI's A Few Months Ago And Has Learned Quickly With Her Husband Barry Heard's Help. Jilli Is Sequencing In A Variety Of Styles Including Blues, Country, Pop And Pop/Rock.
She Has Co-Owned Bazza1 Studios With Her Husband Barry For Over 30 Years
Joe Scalatti
Free Professional Quality Midi Files
  Added 05/09/14

Email Joe
Member Joe Scalatti has been a member of Midkar since 2009. He makes excellent quality sequences from scratch. They can freely be disributed ! If you paid someone for one of these midi files, ask your money back !
John Garside
MIDI Tutorials
aka JohnG, SysExJohn
  Added 05/08/14
Email John
Member John Garside is the webmaster of MIDI Tutorials. It's a bit techie, but it might be of interest to some. Have a look, see what you think. Some of the tutorials require membership though, free of course. If you want to join email John and he will make sure you're approved ASAP. John looks at all requested memberships to try to deter spammers.
John S. Perilloux
The Jukebox

Email John

Member John Perilloux is the webmaster of The Jukebox website, a collection of some of the very best MIDI files on the web. There are more than 1,300 Easy Listening, '50s, Oldies, Country, Cajun and Christian MIDI files. John is not a sequencer, but has enjoyed collecting MIDI files and making them available for listening and downloading.
John on Facebook  John on YouTube
Joshua Neuman
The Raiding Party (closed)

Email Joshua
Member Joshua Neuman From South Australia Is A Professional Singer And Guitar Player And Has His Own Band As Well As Owning And Managing A Recording Studio. Josh Plays And Sequences A Variety Of Music Including Blues And Rock. He Has Co-Owned His Recording Studios "Chapel Lane Studios" With His Wife, Pauline Since 2010.  Josh Is The Son-In-Law Of Two Of Our Other Sequencer Members Barry Heard & Jillianne Jones
Kevin Kienlein
The Okanagan's Most Versatile Musical Entertainer (closed)

Member Kevin Kienlein From Canada Is A Musical Entertainer, Professional Musician, Inspirational Speaker And Photographer. He Plays Several String Instruments Including The Banjo, Guitar And Violin.

Kevin's Facebook Site: Friends Of Kevin Kienlein
Regretfully, Kevin passed away 10/06/2013
Kosmas Mamadopolous
Vocal Stylings Of Kosmas Mamadopoulos

Email Kosmas
Member Kosmas Mamadopolous From Athens, Greece, Is A Musical Entertainer, & Professional Musician, Performing In Athens, Greece In Summer and Puerto Villarta, Mexico In The Winter. He Offers His MP3's Free Of Charge.
Kosmas on YouTube
Lawrence Chu
Products Of My Imagination

Email Lawrence
Owner/Moderator/Member Lawrence Chu From Geneva, Switzerland Is A Sequencer Specializing In 90's Pop/Rock, Some Originals And Has Produced Some Anime Music Videos And Has Also Done Some Web Comics And He Speaks Several Languages. He Hasn't Actively Sequenced For A Few Years But We're Trying To Talk Him Into Doing Some More.
Lawrence on Facebook   Lawrence on YouTube
Liana Alexandra
Liana Alexandra (Composer)
Member Dr. Liana Alexandra Nichifor From Romania Composes And Sequences A Variety Including Chamber, Classical, Classical Pop, Choral, Gospel, Romanian Folk And Much More. Most Are Original Arrangements Or Original Compositions And There Are Many In MP3 Format.
Liana on YouTube

Regretfully, Liana Passed Away 01/10/2011 - (1947-2011)
Michael D. MacDonald
Michael MacDonald's MIDI Music (closed)

Email Michael
Member Michael D. MacDonald From Massachusetts, USA Sequences a Variety Of Styles Including Classical Pop, Folk, Movies & Show Tunes, Originals, Rock and Much More Including Original Arrangements and Original Compositions.  He Usually Sequences A MIDI In Both GM & XG Formats
Regretfully, Michael passed away 8/17/2014
Robert C. Goodyear
Robert C. Goodyear's Class-MIDI (closed)

Email Robert
Member Robert C. Goodyear From Pennsylvania, USA Sequences Classical MIDI's Of Music By Several Predominant Classical Artists.
Robert on YouTube
Ron Chester
aka "Eclairon"
Email Ron
Ron Chester From The United Kingdom Does Not Currently Have A Working Personal Web Site. Ron Is A Versatile Sequencer And Has Sequenced Hundreds Of Songs Over The Years And He Is Also A Past Musician
Regretfully, Ron passed away September 2011
Ron Tilden
Ron Tilden's MIDI Music (closed)

Email Ron
Member Ron Tilden From Georgia, USA Sequences About Any Style You Can Dream Of And Loves To Sequence Hard To Find MIDI's And Filling Peoples Requests. Ron's Sequences Normally Contain Artist, Composer And Year Information And Many Include The Karaoke Lyrics.
Sal Grippaldi, aka "RedSal"
RedSal's MIDI Page

Email Sal -|- Alternate Mail
A Variety Including Jimmy Buffett, Mariah Carey And Some Very Good Bluegrass, Oldies, & Standards. Now Featuring A Collection By Josh Groban.

Sal on YouTube    Sal on Google+
Serban Nichifor
Serban Nichifor (Composer)

Email Serban
Member Dr. Serban Nichifor From Romania Composes And Sequences A Variety Of Music Including Chamber, Christian, Classical, Choral, Gospel, Romanian Folk And Much More And Most Are Original Arrangements Or Original Compositions And Many Are In MP3 Format.
Serban on YouTube
Terry Pugh
Outlaw Musique

Email Terry

Member, Musician/Sequencer And Programmer Terry Pugh Is From France And He And His Band Perform In Styles Ranging From Country To Rock And English & French Standards And He Knows All Kinds Of Technical Information Related To MIDI Music!
Terry on Facebook   Terry on YouTube
Warren Peters
Warren Peters MIDI & MP3 Music Home Page

Email Warren
Member Warren Peters, aka "Tresclub" From California, USA Is A Musician And MIDI & MP3 Sequencer And Plays And Records His MIDI's & MP3's On The Yamaha PSR-2000 & PSR-3000 And Soon To Be PSR-S910 Keyboards In Big Band, Country, Early Pop Rock, Easy Listening, Early Rock & Roll, Jazz, Latin Jazz, Pop, Standards And Originals
Wayne Reed
The Wayne Reed Connection

Email Wayne
Member, Musician/Sequencer, Wayne Reed, aka "The Net Trainer" From Ohio, USA Is Your Connection to the Professional Musician's Guitar & Harp world! 3 powerful learning series: "I Just Wanna Play The Darned Thing", "Learn To Shred", and "Theory Made Easy" Plus MIDI and MP3 jam trax/backing trax!  Free on-line Audio & Text Training Newsletter!

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