Benjamin Robert Tubb

The following MIDI files are representative selections from each of my own web pages.
Stephen Collins Foster Old Folks at Home (1851)
  Beautiful Dreamer (1862)
George Frederick Root Rosalie The Prairie Flower (1855)
  There's Music in the Air (1857)
Henry Clay Work Agnes by the River (1868)
  Grandfather's Clock (1876)
Henry Tucker Sweet Genevieve (1869)
  The Lass That Lives Next Door (1880)
Thomas Martin Towne The Slaves Consolation; or,
I'll Neber Hoe de Cotton Any More
(Gilmore/Towne, 1862)
  Mary'll Meet Me at the Door
(Towne, 1865)
Civil War Dixie's Land (Emmett, 1860)
  The Battle Cry of Freedom (G.F. Root, 1862)
More Civil War Stonewall Jackson's Way (anon., 1862)
  The Northern Volunteers (Torrey, 1864)
Miscellaneous 19th Century The Silver Moon (Chadwick, 1838)
  Beyond (F.W. Root, 1870)
Folk Three Blind Mice
  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Spirituals Rise, Shine, For Thy Light is A-Comin'
  Roll, Jordan, Roll
Early 20th Century Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home?
(Cannon, 1902)
  Let Me Call You Sweetheart
(Whitson/Friedman, 1910)
Classical Transcriptions Venne sull'ali ai zeffirie
(Donizetti, 1835)
  String Quartet No. 14 in A-flat Major,
Op. 105, Mvmt. IV, Allegro non tanto.
(Dvorak, 1896)
My Originals Ambivalent (1969)
  The Way Out (1971)
  To Try to Succeed (1974)
  Let This Be the Start (1975)
  Who You Are
& I Really Love You  [Medley] (1978)
  800806 (1980)
  810423A (1981)
  820129 (1982)
  831210 (1983)
  Diana (1984)
  Grandioso (1985)
  Marvel (1986)
  US Stark (1987)
  3 to 6 (1988)
  C Minor Theme (1989)
  Circumstance (1990)
  910420 (1991)
  Darla (1992)
  Tapestry (1993)
  940731 (1994)
  951228 (1995)
  960624 (1996)
  970911 (1997)
  981004 (1998)
  My Love for You Grows Always (1999)
A note from your host, Les. Gorven.
The following three files are being included at my request, to demonstrate the sequencing versatility of Benjamin Robert Tubb, who is prolific in all genres.  Since Copyrights to these  songs are owned by the song publishers, they are here for your listening enjoyment only, and are not  included on his own web pages. 
Laurindo Almeida Choro DoAdeus (1972)
Webster/Fain Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing (1955)
McLaughlin Birds of Fire (1973)
Benjamin Tubb MIDI Files
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