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Songs were originally mixed for Sound Blaster AWE 32/64
  GM/GS Wavetable. All 2002 files have now been re-mixed
and revised for Sound Blaster Live! and Audigy.
They may not sound as intended with other Synths or cards.

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Alfie - Rev. 3 Sep 27/98
Nov 19/05
Amazing Grace - Rev. 1
New Stirring rendition with male choir added
Dec 10/97
Dec 20/02
America the Beautiful - Rev. 1 Sep 06/03
Nov 27/05
A Nightingale Sang in Berkely Square - Rev. 1
A Haunting Melody
Feb 14/04
Nov 19/05
Another You (There Will Never Be)
JAZZ: Eight Swinging Choruses 
Apr 27/99
Are You Lonesome Tonight
An Elvis smash hit
Dec 01/05
Because of You
(Tony Bennett)
Mar 14/05
Beyond the Sea
(Bobby Darin)
Mar 19/05
Black Orpheus Sep 09/05
Blame It On My Youth - Rev. 1 Mar 21/02
Dec 20/02
Blue Christmas - Rev. 2 Dec 20/99
Dec 20/02
Born to Lose Mar 21/05
But Beautiful - Rev. 2 Feb 02/02
Dec 20/02
Christmas Song, The Dec 20/02
Come Fly with Me Sep 06/03
Could I Have This Dance
An early Anne Murray blockbuster..
Dec 01/05
Deep Purple Dec 10/97
Oct 31/99
Don't Blame Me May 03/99
Oct 31/99
East of the Sun Jan 27/05
ElVee Blues - Rev. 3
(Original Composition)
Apr 24/98
Dec 20/02
(a Slow Waltz)
Jul 04/98
Nov 06/99
Fly Me to the Moon Feb 06/05
Funny How Time Slips Away Dec 30/02
Gone With the Wind Sep 10/04
Hammon' Blues - Rev. 1
(Original Composition)
Up-tempo Jazz Blues with 2 Hammond Organs
Mar 17/02
Dec 20/02
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Dec 09/05
Heart of Country Theme
(Original Composition)
Written for Heart of Country web site)
Nov 06/99
Here's That Rainy Day-Rev. 2
Ballroom Dance Version: FOXTROT
Jun 08/98
Nov 28/05
Here's That Rainy Day - Rev. 1
Regular tempo: Piano, Strings & Guitar
Apr 2//00
Dec 20/02
How Deep is the Ocean - Rev. 1 Feb 05/02
Dec 20/02
How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You May 04/99
Oct 31/99

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