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My music background began with my receiving a Sears Silvertone acoustic guitar for Christmas when I was 14 years old.  I've been playing now for 32 years.
I started using computers for music in 1983 with a TRS-80 Model III with the Orchestra-90 Music Language which used two 8-bit DACs for stereo output with 5-voice polyphony. 
My first MIDI synth was a Yamaha FB-01 in March 1987 which I used with a Commodore Amiga 1000 and many music programs for several years.  As I "upgraded" to PC compatibles, I ultimately stayed with Cakewalk sequencing software, and Finale for notation and sequencing.
Most songs are sequenced for my Roland GS compatible SC-88 synth.  Otherwise I also use a Yamaha XG compatible MU80 synth, and for "high-end" playback versatility I have a Roland JV-1080 and XP-50 with several expansion boards.
My main musical preferences are for jazz, progressive rock, and classical, but I also listen to a variety of world music styles and singers.  Among my all time favorite artists are the Mahavishnu Orchestra, The Beatles, The Dave Clark Five, the Iron Butterfly, Gentle Giant, Focus, Triumph, ELO, Billy Joel, Randy Newan, Harry Connick Jr.
On the MIDI Files page you will find a representative sampling of my work in various styles.
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