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Mel Webb

Mel Webb
February 28, 1928 - August 14, 2005

Mel was one of the first contributors to The MIDI Studio Consortium and was the Director of Easy-Listening MIDI Music. His music has been used on web pages all over the world. Mel is a raconteur sans pareil (Fr: unparalleled skilled teller of stories) and the anecdotes about some of his wartime experiences while serving in the Navy were a delight to read. His smooth stylings covered the spectrum of genres.

Mel was born in South Pasadena, California in 1928. His brother "Bud" got him interested in computers around 1992, and Mel drifted into making music with his first Atari computer. His notes said that he was not musically talented but I beg to differ on that opinion. His love of music however has kept him close to it. Although hard to believe, given his Midi compositions, Mel doesn't play any instrument, nor does he know how to read music. He taught himself at home how to operate a computer, and later how to put midi files together.

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PS...From his son, Jim..."My Dad has always loved music. I recall when I was small, he always had the record player or the radio on. I also remember he had quite a large record collection, stuff that seemed like "old timer's" music then. Little did I know what "music appreciation" meant. I had my rock & roll, and that's all there was as far as I was concerned. It wasn't until my Dad turned 62 that I really became interested in music appreciation. Watching my Dad get involved with computer technology and midi music was the last thing I ever expected him to do. My thoughts were, he'll do this for a couple of weeks, get frustrated with it...and throw it all away! He didn't, which suprised the hell out of me! He began to create, all kinds of music, including rock & roll. And when I heard some of the songs he created, while "one fingering" the keyboard, well...thats when I became educated in music appreciation. Its not just the music, it's the musician! His willingness to accept ALL music for what it was worth, showed me that there was more to music than rock & roll. Music, tells a story, it soothes the mind, it entertains."

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PLEASE NOTE: ALL music on these pages are for your listening pleasure while browsing these pages. You may download these midi files for later listening, but be warned DO NOT attempt to sell these tunes for profit without the written consent of the copyright owners.

We all miss him dearly, and thank him for the music he left us.

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The Midkar Team

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