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Strict-Tempo styles for Ballroom Dancing

During the period of 1990 - 2000 I hosted and provided the music for over 450 Ballroom dances. Out attendants were serious students and competition dancers. We alternated between the true Ballroom styles and Latin, and featured the ten styles in these two categories.

 Dance Styles, Tempo & Identifier.

Style: mpm Ident.
Foxtrot 30 FT
Slow Waltz 30  SW
Tango 33 TA
Quickstep 54 QS
Viennese Waltz 56 VW
Rhumba 28  RH
Cha-Cha 32  CC
Samba 54  SA
Paso Doble 60 PD
Jive (below)    
Merengue 60 ME
Bolero 22-26 BO
Mambo 34 MA
Triple Swing 32-36 TS
Double Swing 38-42 DS
Single Swing 44-48 JV

Links to Ballroom Studios on the web:

Stepping Out Ballroom & Latin Dance Studios
1780 Broadway @ 57th. Street, 4th. floor
New York, NY 10019

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