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SPECIAL ARTICLES How to embed MIDI and other audio types on your web page.  Works with all Windows type browsers, including Mac's .
The new "MIDI STUDIO MAX" Automatic Code Generator is simple to use, even for the novice. Will even embed a Music Video in compressed format. Read, try the Demos and get what you need here!
  How to convert GM/GS MIDI Files to play on Yamaha Synths & modules. Very detailed with lots of screen shots.
Learn how at GMtoXG conversion.
  Now that Crescendo is no longer available, what can you do?  See our new tutorial for Embedding MIDI using Windows Media Player.
  Crescendo 5 MIDI plugin and ActiveX control: An in-depth description, with new parameters demonstrated.
  Crescendo FORTE Midi plugin for RealAudio.
Now, stream MIDI files with a new technology..
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  MIDI Plugin Comparisons
  Setting up your MIDI players for optimum sound.
Does  MIDI sound better when you are on line than it does when you use a MIDI Player off line, or vice versa? Fully illustrated article.
  What does MIME Type mean, and what is the relation to midi files on the web?
GENERAL MIDI DOCS What is the meaning of the term, "MIDI" ?
  What is GM or General MIDI ?
  General MIDI Standards - Instrument Patch Map
  General MIDI Standards - Percussion Key Map
  General MIDI Standards - Minimum Module Specifications
HOW TO : Keep same  Midi Music when pages change
  Add MIDI Music to your Home Page
Add Music to your web page: New Automatic Code Generator works with all Browsers.
  Connect A Keyboard to Create a MIDI File?
  Inter-Connect more than one keyboard or module
MIDI FILE PROBLEMS All I can hear is the Drum track, no instruments
  NONE of the files I uploaded to my site will play when I click on them from my Home Page.
  SOME of the files I uploaded will NOT Play

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