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when_sunny_gets_blue..> 16-Sep-2010 08:21 41k [SND] when_october_goes_ca..> 08-Jan-2014 13:24 10k [SND] when_joanna_loved_me..> 08-Jan-2014 13:24 41k [SND] when_i_am_with_you-j..> 07-Feb-2015 14:20 34k [SND] whats_new_mw.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:21 27k [SND] whatll_i_do_rs.mid 14-Apr-2009 13:51 29k [SND] whatever_we_imagine-..> 22-Oct-2009 12:27 37k [SND] whatd_i_say_doc.mid 14-Apr-2009 13:51 52k [SND] what_you_wont_do_for..> 29-Apr-2014 14:00 68k [SND] what_me_worry_am.mid 22-Oct-2009 12:27 24k [SND] what_are_you_doing_t..> 16-Sep-2010 08:21 34k [SND] what_a_difference_a_..> 22-Oct-2009 12:27 38k [SND] well_you_neednt_nn1.mid 22-Oct-2009 12:27 40k [SND] well_meet_again_rs.mid 17-Dec-2010 17:11 15k [SND] wedding_bells_are_br..> 07-Feb-2015 14:20 59k [SND] weather_channel_ce.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:11 66k [SND] watch_what_happens_g..> 07-Feb-2015 14:20 56k [SND] watch_what_happens_2..> 16-Sep-2010 08:21 12k [SND] washington_square_bw..> 05-Mar-2011 15:31 9k [SND] washington_square_bs..> 14-Apr-2009 13:51 13k [SND] washington_and_lee_s..> 14-Apr-2009 13:51 16k [SND] warm_pad-org_pa.mid 14-Apr-2009 13:51 26k [SND] walking_the_dog_da2.mid 14-Apr-2009 13:51 45k [SND] walk_between_the_rai..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 32k [SND] walk_between_the_rai..> 05-Mar-2011 15:31 42k [SND] victoria_station_am.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:21 54k [SND] valentine_jim_brickm..> 16-Sep-2010 08:21 28k [SND] up_a_lazy_river_mw.mid 14-Apr-2009 13:51 38k [SND] unforgettable_bz2.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:21 19k [SND] unforgetable_js.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:21 33k [SND] two_sleepy_people_eh..> 16-Sep-2010 08:21 35k [SND] two_for_the_road-5-s..> 16-Sep-2010 08:21 64k [SND] tuxedo_junction_jc.mid 14-Apr-2009 13:51 17k [SND] tutu-Miles-Davis_dz.mid 22-Oct-2009 12:27 32k [SND] try_to_remember_jlh.mid 19-May-2018 14:04 27k [SND] tropic_twilight_lg.mid 26-Oct-2009 13:36 49k [SND] tristeza_jc2.mid 20-Feb-2009 10:29 34k [SND] tranquility_pete-wei..> 22-Oct-2009 12:27 68k [SND] tossup_Org_ee.mid 22-Oct-2009 12:27 62k [SND] top_groove-Org_ee.mid 22-Oct-2009 12:27 62k [SND] tootsie_rgr_gcd_jtt.mid 14-Apr-2009 13:51 42k [SND] too_young-kar_gl.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:21 21k [SND] too_much-dave-matthe..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 45k [SND] too_marvelous_for_wo..> 05-Mar-2011 15:31 65k [SND] tito_puente_especial..> 22-Oct-2009 12:27 40k [SND] tin_roof_blues_bcw.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:21 33k [SND] time_after_time_dm.mid 22-Jan-2010 11:06 33k [SND] till_there_was_you_j..> 19-May-2018 14:04 29k [SND] till_there_was_you_a..> 17-Dec-2010 17:11 137k [SND] tico_tico_bh2.mid 20-Feb-2009 10:29 31k [SND] tico_tico-Latin-Jazz..> 20-Feb-2009 10:29 72k [SND] those_old_cotton_fie..> 16-Sep-2010 08:21 34k [SND] this_side_up_am.mid 22-Oct-2009 12:27 19k [SND] this_masquerade_dz.mid 05-Mar-2011 15:31 32k [SND] this_masquerade-GB-L..> 20-Feb-2009 11:21 74k [SND] this_here_ccm.mid 14-Apr-2009 13:50 16k [SND] this_guys_in_love_wi..> 08-Jan-2014 13:24 21k [SND] this_guys_in_love_wi..> 17-Dec-2010 17:11 31k [SND] think_twice-celine-d..> 08-Jan-2014 13:24 25k [SND] they_cant_take_that_..> 05-Mar-2011 15:31 50k [SND] they_all_laughed-193..> 22-Oct-2009 12:27 14k [SND] therell_be_life_love..> 22-Jan-2010 11:06 11k [SND] the_world_we_knew-ka..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 15k [SND] the_very_thought_of_..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 24k [SND] the_very_thought_of_..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 23k [SND] the_sweetest_taboo_j..> 14-Apr-2009 13:50 33k [SND] the_song_is_you_mw.mid 07-Feb-2015 12:08 57k [SND] the_sidewinder_ubik.mid 14-Apr-2009 13:50 38k [SND] the_sidewinder_okie_..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 203k [SND] the_prussian_one_Wad..> 14-Apr-2009 13:50 31k [SND] the_poor_people_of_p..> 16-Sep-2010 08:21 32k [SND] the_peacocks-pt_dm.mid 05-Mar-2011 15:31 20k [SND] the_mta-the_kingston..> 08-Jan-2014 13:24 73k [SND] the_more_i_see_you-1..> 16-Sep-2010 08:21 9k [SND] the_maharajah_of_mag..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 76k [SND] the_maharajah_of_mag..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 32k [SND] the_look_of_love_1_j..> 14-Apr-2009 13:50 68k [SND] the_look_of_love-Dia..> 16-Sep-2010 08:21 35k [SND] the_lady_is_a_tramp_..> 29-Apr-2014 14:00 46k [SND] the_gypsy_in_my_soul..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 17k [SND] the_goodbye_look-Don..> 16-Sep-2010 08:21 58k [SND] the_goodbye_look-DFa..> 26-Oct-2009 13:36 58k [SND] the_girl_from_ipanem..> 29-May-2009 16:21 40k [SND] the_girl_from_ipanem..> 18-Jun-2009 11:13 14k [SND] the_girl_from_ipanem..> 20-Feb-2009 10:29 13k [SND] the_folks_who_live_o..> 14-Apr-2009 13:50 7k [SND] the_color_of_my_love..> 14-Apr-2009 13:50 29k [SND] the_cat_srig.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:11 35k [SND] the_bombardier_song-..> 16-Sep-2010 08:21 29k [SND] the_blue_chip_bop-ac..> 29-Apr-2014 14:00 56k [SND] the_best_of_basie_me..> 14-Apr-2009 13:50 64k [SND] that_sunday_that_sum..> 07-Feb-2015 12:08 27k [SND] that_lucky_old_sun_t..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 19k [SND] that_lucky_old_sun_b..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 41k [SND] that_lucky_old_sun-v..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 17k [SND] that_lucky_old_sun-p..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 59k [SND] that_lucky_old_sun-1..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 12k [SND] thank_you_for_callin..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 18k [SND] temptation-kar_gc9.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:11 43k [SND] teach_me_tonight-kar..> 16-Sep-2010 08:21 22k [SND] tea_for_two_yk.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:11 3k [SND] tea_for_two_ok.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:11 43k [SND] tea_for_two_is.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:11 25k [SND] tea_for_two_dm.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:11 18k [SND] tea_for_two_1924_s_j..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 17k [SND] tank_canny.mid 27-Feb-2009 10:32 86k [SND] tangerine_jh.mid 20-Feb-2009 10:29 15k [SND] takin_my_time_rmb.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:11 56k [SND] take_the_a_train-osc..> 16-Sep-2010 08:21 18k [SND] take_five_paul_desmo..> 20-Feb-2009 10:29 56k [SND] take_five-Desmond_bi..> 14-Apr-2009 13:50 42k [SND] take_five-Dave-Brube..> 16-Sep-2010 08:21 19k [SND] take_5_jh.mid 20-Feb-2009 10:29 32k [SND] swonderful_ht.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:21 49k [SND] swonderful_Diana-Kra..> 20-Feb-2009 10:29 56k [SND] swingin_shepherd_blu..> 24-Feb-2009 12:08 18k [SND] swing_swing_swing_19..> 03-Feb-2009 12:02 100k [SND] swing_latino_jc2.mid 20-Feb-2009 10:29 38k [SND] sweet_love_cb.mid 10-Apr-2009 12:16 42k [SND] sweet_love-anita-bak..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 44k [SND] sweet_georgia_brown_..> 10-Apr-2009 12:16 30k [SND] sway_db.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:21 58k [SND] swanee_gr_kar.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:11 11k [SND] superstar_ccm.mid 10-Apr-2009 12:16 24k [SND] sugarloaf_express-Le..> 29-May-2009 16:21 75k [SND] suddenly_ocean_jlh.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:21 29k [SND] street_life-Crusader..> 24-Feb-2009 12:08 53k [SND] stranger_on_the_shor..> 07-Feb-2015 11:34 29k [SND] stranger_on_the_shor..> 16-Sep-2010 08:21 64k [SND] stranger_on_the_shor..> 10-Apr-2009 12:16 11k [SND] stompin_at_the_savoy..> 10-Apr-2009 12:16 27k [SND] stompin-org_ad.mid 10-Apr-2009 12:16 30k [SND] steppin_out-Joe-Jack..> 16-Sep-2010 08:21 53k [SND] steppin_out-Joe-Jack..> 16-Sep-2010 08:21 31k [SND] steely_dk.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:11 48k [SND] stardust_mw.mid 20-Feb-2009 11:21 25k [SND] stardust_bm.mid 10-Apr-2009 12:16 4k [SND] standing_tall-Crusad..> 24-Feb-2009 12:08 40k [IMG] stan_kenton.jpg 29-Apr-2014 13:59 4k [SND] st_thomas-Sonny-Roll..> 29-May-2009 16:21 85k [SND] speak_no_evil-Wayne-..> 26-Oct-2009 13:36 29k [SND] speak_low_dm.mid 20-Oct-2009 12:31 34k [SND] spain_db.mid 29-May-2009 16:21 56k [SND] soon-Gershwin_dm.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:21 26k [SND] songbird-eva_cassidy..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 20k [SND] song_of_the_volga_bo..> 10-Apr-2009 12:16 32k [SND] song_for_my_father-H..> 26-Oct-2009 13:36 38k [SND] song_for_bilbao-Meth..> 20-Oct-2009 12:31 110k [SND] someone_to_watch_ove..> 05-Mar-2011 15:31 10k [SND] someone_to_watch_ove..> 28-Feb-2009 11:34 18k [SND] someone_to_watch_ove..> 20-Feb-2009 11:21 18k [SND] somebody_else_is_tak..> 08-Jan-2014 13:24 17k [SND] some_regrets_am.mid 20-Oct-2009 12:31 32k [SND] some_of_these_days_r..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 69k [SND] solar_jh.mid 10-Apr-2009 12:16 17k [SND] soft_as_velvet_gw.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:21 34k [SND] so_rare_hh.mid 31-May-2018 13:47 12k [SND] so_nice-bossa-nova_k..> 20-Feb-2009 11:21 16k [SND] so_in_love_bf.mid 08-Jan-2014 13:24 31k [SND] snakes_ra.mid 17-Dec-2010 17:11 161k [SND] smooth_operator_cg.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:21 76k [SND] smooth_operator-Sade..> 28-Feb-2009 11:34 34k [SND] smooth_operator(doro..> 07-Feb-2015 11:34 52k [SND] smooth_cv.mid 10-Apr-2009 12:16 59k [SND] smoky_sax_mnr.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:21 79k [SND] smoke_gets_in_your_e..> 05-Mar-2011 15:31 18k [SND] smile_rl.mid 20-Jan-2010 15:23 11k [SND] skylark_bl.mid 20-Feb-2009 11:21 14k [SND] sing_sing_sing_prima..> 03-Feb-2009 12:02 38k [SND] sinaran_dz.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:11 51k [SND] sign_your_name-Teren..> 16-Sep-2010 08:21 33k [SND] siempre_hay_esperanz..> 14-Apr-2009 13:50 35k [SND] side_by_side-kay_sta..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 33k [SND] shoo_fly_pie_and_app..> 29-Apr-2014 14:00 30k [SND] shiny_stockings_dm.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:11 42k [SND] she_could_be_mine-dg..> 05-Mar-2011 15:31 64k [SND] she-ECostello_mkc.mid 28-Feb-2009 11:34 37k [SND] seven_steps_to_heave..> 24-Feb-2009 12:07 75k [SND] send_in_the_clowns-S..> 20-Oct-2009 12:31 37k [SND] say_it_isnt_so_js.mid 17-Dec-2010 17:11 25k [SND] saving_all_my_love_l..> 10-Apr-2009 12:16 39k [SND] saturday_night-1944-..> 16-Sep-2010 08:21 12k [SND] santa_barbara_beach_..> 20-Oct-2009 12:31 28k [SND] sammy_walked_in-Mich..> 29-Apr-2014 14:00 26k [SND] samba_tropique_rlr.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:11 60k [SND] samba_do_aviao_mat.mid 20-Feb-2009 10:28 13k [SND] samba_do_aviao_jc2.mid 20-Feb-2009 10:28 40k [SND] samba_de_uma_nota_so..> 20-Feb-2009 10:28 20k [SND] rum_n_coca_cola-andr..> 20-Feb-2009 10:28 23k [SND] rum_and_coca-cola-th..> 08-Jan-2014 13:24 75k [SND] route_66_gw.mid 23-Jan-2009 10:30 71k [IMG] rosemary_clooney.jpg 29-Apr-2014 13:59 5k [SND] romantic_warrior-CCo..> 20-Oct-2009 12:31 41k [SND] romantic_dreams_pw.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:21 32k [IMG] rodgers_hart.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:21 7k [SND] rock_with_you_melod.mid 29-May-2009 16:21 36k [SND] rio_samba_bw2.mid 20-Feb-2009 10:28 84k [SND] rhythm_and_romance-1..> 16-Sep-2010 08:21 13k [SND] reflections_jh.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:21 43k [IMG] ray_eberle.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:21 3k [IMG] ray_anthony.jpg 29-Apr-2014 13:59 4k [SND] rainforest-xgm_bd.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:11 47k [SND] rags_to_riches-Tony-..> 29-Apr-2014 14:00 13k [SND] ps_i_love_you_RValee..> 16-Sep-2010 08:21 50k [SND] portrait_of_jennie-B..> 03-Mar-2011 18:18 39k [SND] polka_dots_and_moonb..> 20-Jan-2010 15:23 12k [SND] poinciana_js.mid 20-Feb-2009 10:28 30k [SND] playing_for_time_xgm..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 156k [SND] playing_for_time-aco..> 29-Apr-2014 14:00 127k [SND] pinnochio-Weather-Re..> 20-Oct-2009 12:31 31k [SND] pink_panther_sn.mid 10-Apr-2009 12:16 48k [SND] pieces_of_dreams_jlh..> 17-May-2018 10:21 32k [SND] piece_of_my_wish_dz.mid 14-Jan-2017 14:50 18k [SND] pickup_the_pieces-Ca..> 20-Oct-2009 12:31 43k [SND] pick_yourself_up-pt-..> 08-Jan-2014 13:24 62k [SND] pick_up_the_pieces-a..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 37k [SND] perfidia_ptrio_zca.mid 17-Dec-2010 17:11 32k [SND] pennsylvania_6_5000_..> 10-Apr-2009 12:16 14k [IMG] peggy_lee.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:21 5k [IMG] patti_page.jpg 29-Apr-2014 13:59 4k [SND] paradise_jk.mid 14-Apr-2009 13:50 28k [SND] paradise_cafe_gr_kar..> 29-Apr-2014 14:00 28k [SND] papa_lips_rmb.mid 29-Apr-2014 14:00 38k [SND] papa_lips_bl3.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:11 38k [SND] oxygene_part6_bh5.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:11 27k [SND] over_the_rainbow_dwb..> 29-Apr-2014 14:00 24k [SND] over_the_rainbow_bd.mid 18-Jun-2009 11:13 17k [SND] our_love_is_here_to_..> 03-Apr-2009 10:34 15k [SND] our_love_is_here_to_..> 03-Mar-2011 18:18 8k [SND] our_day_will_come_he..> 06-Feb-2015 14:03 37k [SND] our_day_will_come_hd..> 06-Feb-2015 14:03 37k [SND] our_day_will_come_da..> 06-Feb-2015 14:03 24k [IMG] oscar_peterson.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:21 7k [IMG] oscar_hammerstein.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:20 5k [SND] one_o_clock_jump-CBa..> 24-Feb-2009 12:07 17k [SND] one_note_samba_tk.mid 20-Feb-2009 10:28 53k [SND] one_note_samba_mp.mid 20-Feb-2009 10:28 25k [SND] one_note_samba_jh.mid 20-Feb-2009 10:28 54k [SND] one_in_a_million_jm.mid 03-Apr-2009 10:34 21k [SND] one_for_my_baby_bl.mid 03-Mar-2011 18:18 17k [SND] once_upon_a_time-Ton..> 03-Apr-2009 10:34 59k [SND] once_upon_a_summerti..> 16-Sep-2010 08:20 12k [SND] once_in_a_while_ok.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:11 45k [SND] on_the_sunny_side_of..> 16-Sep-2010 08:20 32k [SND] on_broadway_bb5.mid 03-Apr-2009 10:34 49k [SND] old_devil_moon-pt_dm..> 16-Sep-2010 08:20 45k [SND] nows the time-CParke..> 05-Feb-2015 14:28 115k [SND] nothing_can_come_bet..> 14-Apr-2009 13:50 46k [SND] nobody_knows_you_whe..> 03-Apr-2009 10:34 58k [SND] no_ordinary_love_gm.mid 14-Apr-2009 13:50 53k [SND] night_train_gw.mid 24-Feb-2009 12:07 76k [SND] night_rhythms-lee-ri..> 08-Jan-2014 13:24 103k [SND] night_love-Jeff-Lorb..> 20-Oct-2009 12:31 63k [SND] new_york_state_of_mi..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 39k [SND] new_york_state_of_mi..> 29-Apr-2014 14:00 30k [SND] new_york_new_york_mw..> 28-Feb-2009 11:34 62k [SND] nevertheless_del-kay..> 20-Oct-2009 12:31 56k [SND] netbop_mjn.mid 18-Jun-2009 11:13 25k [IMG] nat_king_cole.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:20 6k [SND] my_way_of_life-piano..> 05-Feb-2015 14:28 13k [SND] my_way_of_life-kar_g..> 05-Feb-2015 14:28 29k [SND] my_way_js.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:11 92k [SND] my_way_bz3.mid 17-Dec-2010 17:11 34k [SND] my_foolish_heart-pt_..> 03-Mar-2011 18:18 45k [SND] my_favorite_things_j..> 19-Oct-2009 14:42 18k [SND] my_cherie_amour_jc2.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:20 25k [SND] my_blue_heaven_dc.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:11 19k [SND] mr_bojangles-sammy_d..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 28k [SND] morocco-rippingtons-..> 29-Apr-2014 14:00 71k [SND] morgans_walk-org_je.mid 03-Mar-2011 18:18 47k [SND] moorea_wc.mid 29-Apr-2014 14:00 34k [SND] moonlighting-the-rip..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 56k [SND] moonlight_serenade_r..> 03-Feb-2009 12:02 96k [SND] moonlight_in_vermont..> 31-May-2018 13:47 26k [SND] moonlight_in_vermont..> 16-Sep-2010 08:20 31k [SND] moonlight_cocktail_a..> 19-Oct-2009 14:42 13k [SND] moonlight_becomes_yo..> 20-Jan-2010 09:31 22k [SND] moonlight-KennyG_pw.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:20 31k [SND] moonglow_bz2.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:20 39k [SND] moonglow-picnic_rw.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:20 24k [SND] moondance_doc.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:20 77k [SND] monsoon_over_rangoon..> 16-Sep-2010 08:20 54k [SND] moments_in_love-Art-..> 20-Jan-2010 09:31 39k [SND] modus_interruptus-Or..> 19-Oct-2009 14:42 131k [IMG] modernaires2.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:20 8k [IMG] modernaires.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:20 8k [SND] misty_gr_kar.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:11 22k [SND] misty_dc.mid 28-Feb-2009 11:34 21k [SND] misty_5gm_dm.mid 02-Dec-2016 00:39 17k [IMG] miles_davis.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:20 7k [SND] mile_high-Yellowjack..> 10-Apr-2009 12:15 45k [SND] midnight_and_trish_j..> 17-May-2018 09:47 18k [SND] mexican_shuffle_dc.mid 19-Oct-2009 14:42 33k [SND] mercy_mercy_mercy_gt..> 29-Apr-2014 14:00 56k [SND] memories_of_you_mw.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:20 43k [SND] memories_of_you_jh.mid 03-Apr-2009 10:34 28k [SND] memories_bz2.mid 17-Dec-2010 17:11 26k [IMG] melwebb2.jpg 22-Apr-2014 16:36 2k [IMG] mel_torme.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:20 8k [SND] mc_modal_midi-Org_ee..> 19-Oct-2009 14:42 27k [SND] maybe-Ink-Spots-kar_..> 29-Apr-2014 14:00 26k [SND] masquerade_dz.mid 03-Apr-2009 10:34 32k [SND] mas_que_nada_mb3.mid 20-Feb-2009 10:27 46k [SND] mas_que_nada-brazil6..> 20-Feb-2009 10:27 49k [SND] martians_in_love_jc8..> 26-Nov-2016 15:11 26k [SND] martians_in_love_jc1..> 05-Feb-2015 14:28 27k [IMG] margaret_whiting.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:20 6k [SND] maracangalha_sn.mid 29-May-2009 16:21 32k [SND] maputo-David-Sanborn..> 19-Oct-2009 14:42 36k [SND] manhattan_mw.mid 03-Apr-2009 10:34 30k [SND] manhattan-rm012k.mid 17-May-2018 09:47 20k [SND] mambo_no5-Lou-Bega_k..> 20-Feb-2009 10:27 69k [SND] mambo_house_dz2.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:20 141k [SND] make_someone_happy_r..> 16-Sep-2010 08:20 26k [SND] maiden_voyage-HHanco..> 28-Feb-2009 11:34 64k [SND] magic_lady_rmb.mid 08-Jan-2014 13:24 49k [SND] macarthur_park_jat.mid 19-Oct-2009 14:42 17k [SND] macarthur_park_bm.mid 19-Oct-2009 14:42 20k [SND] macarthur_park-Richa..> 19-Oct-2009 14:42 98k [SND] lullaby_of_birdland_..> 04-Feb-2015 14:43 23k [SND] lowdown_ss2.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:11 75k [SND] lovin_time_djl.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:11 23k [SND] loverman-BHoliday_mw..> 24-Feb-2009 12:07 30k [SND] lover_come_back_to_m..> 16-Sep-2010 08:20 37k [SND] lovely_to_look_at-19..> 16-Sep-2010 08:20 15k [SND] love_will_conquer_al..> 16-Sep-2010 08:20 62k [SND] love_story-kar_js.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:10 30k [SND] love_is_stronger_tha..> 14-Apr-2009 13:50 21k [SND] lovable-1932-roy-fox..> 08-Jan-2014 13:24 23k [IMG] louis_prima.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:20 5k [IMG] loui_arnstrong.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:20 5k [SND] lonely_little_soul-1..> 08-Jan-2014 13:24 25k [SND] lollipops_and_roses_..> 16-Sep-2010 08:20 38k [SND] little_sunflower_dz.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:10 53k [SND] little_mismatch_rmb.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:10 83k [SND] little_girl_blue-192..> 16-Sep-2010 08:20 9k [SND] little_brown_jug-rev..> 28-Feb-2009 11:34 66k [SND] linger_awhile_bl2.mid 03-Apr-2009 10:34 12k [SND] limehouse_blues_lk.mid 19-Oct-2009 14:42 31k [SND] limehouse_blues_jc.mid 19-Oct-2009 14:42 34k [SND] lily_was_here-CDulfe..> 01-May-2011 10:35 59k [SND] light_years_xgm_dz.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:10 27k [SND] light_years-chick-co..> 29-Apr-2014 13:59 24k [SND] letter_from_home-pat..> 29-Apr-2014 13:59 12k [SND] let_there_be_love-NK..> 19-Oct-2009 14:42 17k [IMG] les_baxter.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:20 7k [IMG] leroy_anderson.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:20 6k [IMG] lena_horne.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:20 7k [SND] laura_jh.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:20 21k [SND] land_of_make_believe..> 19-Oct-2009 14:42 52k [SND] lamour_est_plus_fort..> 29-Apr-2014 13:59 27k [SND] lady_is_a_tramp_mw.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:10 69k [SND] lady_be_good_jh.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:20 26k [SND] kiss_of_life_ek.mid 14-Apr-2009 13:50 32k [SND] kinshasa-mw2.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:10 128k [SND] killer_joe-Benny-Gol..> 20-Jan-2010 09:31 19k [SND] kicker_cb.mid 28-Feb-2009 11:34 17k [SND] keep_looking_jk.mid 14-Apr-2009 13:50 43k [IMG] keely_smith.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:20 2k [SND] kari_bg.mid 03-Apr-2009 10:34 46k [SND] kansas_city_mw.mid 03-Apr-2009 10:34 54k [SND] just_the_two_of_us_e..> 26-Nov-2016 15:10 43k [SND] just_one_of_those_th..> 16-Sep-2010 08:20 70k [SND] just_jazz-org_aw2.mid 03-Apr-2009 10:34 38k [SND] just_in_time_gw.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:20 51k [SND] just_friends_lg.mid 03-Mar-2011 18:18 42k [SND] just_because-anita-b..> 16-Sep-2010 08:20 39k [SND] just_a_gigolo_rlm.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:20 55k [SND] junk_junk_junk_nlvl.mid 19-Oct-2009 14:42 64k [SND] jump_jive_an_wail-R2..> 03-Mar-2011 18:18 64k [IMG] jule_styne.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:20 5k [IMG] judy_garland.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:20 8k [SND] joyed_am.mid 19-Oct-2009 14:42 46k [SND] joy_spring-CBrown_jh..> 28-Feb-2009 11:34 24k [SND] joy_spring-CBrown_ak..> 28-Feb-2009 11:34 19k [IMG] john_williams.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:20 4k [IMG] jo-stafford.jpg 29-Apr-2014 13:59 4k [SND] jive_coffee-original..> 08-Jan-2014 13:24 33k [TXT] jazz_13.html 26-May-2019 21:47 44k [TXT] jazz_12.html 26-May-2019 21:10 44k [TXT] jazz_11.html 26-May-2019 20:54 41k [TXT] jazz_10.html 26-May-2019 20:30 28k [TXT] jazz_09.html 26-May-2019 20:11 40k [TXT] jazz_08.html 26-May-2019 19:28 27k [TXT] jazz_07.html 26-May-2019 19:32 46k [TXT] jazz_06.html 26-May-2019 18:30 20k [TXT] jazz_05.html 26-May-2019 18:20 30k [TXT] jazz_04.html 26-May-2019 18:00 21k [TXT] jazz_03.html 26-May-2019 17:49 30k [TXT] jazz_02.html 26-May-2019 17:37 32k [TXT] jazz_01.html 26-May-2019 17:15 43k [IMG] jazz1.gif 19-Sep-2013 14:17 9k [SND] jamf_rc.mid 19-Oct-2009 14:42 14k [SND] ive_heard_that_song_..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 34k [SND] ive_got_the_world_on..> 03-Mar-2011 18:18 63k [SND] its_only_a_paper_moo..> 16-May-2018 14:40 36k [SND] its_impossible_tcg.mid 29-Apr-2014 13:59 13k [SND] its_impossible_lg.mid 28-Feb-2009 11:34 41k [SND] its_almost_like_bein..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 32k [SND] it_takes_too_long-to..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 52k [SND] it_had_to_be_you_lg.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:09 37k [SND] it_had_to_be_you_192..> 08-Jan-2014 13:24 10k [SND] it_dont_mean_a_thing..> 20-Jan-2010 09:31 69k [SND] iron_man-Org_ee.mid 19-Oct-2009 14:42 60k [SND] invitation_mw.mid 08-Jan-2014 13:24 34k [SND] invitation_jc2.mid 08-Jan-2014 13:24 28k [SND] invitation_dwb.mid 08-Jan-2014 13:24 6k [SND] invitation-kaper-bro..> 08-Jan-2014 13:24 64k [SND] inseparable_jlh.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:19 20k [SND] indian_summer_mw.mid 17-Dec-2010 17:11 40k [SND] incident_at_dark_sho..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 100k [SND] in_the_still_of_the_..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 24k [SND] in_the_mood_ps.mid 03-Feb-2009 12:02 71k [SND] in_the_mood_doc.mid 28-Nov-2016 00:28 77k [SND] in_the_mood_da3.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:09 70k [SND] in_the_mood_bm.mid 03-Apr-2009 10:34 20k [SND] in_the_mood-rev_gw.mid 23-Jan-2009 10:30 91k [SND] in_the_mood-glenn_mi..> 04-Feb-2015 13:57 55k [SND] in_aeternum-org_sn.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:19 71k [SND] in_a_mellow_tone_djl..> 29-Apr-2014 13:59 20k [SND] im_your_angel-Celine..> 29-May-2009 16:21 56k [SND] im_old_fashioned-v1_..> 19-Oct-2009 14:42 26k [SND] im_old_fashioned-42_..> 19-Oct-2009 14:42 12k [SND] im_in_the_mood_for_l..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 45k [SND] im_in_the_mood_for_l..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 25k [SND] im_getting_sentiment..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 53k [SND] im_getting_sentiment..> 03-Mar-2011 18:18 42k [SND] im_confessin_jh.mid 03-Apr-2009 10:34 20k [SND] ill_walk_alone-DShor..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 23k [SND] ill_be_seeing_you_jh..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 18k [SND] ill_be_seeing_you-19..> 31-May-2018 13:47 16k [SND] ill_be_around_mw.mid 17-Dec-2010 17:11 42k [SND] if_you_were_a_sailbo..> 08-Jan-2014 13:24 34k [SND] if_you_had_my_love-J..> 19-Oct-2009 14:42 67k [SND] if_i_were_a_bell-pt_..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 21k [SND] if_ever_i_see_you_ag..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 43k [SND] i_wish_you_love03_jl..> 17-Dec-2010 17:11 41k [SND] i_thought_about_you_..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 57k [SND] i_thought_about_you_..> 20-Feb-2009 11:19 43k [SND] i_say_a_little_praye..> 29-May-2009 16:21 31k [SND] i_remember_you_jlh.mid 16-May-2018 14:40 50k [SND] i_only_have_eyes_for..> 19-Oct-2009 14:42 41k [SND] i_only_have_eyes_for..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 22k [SND] i_only_have_eyes_for..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 18k [SND] i_love_you_and_dont_..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 16k [SND] i_love_the_nightlife..> 29-May-2009 16:21 37k [SND] i_love_being_here_wi..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 68k [SND] i_left_my_heart_in_s..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 21k [SND] i_left_my_heart_in_s..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 7k [SND] i_have_but_one_heart..> 28-Feb-2009 11:34 24k [SND] i_gotta_right_to_sin..> 03-Apr-2009 10:34 13k [SND] i_got_rhythm_jh.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:09 19k [SND] i_got_rhythm-wlz-swi..> 04-Feb-2015 13:57 53k [SND] i_got_rhythm-97CAtki..> 24-Feb-2009 12:07 11k [SND] i_cover_the_waterfro..> 28-Feb-2009 11:34 13k [SND] i_concentrate_on_you..> 18-Jun-2009 11:13 94k [SND] i_cant_stop_talking_..> 04-Feb-2015 13:57 25k [SND] i_cant_get_started_o..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 44k [SND] i_can_dream_cant_i-0..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 9k [SND] how_insensitive-jobi..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 17k [SND] how_high_the_moon_mw..> 22-Apr-2014 16:35 39k [SND] how_high_the_moon_jh..> 17-Dec-2010 17:11 24k [SND] how_high_the_moon_gr..> 22-Apr-2014 16:35 42k [SND] how_do_you_keep_the_..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 26k [SND] how_deep_is_the_ocea..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 31k [SND] how_deep_is_the_ocea..> 20-Jan-2010 09:31 36k [SND] how_about_you-rv_gw.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:19 44k [SND] hot_stuff-org_asw.mid 24-Feb-2009 12:07 42k [SND] hootie_blues_dwb.mid 20-Jan-2010 09:31 15k [SND] hooked_on_rhythm_jc.mid 17-Dec-2010 17:11 40k [SND] honky_tonk_train_blu..> 07-Mar-2011 19:07 109k [SND] honeysuckle_rose-Fat..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 12k [SND] honey_hush_bz2.mid 03-Mar-2011 13:56 33k [SND] honesty-kar_kk.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:09 27k [SND] home_at_last_bg-sr.mid 03-Mar-2011 13:56 65k [SND] holiday_for_strings_..> 03-Apr-2009 10:34 44k [SND] hiding_out_in_housto..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 34k [SND] hideaway-the-ripping..> 22-Apr-2014 16:35 76k [SND] hey_there-Rosemary-C..> 17-Dec-2010 17:11 27k [SND] hernandos_hideaway-a..> 20-Feb-2009 10:26 43k [SND] heres_that_rainy_day..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 8k [SND] here_to_stay-Metheny..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 45k [SND] herbs_jazz_fantasy-o..> 25-Aug-2009 07:22 32k [IMG] henry_mancini.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:19 7k [IMG] helen_oconnel.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:19 7k [IMG] helen_forrest.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:19 4k [SND] heart_of_my_heart_hp..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 52k [SND] heart_of_mine-Bobby-..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 48k [SND] have_you_met_miss_jo..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 20k [SND] have_you_heard-Methe..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 111k [IMG] harry_james.jpg 29-Apr-2014 13:59 5k [SND] harbor_lights_platte..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 46k [SND] hang_on_to_your_love..> 14-Apr-2009 13:49 29k [SND] hammon_blues-R1-Jive..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 39k [SND] gum_drop-kar_rt.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:09 40k [SND] green_onionsv1_doc.mid 25-Aug-2009 07:22 90k [SND] green_onions_jh.mid 25-Aug-2009 07:22 57k [IMG] great_amer_sngbk.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:19 10k [SND] got_to_be_real_db.mid 03-Mar-2011 13:56 118k [SND] good_bait_dm.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:09 59k [SND] gone_with_the_wind_d..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 38k [SND] gone_fishin-BC-LA_mm..> 24-Feb-2009 12:07 18k [SND] golden_wedding_wherm..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 46k [SND] golden_lady_rex.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:09 62k [SND] god_bless_the_child-..> 19-Oct-2009 14:42 45k [IMG] gm02_sep.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:19 11k [SND] give_it_up_jk.mid 14-Apr-2009 13:49 20k [SND] giant_steps-JColtran..> 19-Oct-2009 14:42 30k [SND] gettin_sentimental_o..> 07-Jun-2017 13:28 52k [SND] gettin_sentimental-1..> 08-Jan-2014 13:24 23k [SND] georgia_pw.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:19 23k [SND] georgia_on_my_mind_b..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 16k [IMG] george_ira_gershwin.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:19 5k [IMG] george_gershwin.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:19 7k [IMG] george_benson.jpg 03-Mar-2011 13:56 5k [SND] gentle_rain_luiz_bon..> 08-Jan-2014 13:24 27k [SND] funky_town_mc.mid 07-Oct-2009 15:55 18k [SND] fresh_air-XGM_dfw.mid 07-Jun-2017 13:28 118k [SND] frenesi_artie-shaw19..> 20-Feb-2009 10:26 36k [SND] frenesi-kar_bf.mid 20-Feb-2009 10:26 61k [SND] frenesi-chacha_jc2.mid 20-Feb-2009 10:26 22k [SND] freedom_at_midnight-..> 29-May-2009 16:21 34k [SND] freckle_face_rv_gw.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:19 104k [IMG] frank_sinatra_02.jpg 29-Apr-2014 13:59 4k [IMG] frank_sinatra.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:19 5k [SND] four_brothers_RV_gw.mid 23-Jan-2009 10:30 96k [SND] forgotten_dreams_gp.mid 02-Apr-2009 12:10 14k [SND] foreplay-Lee-Rittena..> 07-Oct-2009 15:55 42k [SND] for_all_we_know-NKCo..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 36k [SND] footsteps_gc2.mid 22-Apr-2014 16:35 32k [SND] footprints-Wayne-Sho..> 29-May-2009 16:21 55k [SND] fools_rush_in_mw.mid 30-Jan-2015 14:01 32k [SND] fm-no-static-at-all-..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 61k [SND] fly_me_to_the_moon_g..> 23-Jan-2009 10:30 53k [SND] fly_me_to_the_moon_d..> 22-Jan-2009 15:42 15k [SND] fly_me_to_the_moon_b..> 17-Dec-2010 17:11 40k [SND] fly_me_to_the_moon-F..> 03-Mar-2011 13:56 30k [SND] fly_me_to_the_moon-1..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 9k [SND] fly_by_night_rmb.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:19 76k [SND] fly_away_ah_bb13.mid 07-Oct-2009 15:55 22k [SND] flip_flop_and_fly_wc..> 18-Jan-2010 13:37 22k [SND] flamingo_phil_hall.mid 27-Nov-2016 16:08 59k [SND] five_foot_2_eyes_of_..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 74k [SND] first_circle-Pat-Met..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 67k [SND] first-time-love-don-..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 65k [SND] fever_bz2.mid 03-Mar-2011 13:56 25k [SND] fever-madonna_rd.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:09 32k [SND] feelings-morris-albe..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 45k [SND] fat_bluz_adj.mid 07-Oct-2009 15:55 101k [SND] falling_in_love_with..> 22-Apr-2014 16:35 19k [SND] falling_in_love_with..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 28k [SND] eye_of_the_beholder-..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 75k [SND] everything_happens_t..> 07-Jun-2017 13:28 13k [SND] everybody_loves_some..> 17-Dec-2010 17:11 34k [SND] every_time_every_tim..> 18-Jan-2010 13:37 12k [SND] escucha_bl.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:19 56k [SND] emily_dmck.mid 14-Apr-2009 13:49 24k [SND] embraceable_you_jhal..> 02-Apr-2009 12:10 37k [SND] embraceable_you_jh.mid 02-Apr-2009 12:09 25k [SND] embraceable_you_ht.mid 02-Apr-2009 12:09 24k [SND] embraceable_you_dwb.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:09 17k [SND] embraceable_you_bg.mid 02-Apr-2009 12:09 3k [SND] elmira_st_boogie_gr.mid 08-Jan-2014 13:24 67k [IMG] ella_fitzgerald.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:19 5k [SND] effendi-mccoy-tyner-..> 08-Jan-2014 13:24 17k [SND] east_st_louis_toodle..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 27k [SND] east_of_the_sun_jc.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:09 28k [IMG] duke_ellington.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:19 8k [SND] dreamsville_gc9.mid 16-May-2018 13:13 28k [SND] dreamsville_dm.mid 16-May-2018 13:13 15k [SND] dreamsville-kar_gc9.mid 16-May-2018 13:13 30k [SND] dream_of_the_sirens-..> 30-Jan-2015 13:22 52k [IMG] dorsey_bros.jpg 29-Apr-2014 13:59 5k [IMG] doris_day-40s.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:19 7k [SND] dont_know_why-Norah-..> 16-Sep-2010 08:19 24k [SND] dont_get_around_much..> 18-Jan-2010 13:37 72k [SND] dont_fence_me_in_rg.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:19 47k [SND] dont_blame_me-kar_lg..> 03-Mar-2011 13:56 69k [SND] dolphin_dreams-lee-r..> 16-Sep-2010 08:18 33k [SND] dolphin_dance-hhanco..> 16-Sep-2010 08:18 55k [SND] ditto_forever_tw.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:18 26k [SND] discovering_you_and_..> 16-Sep-2010 08:18 36k [IMG] dinah_shore.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:18 17k [SND] didnt_we_dk.mid 27-Nov-2016 01:44 68k [SND] didnt_we-dk633k-1_dk..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 68k [IMG] dick_haymes.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:18 4k [SND] deep_purple_rs.mid 30-Jan-2015 13:22 28k [SND] deep_purple_lg.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:09 34k [SND] deep_purple_da.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:09 27k [SND] deep_purple-ps_dm.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:09 26k [SND] dearly_beloved_dmck.mid 14-Apr-2009 13:49 24k [SND] dazzling-Casiopea_it..> 16-Sep-2010 08:18 46k [IMG] dave_brubeck.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:18 5k [SND] cute_gw.mid 23-Jan-2009 10:30 58k [SND] cumana_jc.mid 03-Mar-2011 13:56 44k [SND] cry_baby_cry-1937-1-..> 08-Jan-2014 13:24 21k [SND] cq_boogie-95-Katie-W..> 24-Feb-2009 12:07 26k [SND] count_on_him_jc.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:18 21k [IMG] count_basie.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:18 6k [SND] copacabana-manilow19..> 20-Feb-2009 10:26 87k [SND] consolation_am.mid 07-Oct-2009 15:55 29k [SND] conga_mrh.mid 02-Apr-2009 12:09 83k [SND] confidential-kar_rt.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:09 46k [SND] con_alma-gillespie_b..> 16-Sep-2010 08:18 51k [SND] con_alma-Dizzy_Tanuk..> 29-May-2009 16:21 64k [SND] comin_home_baby-Torm..> 10-Dec-2010 14:10 101k [SND] comin_home-mel-torme..> 16-Sep-2010 08:18 52k [SND] come_sunday_mw.mid 02-Apr-2009 12:09 42k [SND] come_rain_or_come_sh..> 16-Sep-2010 08:18 43k [SND] come_back_to_me-Jane..> 16-Sep-2010 08:18 46k [SND] come_back_and_stay_p..> 07-Oct-2009 15:55 48k [IMG] cole_porter.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:18 6k [SND] close_your_eyes_dmck..> 14-Apr-2009 13:49 29k [SND] clean_sweep_rmb.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:09 88k [SND] civilization-bongo-b..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 69k [SND] civilization-bongo-b..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 30k [SND] city_gate_rumble-chi..> 16-Sep-2010 08:18 52k [SND] choo_choo_ch_boogie-..> 18-Jan-2010 13:37 23k [IMG] chick_webb.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:18 5k [SND] chicago_hh.mid 05-Mar-2011 15:31 20k [SND] cherry_pie_jk.mid 14-Apr-2009 13:49 51k [SND] cherokee_drive-Alain..> 07-Oct-2009 15:55 51k [SND] cherokee_ag1.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:18 11k [SND] cherokee-clifford-br..> 16-Sep-2010 08:18 54k [SND] cherish_the_day_mell..> 14-Apr-2009 13:49 35k [SND] chattanooga_choo_cho..> 20-Feb-2009 10:26 153k [SND] chattanooga_choo_cho..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 34k [SND] chatanooga_choo_choo..> 02-Apr-2009 12:09 86k [SND] charmaine_rw.mid 26-Nov-2016 21:37 33k [IMG] charlie_chaplin.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:18 7k [SND] chans_song-Never-Sai..> 18-Jan-2010 13:37 49k [SND] chameleon-hhancock_o..> 16-Sep-2010 08:18 157k [SND] cest_magnifique_mw.mid 28-Feb-2009 11:34 26k [SND] catwalk-don-grusin_d..> 16-Sep-2010 08:18 56k [SND] cathedral_in_a_suitc..> 16-Sep-2010 08:18 42k [SND] catch_a_falling_star..> 16-Sep-2010 08:18 11k [SND] cast_your_fate_to_th..> 31-May-2018 13:47 15k [IMG] carmen_miranda.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:18 7k [IMG] carmen_mcrae.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:18 6k [SND] caravan_jc2.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:18 61k [SND] caravan-duke_js.mid 30-Jan-2015 12:12 59k [SND] caravan-duke-milesda..> 30-Jan-2015 12:12 44k [SND] captain_marvel-corea..> 16-Sep-2010 08:18 77k [SND] cant_we_be_friends-1..> 16-Sep-2010 08:18 15k [SND] cant_take_my_eyes_of..> 02-Apr-2009 12:09 27k [SND] candy_kh.mid 02-Apr-2009 12:09 187k [SND] candy_-_kouichirou_h..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 250k [SND] canadian_sunset_gr_k..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 24k [SND] canadian_sunset_gr.mid 31-May-2018 13:47 31k [SND] canadian_sunset_bs1.mid 03-Mar-2011 13:55 16k [SND] canadian_sunset-kar_..> 30-Jan-2015 12:12 47k [SND] can_this_be_love-kar..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 7k [SND] call_me_irresponsibl..> 16-Sep-2010 08:18 53k [SND] cabaret_dxlnd_rw.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:18 56k [SND] cab_driver_bb.mid 18-Jan-2010 13:37 27k [SND] bye_bye_blues_ap.mid 03-Mar-2011 13:55 105k [SND] by_myself_dmck.mid 14-Apr-2009 13:49 27k [SND] but_not_for_me_ag1.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:18 18k [SND] but_beautiful_gg.mid 01-Apr-2009 18:34 24k [SND] but_beautiful_doug_m..> 20-Feb-2009 10:26 14k [SND] but_beautiful_dm.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:18 14k [SND] but_beautiful-R3_lg.mid 14-Apr-2009 13:49 32k [SND] bumble_boogie-1946-j..> 16-Sep-2010 08:18 14k [SND] bulan_di_asia_dz.mid 07-Oct-2009 15:54 57k [SND] broadway_dmck.mid 14-Apr-2009 13:49 46k [SND] broadway2-Woode-McRa..> 07-Oct-2009 15:54 46k [SND] breezin_ccm.mid 20-Feb-2009 10:26 35k [SND] breezin-George-Benso..> 20-Feb-2009 10:26 69k [SND] breakout_39gm-swing-..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 38k [SND] break_out_49xg-swing..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 48k [SND] brazilian_suite-Mich..> 16-Sep-2010 08:18 20k [SND] brazilian_like-Miche..> 16-Sep-2010 08:18 42k [SND] bossa_nova_usa_dwb.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:18 18k [SND] born_to_be_blue_mw.mid 10-Dec-2010 14:10 41k [SND] borgan_lues-bl.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:18 20k [SND] boogie_woogie_bugle_..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 47k [SND] boogie_woogie_bugle_..> 16-Sep-2010 08:18 40k [SND] boogie_woogie_bugle_..> 20-Feb-2009 10:26 34k [SND] boogie_wonderland-ka..> 16-Sep-2010 08:18 67k [SND] boogie_down_jdc.mid 20-Feb-2009 11:19 38k [SND] body_and_soul_oz.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:09 57k [SND] bobsled_asw.mid 20-Feb-2009 11:18 31k [SND] bluesette_Ben-Lewis-..> 20-Feb-2009 10:24 80k [SND] blues_jc3.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:18 9k [SND] blues_in_the_niight_..> 10-Dec-2010 14:10 17k [SND] blues_in_f_sharp_bm.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:18 20k [SND] blues_for_rich_and_s..> 18-Jun-2009 11:13 28k [SND] blue_tango_gp.mid 01-Apr-2009 18:33 62k [SND] blue_room_mw.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:18 42k [SND] blue_moon_jm.mid 07-Feb-2009 13:02 83k [SND] blue_moon_1934_kar_j..> 08-Jan-2014 13:24 14k [SND] blue_bossa-kenny-dor..> 07-Feb-2009 13:02 51k [SND] blame_it_on_my_youth..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 22k [SND] black_orpheus_jh.mid 01-Apr-2009 18:33 32k [SND] black_narcissius-joe..> 07-Feb-2009 13:02 17k [SND] black_ice_bl.mid 07-Feb-2009 13:02 41k [SND] black_cow_shino.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:09 69k [SND] birdland_jlh.mid 22-Jan-2009 15:42 50k [SND] birdland_bl2.mid 18-Jan-2010 13:37 33k [SND] birdland_bl2-sr4.mid 18-Jan-2010 13:37 58k [SND] bills_boogie_bd.mid 07-Oct-2009 15:54 27k [IMG] billie_holiday.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:18 6k [SND] bill_bailey_wc.mid 29-Jan-2015 14:05 17k [SND] bill_bailey_ht.mid 29-Jan-2015 14:05 40k [SND] bill_bailey_glow.mid 29-Jan-2015 14:05 69k [SND] bill_bailey-2_rw.mid 29-Jan-2015 14:05 22k [SND] big_dipper_gw.mid 18-Jan-2010 13:37 68k [SND] between_the_sheets_m..> 07-Feb-2009 13:02 48k [SND] better_days_ahead-Pa..> 03-Mar-2011 13:55 64k [IMG] benny_goodman1.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:18 10k [SND] bemsha_swing_mw.mid 16-Sep-2010 08:18 13k [SND] bellavia-Mangione_ee..> 07-Oct-2009 15:53 16k [SND] bei_mir_bist_du_scho..> 28-Feb-2009 11:34 38k [SND] behind_the_waterfall..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 20k [SND] begin_the_beguine_gp..> 01-Apr-2009 18:33 62k [SND] begin_the_beguine_dc..> 01-Apr-2009 18:33 46k [SND] because_of_you_bz2.mid 10-Dec-2010 14:10 12k [SND] because_of_you_1950-..> 07-Jun-2017 13:28 14k [SND] because_of_you-kar_e..> 26-May-2018 15:53 12k [SND] beautiful_love-Young..> 07-Oct-2009 15:53 48k [SND] beautiful_friendship..> 20-Feb-2009 11:18 21k [SND] beat_street_nwcj.mid 01-Apr-2009 18:32 30k [SND] be_my_lady_Martin-Ne..> 07-Oct-2009 15:53 17k [SND] bazzas_boogie_bz2_bz..> 29-Jan-2015 14:05 17k [SND] barneys_blues_da3.mid 10-Dec-2010 14:10 33k [SND] bags_groove_jh.mid 20-Feb-2009 11:18 11k [SND] back_to_the_wall_bd.mid 03-Mar-2011 13:55 35k [SND] bach_variations_sn.mid 10-Dec-2010 14:10 203k [SND] avante_garden_bl.mid 01-Oct-2009 09:23 13k [SND] avalon-rv1_gw.mid 28-Aug-2010 20:29 91k [SND] autumn_leaves_pt_dm.mid 08-Jan-2014 13:24 50k [SND] autumn_leaves_jpa.mid 29-May-2009 16:21 27k [SND] au_privave-CParker_s..> 01-Oct-2009 09:23 30k [SND] atmosphere_rr.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:09 20k [SND] atlanta_ga-Woody-Her..> 01-Oct-2009 09:22 32k [SND] ask_me_now-2piano-du..> 26-Feb-2011 11:58 30k [SND] asayake_dz.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:09 52k [SND] as_time_goes_by_jh.mid 12-Feb-2009 09:21 19k [   ] 16-Sep-2010 08:18 323k [SND] artistry_in_bolero-s..> 18-Jun-2009 11:13 17k [IMG] artie_shaw.jpg 29-Apr-2014 13:59 4k [SND] arrividerci_darling-..> 08-Jan-2014 13:24 10k [SND] april_in_paris_rvg-v..> 07-Feb-2009 13:02 54k [IMG] antonio_carlos_jobim..> 16-Sep-2010 08:18 8k [SND] anthropology_jh.mid 08-Jan-2014 13:24 18k [SND] anos_dourados_lr.mid 18-Jun-2009 11:13 19k [SND] anos_dourados-Golden..> 28-Aug-2010 20:29 16k [SND] anonimo_veneziano_jc..> 11-Jan-2010 12:45 23k [SND] anonimo_veneziano_hm..> 28-Aug-2010 20:29 16k [SND] angel_eyes_bm.mid 28-Aug-2010 20:29 8k [IMG] andrews_sisters.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:18 11k [SND] and_then_i_knew_ph.mid 26-Nov-2016 15:09 90k [SND] and_then_i_knew-xgm_..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 117k [SND] and_the_angels_sing_..> 27-Jan-2015 10:59 35k [SND] and_the_angels_sing-..> 22-Apr-2014 16:35 17k [SND] and_all_that_jazz_jm..> 18-Jun-2009 11:13 17k [SND] an_american_in_paris..> 11-Jan-2010 12:45 17k [SND] amore_amore_ab.mid 12-Feb-2009 09:21 62k [SND] amor_de_roca_cd.mid 01-Apr-2009 18:32 33k [SND] always_rs-1.mid 07-Jun-2017 10:17 27k [SND] always_and_forever_b..> 01-Apr-2009 11:04 44k [SND] alone_together2-MDav..> 05-Apr-2010 19:54 91k [SND] alone_together1-MDav..> 02-Apr-2010 12:40 96k [SND] almost_like_being_in..> 01-Apr-2009 18:44 55k [SND] alley_cat_bb10.mid 28-Aug-2010 20:29 8k [SND] all_the_way_mw.mid 28-Aug-2010 20:29 44k [SND] all_the_way-1957-vs2..> 07-Jun-2017 10:17 12k [SND] all_the_things_you_a..> 28-Aug-2010 20:29 28k [SND] all_the_things_you_a..> 18-Jun-2009 11:13 6k [SND] all_the_things_you_a..> 26-Feb-2011 11:58 45k [SND] all_the_things_you_a..> 28-Aug-2010 20:29 13k [SND] all_or_nothing_at_al..> 28-Aug-2010 20:29 30k [SND] all_or_nothing_at_al..> 12-Feb-2009 09:21 21k [SND] all_of_you_mw.mid 28-Aug-2010 20:29 37k [SND] all_of_me-1931-vs2-k..> 07-Jun-2017 10:17 10k [SND] all_night_long_melod..> 01-Apr-2009 11:04 55k [SND] all_my_tomorrows-kar..> 28-Aug-2010 20:29 28k [SND] all_blues-miles-davi..> 02-Apr-2010 14:57 29k [SND] all_blues-Miles-Davi..> 03-Mar-2011 13:55 35k [IMG] alan_silvestri.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:18 4k [SND] aja_sr3.mid 26-Feb-2011 11:58 67k [SND] aint_we_got_fun_bz2-..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 76k [SND] aint_that_a_kick_in_..> 12-Feb-2009 09:21 32k [SND] aint_misbehavin_sk.mid 07-Feb-2009 13:02 15k [SND] aint_misbehavin_rj.mid 28-Aug-2010 20:29 7k [SND] again_40s_jhall.mid 18-Jun-2009 11:13 24k [SND] after_youve_gone_dm.mid 26-Feb-2011 11:58 31k [SND] after_the_fall-Incog..> 26-Feb-2011 11:58 25k [SND] afro_blue-xgm-john-c..> 07-Jun-2017 10:17 44k [SND] african_flower-xgm_j..> 07-Jun-2017 10:17 75k [SND] affair_in_san_miguel..> 07-Feb-2009 13:02 68k [SND] affair_in_san_miguel..> 28-Aug-2010 20:29 68k [SND] adios_au_revoir_auf_..> 28-Aug-2010 20:29 33k [SND] acercate_mas-julio-c..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 24k [SND] accentuate_the_posit..> 11-Jan-2010 12:45 22k [SND] accentuate_the_posit..> 27-Jan-2015 10:59 22k [IMG] aaron_copland.jpg 16-Sep-2010 08:18 6k [SND] a_walk_in_the_black_..> 20-Feb-2009 11:17 43k [SND] a_time_for_love_dm.mid 28-Aug-2010 20:29 16k [SND] a_taste_of_honey_ps2..> 28-Aug-2010 20:29 10k [SND] a_taste_of_honey_jc2..> 26-Nov-2016 15:09 18k [SND] a_taste_of_honey_dc.mid 28-Feb-2009 11:34 20k [SND] a_string_of_pearls_j..> 12-Feb-2009 09:21 27k [SND] a_string_of_pearls-r..> 07-Feb-2009 13:01 36k [SND] a_night_in_tunisia_2..> 11-Feb-2009 15:49 20k [SND] a_lovely_way_to_spen..> 28-Aug-2010 20:29 11k [SND] a_house_is_not_a_hom..> 29-May-2009 16:21 11k [SND] a_foggy_day_r_gw.mid 18-Jun-2009 11:13 77k [SND] a_fine_romance_mw.mid 28-Feb-2009 11:34 48k [SND] a_day_in_the_life_of..> 11-Feb-2009 15:49 21k [SND] a_cottage_for_sale_r..> 18-Jun-2009 11:13 25k [IMG] Woody Herman 02.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 12k [IMG] Woody Herman 01.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 4k [IMG] Wayne Shorter.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 19k [IMG] Tony_Bennett.jpg 29-Apr-2014 13:59 5k [IMG] Tony Bennett.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 5k [IMG] Stan Kenton.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 4k [IMG] Sarah Vaughn.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 11k [IMG] Sammy Cahn 1950s.jpg 04-Feb-2015 13:58 15k [IMG] Rosemary Clooney.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 5k [IMG] Rodgers n Hart.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 7k [IMG] Ray Eberle.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 3k [IMG] Ray Anthony.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 4k [IMG] Peggy Lee.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 5k [IMG] Paul_Whiteman.jpg 29-Apr-2014 13:59 3k [IMG] Paul Whiteman.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 3k [IMG] Patti Page.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 4k [IMG] Oscar Peterson.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 7k [IMG] Oscar Hammerstein.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 5k [IMG] Nat King Cole.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 6k [IMG] Modernaires 02.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 8k [IMG] Modernaires 01.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 8k [IMG] Miles Davis.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 7k [IMG] Mel Webb.jpg 03-Feb-2015 13:12 2k [IMG] Mel Torme.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 8k [IMG] Margaret Whiting.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 16k [SND] Manteca_Dizzy-Gilles..> 05-Feb-2015 14:28 70k [IMG] Louis Prima.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 5k [IMG] Loui Armstrong.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 5k [IMG] Les Baxter.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 7k [IMG] Leroy Anderson.jpg 06-Feb-2015 14:03 23k [IMG] Lena Horne.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 7k [IMG] Keely Smith.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 2k [IMG] Kay Starr.jpg 04-Feb-2015 14:46 23k [IMG] Julie London.jpg 04-Feb-2015 14:46 13k [IMG] Jule Styne.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 5k [IMG] Judy Garland.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 8k [IMG] Johnny Mercer.jpg 30-Jan-2015 14:01 18k [IMG] John Williams.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 4k [IMG] John Coltrane.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 3k [IMG] Jo Stafford.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 4k [IMG] Jerome Kern.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 13k [IMG] Ira Gershwin.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 5k [IMG] Hoagy Carmichael 194..> 30-Jan-2015 13:24 13k [IMG] Henry Mancini.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 7k [IMG] Helen O'Connel.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 7k [IMG] Helen Forrest.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 4k [IMG] Harry James 02.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 5k [IMG] Harry James 01.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 4k [IMG] Harold Arlen.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 37k [IMG] Great American Songb..> 30-Jan-2015 13:24 10k [IMG] Glenn Miller.jpg 05-Feb-2015 14:30 11k [IMG] Ginger Rogers.jpg 30-Jan-2015 14:02 218k [IMG] George n Ira Gershwi..> 30-Jan-2015 13:24 13k [IMG] George Gershwin.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 7k [IMG] George Benson.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 5k [IMG] Gene Walker.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 18k [IMG] Gene Krupa.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 7k [IMG] Freddie Hubbard.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 9k [IMG] Fred Astaire.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 13k [IMG] Frank Sinatra 02.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 4k [IMG] Frank Sinatra 01.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 5k [IMG] Eydie Gorme.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 13k [IMG] Ella Fitzgerald.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 5k [IMG] Duke Ellington.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 8k [IMG] Dorsey Brothers.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 5k [IMG] Doris Day 40s.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 7k [IMG] Dizzy Gillespie.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 14k [IMG] Dinah Washington.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 34k [IMG] Dinah Shore.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 17k [IMG] Dick Haymes.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 5k [IMG] Dave Brubeck.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 5k [IMG] Count Basie.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 6k [IMG] Connie Boswell.jpg 04-Feb-2015 14:44 8k [IMG] Cole Porter 02.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 25k [IMG] Cole Porter 01.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 6k [IMG] Chick Webb.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 5k [IMG] Charlie Parker.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 21k [IMG] Charlie Chaplin.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 7k [IMG] Carmen Miranda.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 7k [IMG] Carmen Mcrae.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 6k [IMG] Billie Holiday.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 6k [IMG] Benny Goodman.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 10k [IMG] Barbra Streisand.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 77k [IMG] Artie Shaw.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 4k [IMG] Antonio Carlos Jobim..> 30-Jan-2015 13:24 8k [IMG] Anita O'Day.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 426k [IMG] Andrews Sisters.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 11k [IMG] Alan Silvestri.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 4k [IMG] Aaron Copland.jpg 30-Jan-2015 13:24 6k [SND] 99_miles_from_l_a-ka..> 16-May-2018 13:13 65k [SND] 500_miles_high-Chick..> 07-Feb-2009 13:01 60k [SND] 2_of_a_kind_jp.mid 07-Feb-2009 13:01 34k