"Because Of You" Words and Music. WMA format from a MIDI by Les Gorven.

Because of you, there's  a  song in my heart;
Because of you, my ro - mance had it's start.
Because of you, the sun will shine,
The moon and stars will say you're mine,
Forever, and never to part.

I only live for your love and your kiss;
It's para - dise to be near you like this.
Because of you, my life is now worthwhile,
And I can smile because of you.

(Last time)
And I can smile because of you.

Words & Music by Oscar Hammerstein II & Dudley Wilkinson
Written in 1940 for the movie "I Was An American Spy"
Recorded by Tony Bennett, 1951 (#1 for 11 weeks)

This is my personal rendition of this beautiful Standard, created for my wife's Birthday in 2005. It was recorded by me in real time using a MIDI keyboard and transformed into .wav format using SoundBlaster Audigy 2 SoundFont. Conversion to MP3 was done using the versatile AED Tools software.


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