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The purpose of this section is two-fold. With the increasing popularity of music files in various formats, we would be remiss in not keeping up with technology. Real Audio has been chosen due to the smaller file size for a good quality Stereo clip.
Secondly, many visitors do not have a good Wave Table sound card, and do not hear MIDI files as they should be. The other problem is that not all Wave Table sound cards have the same relative levels for the different instruments.
The Yamaha cards, as an example, have excellent sounds, but some instruments are at a lower level than a Creative Labs card. Thus, a MIDI file mixed using an AWE64 or Sound Blaster Live will not sound the way it should on a Yamaha card or synthesizer.
In this section you will also be able to compare YOUR sound card wave table instrument levels to a Creative Labs Sound blaster AWE64. All Real Audio clips were created by playing back a standard MIDI File on an AWE64 which at the same time was recorded as a Wave file. Wave files are of the highest quality and are then compressed to other Audio formats such as MP3 or Real Audio.
Real Player is required, and to make comparisons to your Wave Table sound card, a MIDI Plugin is recommended.
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