"Poor Butterfly" Words and Music. WMA format from a MIDI by Les Gorven.


Poor Butterfly, 'neath the blossoms waiting;
Poor Butterfly, for she loved him so.
The moments passed into hours,
The hours passed into years,
And as she smiles through her tears,
She murmers low.

The moon and I, know that he'll be faithful;
I know he'll come back to me by and by..
But if he don't come back,
Then I'll never sigh or cry ..
I just must die. Poor butterfly.

Words & Music by John Golden & Raymond Hubbell, 1916
Poor Butterfly was introduced in "The Big Show", an extravaganza
produced by Charles Dillingham at the Hippodrome.

This is my personal interpreation of this 1916 Standard. It was recorded in real time using a MIDI keyboard and transformed into .wav format using SoundBlaster Audigy 2 SoundFont. Conversion to WMA was done using the versatile AED Tools software.

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