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So . . . what is MidKar about?

We are striving to add over 11,000 previously posted MIDI and Karaoke files going back to April of 2004! We currently have approximately 6,420 (counting 52 in 4 zip files) (+/-) MIDI's on this site, plus 1,982 (+/-) on Les Gorven's restored MIDI Studio Consortium. That's 8,454 MIDI files! Right here!
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Updated 10/19/2020

About Us
This site was originally opened for MidKar and MidKarTECH members and future members. However in the interest of promoting MIDI Music it has been opened to the public as well.
Files here, originated in the MidKar Group and may take some time to reach this site.
We strongly suggest that if you are not already a member, that you do so now!.
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Our Goals
MidKar.com was created to be an archive site for previously posted MIDI files for members of the MidKar group MidKar and abides by the rules set forth in the MidKar Group.

There will be no commercial/professional MIDI sequences posted to this site. The intention is to archive MIDI files for our members who have selected Daily Digest, No Mail or Special Notices instead of the normal Individual mail selection. It will also enable members to go back and find a file that they may have not downloaded at the time of the original post and also enable new members to go back and find previous posted MIDI's.

We intend to archive the MIDI's by general category. This site will be a work in progress as over 8000 MIDI's have been posted to MidKar since April of 2004 and it is going to take some time to archive all of the previous posts and at least 5 new posts are made to MidKar every day so this will always be an on going project.

Technical Discussion Posts Made To Our Associate Group MidKarTech which is designed for technical discussions will not be archived at this site!. http://midkar.com/techlinks/tech_links.html

Please understand that the MidKar Group exists only because of the many past lawsuits on innocent people posting professional MIDI files on their sites. Most of the people sued had no idea that the files they downloaded off the web, involved professionally sequenced files. Just because you got your files online, doesn't mean they are public domain. A very large portion of the files floating on the Internet are either pro files or stripped pro files. Stripped files are files that have the embedded information contained within the file, which you can't see without a sequencing editor or viewing program, completely removed by people trying to remix or for some reason, change the file. Once this changed file is saved, all the original embedded information is normally lost! For more information on viewing the structural and author's content inside of MIDI files see our Tech Links section.

MidKar believes that posting files that have the embedded name of the sequencer who made the file, will help curb the posting of professional files on the web. There are plenty of non-pro sequencers who make professionally sounding files, many who are even better than the pros. A professional sequencer is nothing more that a person who gets paid for the files they make. Most of these professional sequencers get paid by the MIDI company they work for. On This Page is a small list of commercial MIDI companies copyright signature keys that you may find embedded in a professional file and you should not post one of their files to your website unless you have express written consent to do so! A few professional companies do allow the posting of some of their files!

If you are a current member of MidKar or MidKarTech and have a website related to MIDI music be sure to request a link by posting to the MidKar Group with your website title, url and a small description of your site so we can add it to one of our links pages!
If you desire you can send a personal Email to either Bob or Andy with your request to link.

MIDI Resets
General MIDI Reset Device, No Sound

General MIDI Reset Device, With Sound

Download the above two files and keep them where you can find them!.
In the case you get a file that does not sound right play one of these files to reset your soundcard.

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The Midi Ring
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September, 2011

For those of you that may have visited Les Gorven's MIDI Studio Consortium
in the past couple of years and discovered the site was a 404,
we have news for you.

Les passed away in February of 2010 after several years of illness.

Jack and myself with the permission of
Les's wife, Betty Gorven, have spent many several months restoring the site.

We weren't able to restore it 100% to its original state but we managed
to get the majority of it. There are well over 1,900 MIDI's, many MP3's,
Audio, WAV, and 1technical information on the site.
1Some technical information may be outdated.

Please stop by and visit the restored site at:

MidiStudio Consortium
The MidiStudio Consortium

Bob & Jack

MIDI Files Are Archived First By General Categories
and Then In Alphabetical Order By The Title

"A Few Titles Are Put Into More Than One Category"

If you don't find the file you're looking for, please use our Search feature at the bottom of this page.

Blues, R&B, Soul (All Styles)
Broadway, TV, & Movie Themes
Country (All Styles)
Faith Based, Gospel, Inspirational
Jazz & Jazz Standards
Songs That Don't Quite Fit Anywhere Else
Original MIDI Compositions
Pop, Rock & Roll
From The 1920's Through The 2010's
Ragtime, Stride
World (International)
MIDKAR Member Links
Sequencer MIDI Links
Links To Sequencers Featured On Our Site That Are Not A Member of MIDKAR
MIDI Technical Links
Timbres Of Heaven GM_GS_XG_SFX V 3.4 Final.7z
MUSIC Screensavers

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