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These Original compositions are the sole property of Mel Webb and are for your immediate listening pleasure only.  They may NOT be used on any web site without the express permission of the owner.

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Title Added
7 Minute Waltz Mar 26/02
Aboriginal Outback Dec 22/99
A New Day Jul 01/98
Another Lonely Day Dec 22/99
A Sunday Walk In The Park Dec 22/99
Autumn Moments Mar 26/02
A Walk In The Forest Sep 11/00
Beignets On The Promenade Dec 22/99
Bikini Beach In Rio Sep 11/00
Bluegirl Mar 26/02
Boogie Jun 20/98
Cancao Street Dance Mar 26/02
Cancun Moonlight Dec 22/99
Cantina Senorita Jul 16/98
Chi Town Loop Jun 20/98
Close Your Eyes And Soar With Me Dec 22/99
Club Dance Jun 20/98
Country Dance Sep 11/00
Dancing Diva Jun 20/98
Dark Hair, Green Eyes Sep 11/00
Daves Licorice Stick Jun 20/98
Days Gone By Sep 11/00
Dreamy Blues Sep 11/00
Dreamy Lands Sep 11/00
Dustrollers Jun 20/98
Easin' On Down State Street Dec 22/99
Gold Waist Chain Jun 20/98
Holding Hands At The Picture Show Mar 26/02
Horizons From Afar Sep 11/00
It's Easy Bein' Green Mar 26/02
Joe & Fuzz Jun 20/98
Knit One..Pearl Two Jun 20/98
Latin Swing Jun 20/98
Line Dancing Jun 20/98
Little Butterfly Jun 20/98
Lonesome Is My Name Sep 11/00
Lovely Linda Sep 11/00
Love Me Tonight Jun 20/98
Love On The Beach Jun 20/98
Lovers Boogie Sep 11/00
Low Romp Sep 11/00
Make Love To Me Jul 01/98
Mel's Nu Age Sep 30/98
Midnight Mist Jun 20/98
Mi Gordo Miho Jun 20/98
Mister_W Jun 20/98
Moonlight In Her Hair Sep 11/00
My Bluejean Babie's Gone Jul 16/98
Night Rock Jun 20/98
Night Sounds Jun 20/98
Rah Rah Disco Sep 11/00
Silly Over You Dec 22/99
Something About A Lonely Sparrow Mar 26/02
Sounds Of Beal Street Dec 22/99
Summer Isle Mar 26/02
The Basie Sound Mar 26/02
The Color Of Her Eyes Dec 22/99
The Lady is Shy Mar 26/02
The Next Morning Mar 26/02
The Promise of a Kiss Dec 22/99
The Sidemen Jul 16/98
That Awkward First Kiss Mar 26/02
That Come Hither Look Dec 22/99
Tropical Parkway Jun 20/98
Two Guitars Jun 20/98
Unwinding After Hours Jul 16/98
Vicki's Black Lace Jun 20/98
When We Made Love Sep 11/00
Zoey Jun 20/98
Zoey's Ecstasy Jun 20/98

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