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"The Blues Aren't Something You Keep Inside,bluenote.gif
They Got To Come Out!"

Some By Not All Of The Basic Subsidiary Styles (Genres) Of Blues Are:
Blues/Rock, Chicago Blues, Country Blues, Delta Blues,
East Coast Blues, Harmonica Blues, Louisiana Blues, Modern Electric Blues,
Texas Blues And West Coast Blues.

Big Band, Blues, Country, Country/Pop, Folk, Folk/Rock, Harmonica, Jazz, Pop/Rock, Rock & Roll, Traditional
Blues MIDI Index
A - M
Song Title Size Performed By Sequencer
12-Bar Blues 13kb
An Original Blues Composition And MIDI Sequence In A Typical
I-IV-V Blues Pattern Featuring The Oboe, Fingered Bass, And Rhodes Piano

Blues, Instrumental Blues, Easy Listening,Originals
Michael Shirk
23 Hour Blues 11kb
An Original, Honky Tonk, Piano Blues Tune With A Little Full Acoustic Guitar Solo For Good Measure
Instrumental Blues, Honky Tonk, Originals, Piano
Herbert Harari
A Bluesy Thing 28kb
A Slow & Easy Going Original Blues Instrumental
Tune With Some Great Guitar & Saxophone Solos

Instrumental Blues, Originals
David W. Folsom
Ain't Got No Home 33kb
A Favorite Late 50's R&B Tune Written & Recorded By "The Frogman", Clarence "Frogman"
Henry  In 1956 And Included On Many Albums Over The Years Both By Him And Many Other Artists

50's+, Blues, R&B, R&R
(Not To Be Confused With The Old Country/Folk Song By Woodie Guthrie With The Same Name)
Steve Day
Ain't Misbehavin' 16kb
A Very Pretty Tune Dating Back To The Late 1920's And Recorded On Over
925 Albums Over the Years By Many Great Artists

20's+, Easy Listening, Blues, Big Band, Jazz, Nostalgic, Swing
Lyrics By Andy Razaf, Music By Thomas "Fats" Waller And Harry Brooks In 1929
Sue Keller
All Blues 30kb
Miles Davis
60's+, Avant-Garde, Blues, Easy Listening, Hard Bop, Jazz, Piano Blues
W&M By W&M By Miles Davis & Oscar Brown, Jr.
Benjamin Lewis
aka "MJN"
All Blues
Added 03/31/14
Miles Davis
60's+, Avant-Garde, Blues, Easy Listening, Hard Bop, Jazz, Piano Blues
W&M By W&M By Miles Davis & Oscar Brown, Jr.
Devian Zikri
aka "MJN"
Albert Ammons Blues 47kb
A Great, Easy Listening, Piano Blues, Slow Boogie-Woogie Tune In A Albert Ammons 30's-40's Style
Blues, Bluesy Jazz, Boogie-Woogie, Piano Blues, Instrumental Blues, Originals, Stride
Composed & Sequenced By Michael Walter Back In 1998 As A Tribute To Albert Ammons
Michael Walter
Am I Blue? 14kb
A Great Song Recorded By Numerous Artists From The 20's Through The 00's On Over 300 Albums
In Various Styles From Blues To Rock Including Barbra Streisand For The 1975 Film, "Funny Lady"

20's+, Blues, Easy Listening, Jazz, Soundtrack, Tin Pan Alley, Torch Songs, Vocals
Original W&M By Harry Akst & Grant Clark In 1929
Sal Grippaldi
aka "RedSal"
aka "Angie"
This MIDI Is In The Style Of The Original Famous Tune As Written And Recorded By
David "Davy" Graham In 1962 As An Acoustic, Steel String, Guitar Instrumental And Later
Covered By Many Others In Various Styles Over The Years

60's, British Folk, Folk, Folk-Blues, Folk-Jazz, Instrumentals
Tony Willis
Another Blues 05kb
An Easy Going, Acoustic, Nylon String, Original Guitar Blues Tune
Blues, Guitar Instrumentals, Originals
Composed By Mike Emblem In 2001
Mike Emblem & Jack R. Baker
At Last 42kb
A Great Slow & Easy Blues Tune By Etta James From 1961 That Reached #2
On The Black Singles Chart And Is Included On Her 1961 Album By The Same Name

60's, Easy Listening, R&B, Soul-Blues
Composed By Mack Gordon & Harry Warren
Bobby Keyes & Gale Bass
aka "RimFire"
Barney's Blues 33kb
Barney Kessel, Butch Miles
50's++, Blues, Bop, Cool, Guitar Jazz, Standards, Swing, West Coast Jazz
Composed By Barney Kessel
Dick Anderson
Barznone Bluz
aka "Bar None Blues"
aka "Barznone Blues"
A Great, Fast Movin', And Lively, Original,
Overdrive Electric Guitar, Instrumental Blues
Tune In A "B. B. King" Style

Instrumental Blues, Originals
Art Doud, Jr.
aka "oZ"
Basin Street Blues 13kb
Originally Written And Performed By Spencer Williams In 1928 And Since Performed By
Nearly Every Major Blues/Jazz Artist From The 20's Through The 00's

20's, Blues, Country/Blues, Jazz
Will Campbell
Billy's Bluegrass Blues 26kb
A Laid Back, Melodonic Original MIDI By Bill That Is Really Hard To Describe, I'll Try:
A Little Blues, A Little Country With A Tinge Of Bluegrass And A
Little More Blues And A Rotaly Organ For The Melody Line!

Blues, Bluegrass, Country, Easy Listening, Originals
Bill Abbott
Birth Of The Blues 44kb
Original Words & Music By B. G. De Sylva, Lew Brown & Ray Henderson In 1926
And Since Performed By Numerous Artists In Many Styles Of Music

20's, Blues, Country, Country/Blues, Film, Jazz, Soundtracks
Harry Todd
Blooze 83kb
A Great Original Electric Blues MIDI Composition With Lots Of Overdrive Electric Guitar
Blues, Electric Blues, Originals
Composed By Al & His Friends In The Late 90's
Al Daniel & Friends
Blues For Chessie 13kb
An Original 12-Bar Blues For Solo Acoustic Guitar,
In The Style Of Several Delta Country Blues Artists

Blues, Country/Blues, Delta Blues, Originals
John Kwasnik
Blues For Jen 21kb
A Great Original, Slow, Funky And Sensual Tune By Roly Composed For His Friend Jenny
Blues, Jazz, Funk, Originals, Soul/Blues
Roly Wright
Midkar Member
Blues For Trumpets And Things 20kb
An Original, Slow And Funky, Blues Tune By Roly From New Zealand
Blues, Jazz, Originals, Soul
Roly Wright
Midkar Member
Blues In F Sharp 20kb
A Great Upbeat, Piano Blues Song Composed And Played Live By Bob
Blues, Piano Blues, Jazz And A Touch Of Honky Tonk Piano, Originals
Bob Composed His MIDI In 1993
Bob Mace
Midkar Member
Blues In The Night 18kb
This Great Old 30's Tune Has Been Recorded By Many Artists In Various Styles Over The Years
Including Cab Calloway, Louie Armstrong, Woody Herman, Jimmy Lunceford, Artie Shaw,
Dinah Shore, Rosemary Clooney And Over A 100 More

30's, Big Band, Blues, Jazz, Soundtrack, Traditional Pop, Vocal
Original W&M By Johnny Mercer
Will Campbell
Blues Project #1
(For Guitar)
This Is An Original Blues/R&B Sequence By Bomi,
From Germany, Featuring Lots Of Great Blues Guitar

Blues, Blues/Rock, Instrumental Blues, Originals, R&B
Heinz-Josef Bomanns
aka "Bomi"
aka "The MIDI Papa"
Blues Stay Away From Me
Version 1
The Delmore Brothers And Many More
40's+++, Blues, Country/Blues, Honky Tonk, Rockabilly, Western Swing
Original W&M By Anton And Rabon Delmore, Henry Glover & Wayne Raney
Dick Anderson
Blues Stay Away From Me
Version 2
The Delmore Brothers, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Eddie Crosby, Gene Vincent, Floyd Cramer,
Ray Price, Asleep At The Wheel, Johnny Burnette & The Rhythm Rockers, John Delafose,
Lonnie Johnson, B. B. King, Les Paul & Mary Ford And Many More On Over 200 Albums Over The Years

40's+++, Blues, Cajun, Country/Blues, Folk/Blues, Honky Tonk, Jazz, Pop/Rock, Rockabilly, Vocal, Western Swing And More
Original W&M By Anton And Rabon Delmore, Henry Glover & Wayne Raney
James A. Harrison
Blues, Jazz, Piano Jam 10kb
This Is An Original Mild, Blues/Piano And Jazz/Piano Jam Session Composed
By Jim As A Demo Song For His Web Site Back In 1999

Blues, Jazz/Piano, Originals, Piano/Blues
Jim Cara
Born To Be Blue 42kb
Mel Tormé, Ray Charles, Stan Getz, Wes Montgomery, Mildred Bailey,
Chet Baker, Sammy Davis, Jr. And Many More

40's+++, Blues, Easy Listening, Jazz, Vocal
Composed By Mel Torme' & Robert Webb
Mel Webb
aka "K-Mel"
Boogie With Stu 40kb
Led Zeppelin
70's, Album Rock, British Blues, Blue-Rock, Boogie-Blues
W&M By John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Ian Stewart, Mrs. Valens
Pete Griffith
aka "LowCPM"
Buddy's Blues 26kb
A Great Original Blues Tune By John Featuring Many Instruments
Blues, Instrumental Blues, Originals, Piano Blues
John R. Bloise, Sr.
Bye Bye Blues
aka "Bye-Bye Blues"
Monette Moore, Les Paul & Mary Ford, Dinah Washington, Louis Armstrong, Merle Travis,
Harry James, Al Hirt, Count Basie, Tommy Johnson, Julie London, Ann- Margret,
Brenda Lee, Peggy Lee, Memphis Slim And More

20's+++, Big Band, Blues, Country/Blues, Jazz, Easy Listening, Folk, Soundtracks, Swing
Composed By David Bennett, Chauncey Gray, Frederick Hamm & Bert Lown In 1925
Alan Paganelli
C. Q. Boogie 26kb
A Great Boogie-Woogie, Blues Tune Made Famous By Katie Webster
Blues, Boogie-Woogie, Piano Blues, Swamp Blues
Don Carroll
Crosscut Saw 38kb
Eric Clapton
Blues, Blues/Rock, Pop/Rock
Steve Day
Crossroads 101kb
Eric Clapton & Cream
Blues, Blues/Rock, Pop/Rock
E. F. "Gene" Petro
aka "Doc Doc"
Dean's Mid Afternoon Blues 26kb
A Snappy Little Blues Tune To Get You Goin' Again After Your Afternoon Nap That Dean Composed In 1999
Blues, Electric Guitar Blues, Harmonica Blues, Originals
Dean King
Deep Depression Blues 23kb
A Laid Back, Easy Going, Blues Guitar, Original Instrumental By Herbert
Blues, Instrumental Blues, Originals
Herbert Harari
Doc-Doc's Blues For MIDI 68kb
A Great, Original Laid Back, Easy Going, Full Acoustic Electric Guitar,
Instrumental Blues Tune In A "B. B. King" Style

Blues, Instrumental Blues, Originals
Art Doud, Jr.
aka "oZ"
Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
aka "Don't Keep Me Wondering"
The Allman Brothers Band
70's, Album Rock, Blues, Blues/Rock, Electric Blues, Southern Rock
Composed By Gregg Allman
John DuBois
Don't Trust The Government 52kb
A Kind Of A Walkin' Blues Original That Is A Little Hard To Describe But It Contains
Walking Bass Lines In A Blues Style Along With A Lot Of Other MIDI Instrumentation

Blues, Jazz, Novelty, Originals
Composed By Garrett In 1982 And Revised In 1997
Garrett W. Van Cleef
Down In The Alley 52kb
Big Bill Broonzy, The Clovers, Elvis Presley, Lester Butler, Memphis Minnie++
50's-60's Or Earlier, Blues, Delta Blues, Doo Wop, Folk/Blues, Pop/Rock, R&B, Traditional
Composed By Unknown For Sure. Various Arrangements By Many Artists
Don Carroll
Dreams 124kb
The Allman Brothers Band
60's, Album Rock, Blues, Blues/Rock, Pop/Rock, R&R
Composed By Gregg Allman & Lennie Tristano
John DuBois
Drift Away 10kb
John Henry Kurtz, Dobie Gray, Clarence Carter, Uncle Kracker, Narvel Felts,
Ray Charles, Michael Bolton And More

70's+, Classic Soul, Country Soul, Easy Listening, Piano Blues, R&B, Pop, Soul & Soft/Rock
Original W&M By Mentor Williams
Bob Mace
Midkar Member
Dust My Broom
aka "I Believe I'll Dust My Broom"
Robert Johnson
30's, Blues, Blues Standards, Delta Blues, Prewar Blues
Composed By Robert Johnson
Jef Scoville
E Jam Blues 78kb
A Snappy Original Blues Tune With Some Great Guitar Instruments
The Original Arrangement And The Background Music Are By "Doc Doc" And The Solo's Are By John

Blues, Instrumental Blues, Originals
John R. Bloise &
E. F. Petro
aka "Doc Doc"
Epaise Blues 08kb
An Excellent Acoustic Blues Guitar Tune Originally Composed By Steve
In 1979 And Sequenced For MIDI In 1998

Acoustic Blues, Acoustic Guitar, Blues, Originals
Steve J. McWilliam
Fat Bluz
aka "Fatz Blues"
An Original Slow & Easy Going Blues Composition By Our Old Late, Great Internet Friend, Art Doud, Jr.
Blues, Easy Listening, Originals
Art Doud, Jr.
aka "oZ" (1927-2007)
Feeling The Blues 41kb
A Great Original Blues Tune By George Featuring The Clean Electric Guitar, Acoustic Bass And Rotaly Organ
Blues, Electric Blues, Originals
George Cadero
aka "gecadero"
Flip, Flop, And Fly 23kb
Big Joe Turner, Numerous Others
50's++, Blues, Jazz, Jump Blues, Pop/Rock, R&B, Vocal
Composed By Big Joe Turner & Jesse Stone, aka Charles E. "Chuck" Calhoun In 1955
Will Campbell
Fly Away 22kb
An Original Slow & Easy Listening Blues Composition By Bill & Axel From 1997
Blues, Easy Listening, Originals
Bill Bowers &
Axel Hufeland
Funny How Time Slips Away 18kb
Willie Nelson & Numerous Others
60's++, Country, Country/Blues, Country/Pop, Country/Soul, Easy Listening, Love Songs, Pop-Soul, R&B, Soul-Blues
W&M By Willie Nelson 1962
Les Gorven
Give Me One Reason 57kb
Tracy Chapman
90's, Blues, Contemporary Folk, Easy Listening, Pop/Rock, R&B, Singer/Songwriter
Composed By Tracy Chapman
Douglas Gaynor
aka "Rhino 95"
Good Morning Little School Girl 41kb
Sonny Boy Williamson, I
40's, Blues, Blues/Rock, Chicago Blues, Electric Blues, Jump Blues
Eddie Skipwith
aka "Texoma Telebender"
Good Night, Irene 25kb
Leadbelly, Gordon Jenkins & The Weavers, Jimmy Buffett
1900's++, Country, Country/Blues, Folk, Waltz
W&M By Huddie Ledbetter & John Lomax
Harry Todd
aka "Git'Picker"
Good-Bye Blues 22kb
Chet Atkin's, Mills Brothers & Many More
30's++, Blues, Country/Blues, Country/Pop
Original W&M By Dorothy Fields, Johnson & Jimmy McHugh In The 1930's
Dick Anderson
Green Onions 91kb
A Great Southern Soul, Bluesy, R&B Instrumental First Recorded In The Early 60's
By Booker T & The MG's And Since Recorded
On Over 120 Albums By Many Other Various Artists Thru The 00's

60's, Blues, Instrumentals, Jazz, R&B, Soft Rock, Soundtrack
Composed By Steve Cropper, Al Jackson, Jr., Booker T. Jones & Lewis Steinberg
E. F. "Gene" Petro
aka "DocDoc"
Happy Blues, The 17kb
A Great Original, Electric Guitar, Blues Tune Composed And Sequenced By Mike
In The 90's For Our Old Friend E. F. "Gene" Petro, aka "DocDoc"

90's, Blues, Blues Rock, Electric Guitar Blues, Modern Electric Blues, Original
Composed By Mike Doyle
Mike Doyle
aka "Mad Dog"
Hard To Come By 144kb
An Original Blues Tune Composed And Sequenced By David In Honor Of Vanessa
With Great Alto Saxophone, Grand Piano, Nylon String Guitar And Trumpet Solo's

Blues, Love Songs, Originals
David Zobel
Help Me
(Posted 09'18'11)
Sonny Boy Williamson, II
60's, Blues, Electric Chicago Blues
Composed By Sonny Boy Williamson II, Willie Dixon & Ralph Bass
E. F. "Gene" Petro
aka "Doc Doc"
Help Me Through The Day 45kb
Freddie King (1973)
70's, Blues, Modern Electric Blues
Composed By Leon Russell
Rick White
Home Again Blues 23kb
Irving Berlin, Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, Original Dixieland Jazz Band,
Little Brother Montgomery, Paul Whiteman, Sue Keller, Many More

20's+++, Blues, Dixieland, Jazz, Piano Blues
Composed By Irving Berlin & Harry Akst In 1921
Sue Keller
Honky Tonk
Version 1
Bill Doggett
50's, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Rock, Soul/Jazz, Swing
W&M By Bill Doggett, Billy Butler, Shep Sheppard & Clifford Scott
John R. Bloise, Sr.
Honky Tonk
Version 2
Bill Doggett
50's, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Rock, Soul/Jazz, Swing
W&M By Bill Doggett, Billy Butler, Shep Sheppard & Clifford Scott
Barry Heard
Midkar Member
Honky Tonk Train Blues 110kb
Meade "Lux" Lewis
(Arranged And Sequenced By Eugene In A Theatre Pipe Organ Style With Additional Train Sounds For His Grandson)
20's++, Boogie-Woogie, Jazz, Honky Tonk, Piano Blues
Originally Composed By Meade "Lux" Lewis In 1924
Eugene Hayek
Hootie Blues 16kb
Charlie Parker
40's Big Band, Blues, Bop, Jazz, Piano Blues
Composed By Charlie Parker, Walter Brown & Jay McShannn
D. W. "David" Barnes
Midkar Member
House Of The Rising Sun, The
Version 1
The Animals, Many Others
"The Melody Of 'The House Of The Rising Run' Is A Traditional Old English Tune
And The Original Lyrics Were Written By Georgia Turner And Bert Martin Both From Kentucky,
However There Are Many Versions Of The Lyrics And Various Arrangements By Many Artists"

50's, Blues, Early Blues, Jazz
E. F. "Gene" Petro
aka "DocDoc"
House Of The Rising Sun, The
Version 2
The Animals, The Everly Brothers, Herbie Mann, Nina Simone, Bob Dylan, The Supremes, The Ventures,
Woodie Guthrie, Conway Twitty, Dolly Parton,
Wayne Fetherbay
aka "Gringoloco"
How Blue Can You Get?
aka "Downhearted"
B. B. King
60's, Blues, Memphis Blues, Modern Electric Blues,  R&B, Soul Blues
Composed By Jane & Leather Feather
Jillianne Jones & Barry Heard
aka "Bazza1Studios"
Midkar Members
I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues 14kb
Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway, Billie Holiday & Others
20's+++, Big Band, Blues, Jazz Standards, Swing, Vocals
W&M By Harold Arlen & Ted Koehler
Herbert Harari
If You Care 26kb
A Pretty But Rather Sad, Melancholy Blues Original By Peter With Some Great Harmonica Solo's
Blues, Easy Listening, Originals
Peter Composed His MIDI In 1996
Peter Wolmarans
I'm A King Bee 92kb
Slim Harpo
60's, Blues, Electric Blues, Louisiana Blues, R&B
W&M By James Moore, aka "Slim Harpo"
H. D. Schulze & E. F. "Gene" Petro
aka "DocDoc"
In The Evening
(When The Sun Goes Down)
Big Bill Broonzy, Many Others
50's, Blues, Folk, R&B, Vocal Blues
W&M By Big Bill Broonzy & Leroy Carr
Paul Kucharski
Jamin' For "Doc Doc" 24kb
A Blues/Jazzy Tune By "Bomi" In Tribute To "Doc Doc"
For All Of Doc Doc's Past Hard Work In Originating
A Great "Blues" MIDI Web Site!

Blues, Jazz, Originals
Heinz-Josef Bomanns
aka "Bomi"
aka "MIDIPapa"
Jammin' The Copyright Blues 42kb
An Original Blues/Rock Instrumental Tune Composed During The Beginning Of
The MIDI Crisis As A Protest Song When We Were All Concerned With The
Copyright Problems Regarding MIDI Music In 1999 And 2000

Blues, Blues/Rock, Originals, Pop/Rock
Ivantu Freilaud
Jitter Bug Is Gone 61kb
This Is A Great Original Blues Composition & MIDI Sequence By "Doc Doc"
Featuring Some Great Alto Saxophone & Shakuhachi Solos

Blues, Originals
E. F. "Gene" Petro
aka "Doc Doc"
Joe's Blues Bar 28kb
A Straight Ahead Chicago Blues Style Song With A Nice Beat And Feel,
Featuring Distortion Guitar, Rock Organ, And Sax Trading Solos

Blues, Chicago Blues, Originals
John R. Bloise
Juke 82kb
Little Walter, aka
"Marion Walter Jacobs"

50's, Blues, Blues Harp, Chicago Blues, Harmonica Blues, R&B
Composed By Little Walter In 1952
Jim Beebe
Just Blues 16kb
An Original Country/Blues Composition & MIDI Sequence
90's, Country, Country/Blues, Originals, Steel String Guitar
Composed And Sequenced By Dick In 1997
Dick Anderson
Just Blues 14kb
An Original Blues Composition & MIDI Sequence
90's, Blues, Originals, Piano/Blues
Composed And Sequenced By Michael In 1995
Michael D. Walthius
aka "Keyboard Wizard"
Kansas City
Version 1
Hayden Thompson, Bob Wills, Bill Haley, Little Richard, Albert King,
Fats Domino, Wilbert Harrison And More

50's++, Blues, Country/Blues, Jazz, Jazz/Fusion, R&B, Soul
W&M By Jerry Leiber And Mike Stoller
Mel Webb
aka "K-Mel"

Kansas City
Version 2
Hayden Thompson, Bob Wills, Bill Haley, Little Richard, Albert King,
Fats Domino, Wilbert Harrison And More

50's++, Blues, Country/Blues, Country/Pop, Jazz, Jazz/Fusion, R&B, Soul
W&M By Jerry Leiber And Mike Stoller
Harry Todd
aka "Git' Picker"

Key To The Highway 42kb
Big Bill Broonzy & Charles Segar.  Also Recorded By Eric Clapton, Steve Miller And BB King
40's, Acoustic Chicago Blues, Folk/Blues
Composed By Charles Segar & Willie Broonzy In 1945
E. F. "Gene" Petro
aka "DocDoc"
Learnin' The Blues 41kb
Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Julie London, Bobby Troup & Many Others
50's+, Big Band, Blues, Jazz, Pop, Vocals
W&M By Dolores "Vicki" Silvers
Ron Tilden
Midkar Member
Leave My Blues At Home 77kb
The Allman Brothers Band
70's, Album Rock, Blues, Blues/Rock, Boogie-Rock, Electric Blues, Pop/Rock, Southern Rock
Composed By Gregg Allman
John DuBois
Little Lips 52kb
A Fantastic Original Blues Rock Original Composition By Sujin Featuring Various MIDI Guitar Instruments
Blues, Blues Rock, Originals
Sujin Wonglakorn
Lover Man
(Oh, Where Can You Be?)
Billie Holiday, Numerous Others
40's+, Blues, Classic Female Blues, Easy Listening, Light Jazz, Love Songs, Torch Songs
W&M By Jimmy Davis, Roger "Ram" Ramirez, & Jimmy Sherman
Mel Webb
aka "K-Mel"

Mama Goes Where Papa Goes
(Or Papa Don't Go Out Tonight)
The Georgians, The Cotton Pickers, Ida Cox, Kay Starr, Nancy Sinatra, Smitty, Many More
20's+++, Big Band, Blues, Classic Female Blues, Classic Jazz, Novelty, Swing, Traditional Pop, Vocal Pop
W&M By Milton Ager & Jack Yellen
Herbert Harari
Mambo House 142kb
A Fantastic Blues/Rock Original Tune Featuring
Many MIDI Instruments Composed By David In 1997

Blues, Blues/Rock, Jazz, Originals, Pop/Rock
David Zobel
Melancholy Blues 18kb
As The Title Implies, A Slow And Easy, Laid Back, Blues Original By Herb In 2000
Featuring Rotaly Organ, Acoustic Bass & Grand Piano

Blues, Easy Listening, Originals
Herbert Harari
Mercedes Benz 35kb
Janis Joplin
70's, Album Rock, Blues-Rock, Rock
W&M By Janis Joplin, Mike McClure & Bob Neuwirth
Bob Barnes
Midkar Member
Mississippi Blues 17kb
William "Willie" Brown, Kid Bailey, George Goodman, Virginia Liston, Eartha Kitt,
Charlie McCoy, Charlie Spand And Many More

30's++, Acoustic Blues, Blues, Country/Blues, Delta Blues,
Folk, Folk/Blues, Pop, Pop/Rock, Pre-War Country Blues, Stage & Screen

Composed By William "Willie" Brown & Johnny Parth In The Early 30's
Steve J. McWilliam
Misty Blue 52kb
Dorothy Moore, Eddy Arnold, Engelbert Humperdinck, Ferlin Husky, Wilma Burgess,
The Browns, Billie Jo Spears And Many More

60's+++, Blues, Country, Country/Blues, Easy Listening, R&B, Soul/Blues
Composed By Bobby Montgomery
Gilles Paul
Mule Skinner Blues 51kb
One Of The Great Novelty Style Fun Tunes From The 60's, Recorded By The Fendermen
On Their 1960 Album: "Muleskinner Blues" That Was A 60's Take Off From The Original
"Blue Yodel No. 8" Written By Jimmie Rodgers In 1931

60's, Blues/Rock, Country/Blues, Novelty
W&M By Marvin Edwards
Gary Rogers
Midkar Member

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