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Welcome to my home at the MIDI Studio Consortium. Here you will find some of my favourite piano and orchestral sequences, information about composers, artists and midi sequencing techniques.
A Brief Biography
I was born in Hull in the north east of England and moved to London where I received my high school and musical education. I won a scholarship to Trinity College of Music where I studied piano and composition on Saturdays. In 1968 I went to the University of Sussex near Brighton study for a BSc degree in Electronics. I continued my musical studies with various concert pianists including Norma Fisher, Albert Ferber, and played in the masterclasses of Vlado Perlemuter at Dartington, Louis Kentner, and Jorge Bolet in Edinburgh Scotland and the Library of Congress in Washington DC. I was awarded the ARCM diploma with honours from the Royal College of Music in 1976.
I emigrated to the USA in 1980, live near Boston Massachusetts, and work for GTE designing telecommunication systems. In my spare time I prepare for piano recitals, play chamber music, prepare midi sequences and occasionally teach the piano. I have given many recitals in the UK, USA, Israel and Argentina, and have played on local radio and television. My repertoire includes concertos by Mozart, Schumann, Shostakovitch, Mendelssohn and Rachmaninoff which I have played with various orchestras. I have recorded two CDs for QRS Music Rolls Inc., due to be released very soon.

Princess Diana Remembered
Click here to listen to Maurice Ravel's " Pavane For A Dead Princess"  which I dedicate to the memory of Princess Diana with all my love.
In memory of the Princess of Wales
Click on the link above to see a photo of Princess Diana I took during Prince Andrew's wedding, and to hear some music including Traumerie by Schumann and Pomp and Circumstance March No 4 by Elgar. I was deeply shocked and saddened to hear about her death, and thought I would include this small tribute to her. Other related links include:

 Princess Diana: Remember Diana, Princess of Wales;  

 Princess Diana - An Internet Photo Tribute

My Other Interests
I have been a radio amateur since I was 14 years old and had the callsign G3UAN. I now have the callsign KJ1Y. I have an HF station using an Icom IC725 and a Cushcraft trapped vertical antenna. I also operate mobile HF and VHF and TCP/IP packet. I have spoken to interesting people all over the world including King Hussein of Jordan and Thor Heyerdahl. I have operated a station from Israel and the Comoro Islands. I am interested in amateur satellites and attend the AMSAT-UK Colloquium each year at the University of Surrey. I enjoy golf very much, and in the summer I will spend many hours on the local golf course. I will be going to Myrtle Beach soon for a few days of golf. I hope that in my next life if I don't come back as Franz Liszt, I will come back as Raymond Floyd, a famous golfer who I greatly admire.
One of my favourite stores is a bookstore, and I spend many hours in the biography section looking for books on famous musicians and composers. I find that by learning about their lives, seeing their photographs, imagining what they were like, enriches my musical experience of listening to and playing music.
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