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Hi ! Welcome to my updated midi files.

The quality of what you hear here will depend considerably on your sound setup. With superior wavetable setup (DB50XG) and connected thru my Pioneer amp and Bose speakers they sound pretty cose to CD Quality as I produce them...but your system may sound differently! My primary purpose here is to present the more melodic music of our earlier times in a somewhat attractive, highly listenable web format...if you really like the song, seek out and buy a professionally made recording!

These midi files have been re-arranged and re-composed for your listening pleasure and downloading for later enjoyment only. Do not attempt to sell or gain profit from any of the music featured here without prior consent from the copyright holder.
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I determined early that I wouldn't clutter this with ads or links, for anybody - thus being fair to all. There is one exception I must now make... MidiMaster and author Paul Leung had so much to do with getting me started in Midi that I feel I owe him bigtime! His latest version is incredible and even has a new name...
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Please check it out: here

These you can listen to and/or download...but please for your non-commercial use personal collection only.
Sorted by year and decade written although my midi may not reflect the style of that time!

and/or Newly Revised!

Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue
75k 1925
One Morning In May
17k 1933 - Hoagy Carmichael piano transcription
Oodles Of Noodles
40k 1933 - Jimmy Dorsey alto sax transcription
Autumn In New York
39k 1934
I Ain't Got No Use For The Wimmen
23k 1937 - Corny and cute... the lyrics (not here) make the song
I Double Dare You 
68k 1937 - based on Larry Clinton arrangement
Hear My Song, Violetta
63k 1938 - a European hit that year!
56k 1941 - a Horace Height number;
great arrangement for Big Band kids

Why Don't You Do Right
38k 1943 - based on a Lou Singer chart ;
includes Woody Herman clarinet transcription

One For My Baby
69k 1943 - based on a Jack Mason arrangement
Short Snorter
64k 1944 - based on a Jack Pleis arrangement
done for Jimmy Dorsey’s band

Sunset Strip
60k 1944 - another Jimmy Dorsey-based
arrangement; this one by Sonny Burke

46k 1946 - great Woody Herman-based
arrangement; enhanced with Mancini flutes

Robbin's Nest
24k 1947
The Inch Worm
12k 1951 - a Frank Loesser gem
Quiet Village
29k 1951 - haunting Les Baxter tune
Ebb Tide
22k 1953 - a much-needed revision;
still has the seashore and birds tho’

The Blue Bells Of Scotland
19k 1954 - beautiful Leroy Anderson;
still planning the special section here

Green Fields
19k 1956 - the Folk Music Standard
40k 1957 - a Bobby Helms hit;
this one Mason Williams-influenced

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I use a mixture of tools to produce these, if you want the details click here Many, many more are awaiting finishing and uploading to our MidiStudio... check back!

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Home Page and learn what pays for this fetish...[g]

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